More of this

There are many things I want to do more of in 2020 but this one is very high on the list. I began making blocks for a baby quilt yesterday and there is a due date since that new grandson will arrive in early May. Should be plenty of time to get the quilt done. But I do want to do more stitching and knitting and I especially want to use my stash. I did recently acquire yarn for making this sweater but I also have enough yarn and fabric to make, make, make in 2020. On my short list:

  • Finish the Dominy sweater,
  • Make new covers for the couch pillows,
  • Recover the cushions on the kitchen chairs,
  • Knit a hat that goes with my hand knit sweaters (all the wool is needed for those cold days of walking),
  • Make at least two more donation hats in January.

Happy Monday. Hope you will join me tomorrow to talk about one word plans for 2020.

8 thoughts on “More of this

  1. Having a reason to make a baby quilt is the best! Thanks for the reminder to organize my thoughts on what I want to make in 2020.

  2. A new baby due date is such a great motivator! How exciting . . . and fun for you. 🙂 (And I love that Pheasant sweater! It’s on my wish-list for 2020, too…)

  3. Congratulations on the impending arrival of a grandson. Nothing spurs creativity like a new baby in the family. Amen to using stash! I’m going to try and keep one knitting WIP on my needles that comes from leftovers and/or scraps. Thanks for the link to the yoga website too.

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