a new word arrives

I had all sorts of plans for this post. Plans that involved spending some time creating a visual to introduce my word. But life has given me a different path this last week and time ran out. So this will be simple.

My word for 2020 began to show up a few months ago. I was in a study group and there it was, more than once or twice, in our readings. In fact, this word had been tapping me on the shoulder for weeks so I decided it should go on my list of possible words. The definition definitely speaks to me but it was the list of synonyms that grabbed my attention. Stay. Remain. Abide. Continue. Rest. These were all things I want to invite into my life.


to live or stay; reside.

to live or continue in a given condition or state

to linger over, emphasize, or ponder

REST has taught me to stop and listen. To stay with a thought. To remain in that place of unknowing, uncertainty.

If you are still looking for a word, Ali Edwards has a quiz.

I also found this site.

Happy new year, new word to each of you. Honore has volunteered to host a monthly reflection on our words so do go visit her post about her word.

More of this

There are many things I want to do more of in 2020 but this one is very high on the list. I began making blocks for a baby quilt yesterday and there is a due date since that new grandson will arrive in early May. Should be plenty of time to get the quilt done. But I do want to do more stitching and knitting and I especially want to use my stash. I did recently acquire yarn for making this sweater but I also have enough yarn and fabric to make, make, make in 2020. On my short list:

  • Finish the Dominy sweater,
  • Make new covers for the couch pillows,
  • Recover the cushions on the kitchen chairs,
  • Knit a hat that goes with my hand knit sweaters (all the wool is needed for those cold days of walking),
  • Make at least two more donation hats in January.

Happy Monday. Hope you will join me tomorrow to talk about one word plans for 2020.

More of this

It has been pretty cold here – not the below freezing that some of you are getting but cold enough for layers and wool. I have been embracing the idea that there is no bad weather, just bad outdoor gear so I can get out and walk nearly every day. I am hoping to reboot my running (jogging or run/walk at least) and get in more time in my hiking boots in 2020. And one of my favorite online yogis is offering a free 30 days of yoga in January. So here is to more moving and mat time in 2020.

More of this

I am a very fortunate mama. We have two amazing daughters and they both live within a few miles of us. They have married wonderful men and they seem to like our company so we get to see them often.

This year I told the girls that what I really wanted for Christmas was a day to have them to myself. We decided to take a ferry boat ride to visit Churchmouse Yarns and fit in some coffee and lunch. It was very cold on Thursday so we didn’t spend much time on the deck of the ferry boat. And we didn’t actually buy any yarn. But we had a wonderful lunch and lots of time to chat and laugh. I am thankful beyond words for the love and support of these women. And I know for sure that more of this mother-daughter will be on my “More of” wish list for 2020.