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The last Friday of the year. To say goodbye to 2020, I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts on things I want more of in the new year.

Today I want to tell you about my reading plans for 2020. I have followed #theunreadshelfproject on Instagram for most of 2019. Some months I even planned to join in but was not super successful. This past week I have been reading Whitney’s blog posts about the 2020 challenge and working to set myself up for success. I have sorted my books, filled a box with book I know I will never read, and scanned my unread books into the BookBuddy app. I still have a few more books to consider (stay or go?) before I have my unread shelf ready for a reveal but it has made me happy to think of how this might change my reading game in the new year. I paused all of my library holds and didn’t put any books on my Christmas list. Now I need to decide which book to read first.

10 thoughts on “More of this

  1. lots of new to me links and ideas here. Thanks for that! I have a lot of quilting books I haven’t looked through or used, and some novels and reference I’ve dragged from Florida to Maryland to Colorado. LeeAnna

  2. I am missing so much on Instagram! I like this idea – it seems a bit like Summer Book Bingo which I absolutely love for the reading variety it brings to my life! Thank you for this!

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