Three things

At least once a month, I take our tiny person to see his great grampa. Today I am sharing just three of the ways they are connected that bring me so much joy.

The older one had a stroke just two weeks after the little one came into our lives. During those next 6 weeks I would begin to build a new perspective on life span. They both needed lots of care and when the stress of dad’s rehab got to be too much, I would swing by and get some lovely baby snuggles.

While dad loses his hold on names and connections, our little is building an amazing set of memories. He knows how many tunnels we go through on the way to visit great grampa. He knows the name of the street we exit on the freeway. He knows how to find the elevator and what floor button to push. And they are both calm is a different way when they are together. Dad listens carefully and our little is patient as he repeats his questions and stories.

And on those days when I go alone, even on the days when dad might not exactly remember who I am, he always asks about “the little boy.” His smile broadens and his eyes light up when he holds the picture cube our little and his mama made.

These two are such a gift.

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Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling around here. Yesterday I mentioned that I am a great starter but not so good at finishing. I have a sweater on my needles that has been my main project for awhile. I keep it in a bag on the couch making it easy to pick up and knit while I watch evening TV.

And I have four more projects that are well established, projects I really want to finish. I decided to try The Gideon Method. I have seen a link to this knitting idea on a number of blogs and when I hear the same thing from multiple sources, I try to pay attention.

Once I finish the current sweater, I am going to tackle these projects. I will probably start with the Pevine hat because it is very close to the crown deceases. Then either the Solbein or the Hansel hap. The sweater on the lower right is still in the color work stage so that might take more time.

Reading has stalled a bit, again. I had 5 audio books come in at the same time and none of them hooked me so I returned them all. I need to take some time to sort out my reading life before we jump into February.

Planning to link up with Kat and the Unravelers. Happy Wednesday.

January – One Word

I am so happy that Honoré is hosting our monthly one word link up.

My word for 2020 is DWELL.

Shortly after deciding on this word, I saw this on Instagram

Those words really spoke to me. To delay, to linger, to remain, to inhabit, to reside. It felt like a good follow up to how REST had shown up for me in 2019. An opportunity to use what I had learned and extend it.

By nature I am a joiner, a starter. I don’t excel at follow through or finishing. I just join and start a whole bunch of stuff. I have reached a point in life where I want to have less. Less email subscriptions, less deadlines on the calendar, less books and yarn and fabric and clutter. What I want is to have just a few things that call me to linger, enjoy the process, and stay long enough to finish.

This month I have been dwelling in a bible study that is new to me and I have had to resist the pull of some other, easier, more familiar studies.

This month I am remaining (pretty much) with one knitting project and the excitement of seeing a finished object.

This month I am working on lingering on the yoga mat or the trail just a little longer and soaking up the calm of Shavasana or the evening sky.

I look forward to reading your one words posts. Be sure to visit Honoré for the link up.

3 things

I have been feeling very blah about blogging so I thought I would make a list of 3 things I might blog about if I were inclined to blog.

Buttons – I made the buttons pictured above in a workshop when I traveled to Shetland. We punched the circle shape out of embossed metal, files, sanded , and polished. They are very lovely and I need to figure out how to use them.

Purses – I have a long history of searching for the perfect purse. I am currently using one that has straps to make it into a backpack which is functional, but after two years of use, it is worn, floppy, and not so lovely. I dread beginning to search for a new purse but I think the time has come.

Gardening – the snow has melted and we had a few days with some sum-breaks. Now we are back to rain, rain, rain. But I keep thinking about gardening. Maybe I will stop at the garden center today and pick up a seed catalog.

Yes. I think each of these would make fun blog posts. Stay tuned. And be sure to visit Carole and friends today.