Hello Friday

Yesterday was my first day off social media and I won’t lie – there were some moments when the temptation was great. But I filled my day with sewing and reading and cleaning out the fridge and prepping weekend meals (see all those ands Mary?). I also did some journaling and was reflecting on a conversation I had with my daughter this week. Within 15 minutes of arriving at work, three people told me how much they had to do and when I tried to commiserate, they responded by telling me how much MORE busy than me. Sigh. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could practice just a tiny bit more compassion for one another? I have four months left in this work-life and I want to do just that. Listen with kindness and compassion instead of getting pulled into the “I’m busier than you” dance and hope that maybe it will rub off.

Unraveled Wednesday

Yup. There was some unraveling around here. First I unraveled a shawl that was so close to finishing but has been set aside too long. I tried to figure out where I had left off but the truth was, I didn’t really care for the colors and was not interested in actually owning this shawl. So, over the course of one TV show, it went back to being ball of yarn that I will likely donate. And on Sunday, I unraveled a hat. I loved knitting this hat. Loved the yarn. But after it was done, it grew just enough to be sloppy on my head. So it too went back to being a ball of yarn. But I will reknit that hat because I do love the color.

I have also been unraveling my screen time. I deleted a number of apps and cleared my browsing history. I don’t plan to stop blogging but I won’t be scrolling on those other sites. I have been listening to a book that has captured all of my attention. It is not an easy listen but one that deserves my undivided attention.

And how about this? I am not on Twitter but this was sent to me and it struck a chord.

Happy Wednesday! Be sure to visit Kat today.

Sometimes Monday

I think this week needs a permission slip. Remember those. Juliann has permission to go on the field trip . . . I know Brene Brown writes about permission slips in Braving the Wilderness (might be a good re-read option). I saw this one on Instagram this weekend and I am adding it to my Monday planner notes. Of course I am heading off to work but there must be time in the day when I could use this permission slip. Maybe you need permission this week too.

Three books we are loving right now

My own reading is going well but is mostly non-fiction and doesn’t inspire me to write but I do have three books that we read and reread a lot around here.

Exclamation Mark! I picked this one up from a giveaway box at school because I have always liked this author. It has wonderful words like flummoxed and deflated and generates a lot of conversation.

Knufflebunny by another favorite children’s author. I saw an exhibit of Willems’ work in NYC. The bunny in this story was originally drawn as a bear but when reading the story, the word bear didn’t feel right so it became a bunny.

Are You My Mother? We have read this one many, many times over the last 3+ years. It has all the important things. A baby bird, a search, and a big big scooping machine with a fun name – Snort.

I do love a good snuggle on the couch with a fun book and our soon to be big brother. Off to link up with some new blogs this morning.


I have been listening to some good podcasts and reading some wonderful books about simplifying and creating space. I spent a recent evening cleaning out my closet which is always a good thing. I have been purging my fiber stash and tackling my book shelves. One thing I know for sure is that I spend too much time scrolling – my assessment, not from anyone else. So . . . I am contemplating some changes. My first thought is to take a social media break. Instagram and Facebook specifically. I have joined some wonderful groups on Facebook and I enjoy Instagram but I wonder about how many hours I give to theses platforms. For now, I am in the contemplating stage but I am also thinking about the upcoming season of Lent. This might be a good time for setting aside some things to make room for other things.

So, there we are. Contemplating.

Weekending finishes

I read about the Gideon method on one of your blogs. In usual fashion, I hoped over to the post and skimmed it. But then I went back and really read it. This was a wagon I needed to ride. So I gathered my unfinished projects – well I gathered 5 of them – and I committed to do some finishing. It has been a wonderful journey. In the last 10 days I have finished two sweaters and a hat. One of these projects has been on the needles for over a year. Last night I picked up my half hap. I was 1/3 of the way through the outer border when I put it down in July, 2018. I expect to be done with it this week. And that will leave one item in my Gideon pile.

Documenting my recent finishes in my knitting notebook

I am thinking about how this method could be used on other unfinished projects because as a multi-craft maker, there are plenty of projects that have been simmering. So I plan to use some of my extra day off to consider applying the Gideon method – to my quilting, my sewing, my paper. I wish I was one of those people who could start and finish things but I am easily distracted. This Gideon method might be just the thing that will help me stay on track.

Isn’t it LOVEly?

A Friday and an extra day off – just what I needed! When I went to get the coffee this morning, I found a vase filled with sunflowers, a special bottle of wine, and a salted, dark chocolate bar for our evening celebration. And if I stop at Trader Joe’s before my haircut, I will have most of the day without any obligations.

I mentioned storytelling and it is still on my mind. I have been going through supplies and found the perfect album to capture some gramma stories. I even found that I had already printed almost two dozen photos. I started playing with them yesterday and think this would be the perfect way to spend part of my afternoon. I’m not quite up to Honoré’s LOAD but I do plan to keep these supplies in a place where I can easily work on the pages.

And I am on the hem of my Sólbein cardigan. Then it will need a bath and blocking before I do the steek. I am nervous about the idea of cutting my knitting but it seems a long weekend is the perfect time.

Happy Friday – enjoy.