I have been listening to some good podcasts and reading some wonderful books about simplifying and creating space. I spent a recent evening cleaning out my closet which is always a good thing. I have been purging my fiber stash and tackling my book shelves. One thing I know for sure is that I spend too much time scrolling – my assessment, not from anyone else. So . . . I am contemplating some changes. My first thought is to take a social media break. Instagram and Facebook specifically. I have joined some wonderful groups on Facebook and I enjoy Instagram but I wonder about how many hours I give to theses platforms. For now, I am in the contemplating stage but I am also thinking about the upcoming season of Lent. This might be a good time for setting aside some things to make room for other things.

So, there we are. Contemplating.

Weekending finishes

I read about the Gideon method on one of your blogs. In usual fashion, I hoped over to the post and skimmed it. But then I went back and really read it. This was a wagon I needed to ride. So I gathered my unfinished projects – well I gathered 5 of them – and I committed to do some finishing. It has been a wonderful journey. In the last 10 days I have finished two sweaters and a hat. One of these projects has been on the needles for over a year. Last night I picked up my half hap. I was 1/3 of the way through the outer border when I put it down in July, 2018. I expect to be done with it this week. And that will leave one item in my Gideon pile.

Documenting my recent finishes in my knitting notebook

I am thinking about how this method could be used on other unfinished projects because as a multi-craft maker, there are plenty of projects that have been simmering. So I plan to use some of my extra day off to consider applying the Gideon method – to my quilting, my sewing, my paper. I wish I was one of those people who could start and finish things but I am easily distracted. This Gideon method might be just the thing that will help me stay on track.

Isn’t it LOVEly?

A Friday and an extra day off – just what I needed! When I went to get the coffee this morning, I found a vase filled with sunflowers, a special bottle of wine, and a salted, dark chocolate bar for our evening celebration. And if I stop at Trader Joe’s before my haircut, I will have most of the day without any obligations.

I mentioned storytelling and it is still on my mind. I have been going through supplies and found the perfect album to capture some gramma stories. I even found that I had already printed almost two dozen photos. I started playing with them yesterday and think this would be the perfect way to spend part of my afternoon. I’m not quite up to Honoré’s LOAD but I do plan to keep these supplies in a place where I can easily work on the pages.

And I am on the hem of my Sólbein cardigan. Then it will need a bath and blocking before I do the steek. I am nervous about the idea of cutting my knitting but it seems a long weekend is the perfect time.

Happy Friday – enjoy.

Unraveled Wednesday

I finished something! But I don’t have a photo so I will just show you the tiny amount of yarn that I had after it was all done. I had even ordered an extra skein! But best of all, it fits, so that lovely baby bump can be wrapped in knitted love.

Reading has been sporadic at best. I am looking forward to an extra long weekend, a haircut, and a very special Friday wine and cheese night.

Off to visit Kat. Happy Wednesday