A shift

“Joy isn’t just something we find. It’s also something we can make, for ourselves and for those around us.”
― Ingrid Fetell Lee

What isn’t joyful about yellow flowers?

I heard about this book on The Lazy Genius podcast.

I went searching for the book (which I found in an audio version at my most amazing library). And then I discovered that it began with a TED-talk so now I want you to Watch this

That was Monday and in every so tiny ways, I found myself shifting. I am working from home. I am not taking some time off. It isn’t a staycation. But the rhythm of my days does provide space to make little moments of joy. When I go downstairs to refill my water or coffee, I take a few minutes to check in with my husband and get a little kiss before I head back to the computer. And when I see those sun breaks outside, I quickly pull on my shoes and take a walk. Two or three of those shorter walks end up giving me over 10,000 steps which is amazing! And when I turn off the computer, I make a quick stop in the other upstairs room to spend some time doing yoga or Pilates. (I am so happy I didn’t set up my work space in there. I don’t think it would feel like a gift at the end of the day if I was looking at that mat for 7 hours.)

Yesterday we made some joy by having a virtual happy hour with my sister and her partner in NYC complete with chips, salsa, and margaritas.

How will you make joy today? Let’s see if can’t feel that little shift.

Unraveled Wednesday

I am so grateful to have read Bonny’s post this morning. The last two evenings I have been fighting with my Nightshift, knitting a few rows,unraveling, starting again only to find a mistake a few rows back. I love these cheerful colors but I don’t think I am going to love this shawl. So, at some point today, I am going to unravel this project and get back to knitting hats. This is a time for knitting calm. I also need to revisit my Gideon method list. Would be good to get some things checked off that list.

On the reading/not really reading front, I won a book from a Goodreads give away! And it is the Kindle version so instant gratification. I did find that my library had the ebook version of A Writer’s Diary that Jane mentioned in her post and that has been good reading this week.

My working from home routine seems to be, working. I have been making my three things to finish list each morning and getting it all crossed off. Yesterday I put a chicken in the crock pot and took two neighborhood walks for my breaks. Our Stay Home order goes into effect tonight (not sure why they waited so long) and I am hoping it will make a difference.

Off to connect with Kat before breakfast.


I have heard others say that focus is a problem right now. I am there. I very much want a book to distract me but I find is hard to sit and read. So, I am hoping an audiobook might be the answer. I have a few options on hold.

Until then, I have been revisiting podcasts. Here are a two that are speaking to me right now:

Lazy Genius

The Daily

Because tomorrow is Monday

And this Monday will mark a new beginning for me, or an FFT as Brené Brown says. Did you know she has a new podcast? And this article is good reading.

Last week I made the decision to work at home for at least the next six weeks. I know they said we would return to school on April 27 but we have this new tiny human entering our lives sometime around May 4th and I want to be available to step in and help. So today I am setting up a workspace because I know I will need the structure to make working at home, well, work. I have read some tips: get dressed in real clothes, create a schedule, batching the work. I will be prepping my lunch and making sure I know what we will have for dinner. Food distractions are a real thing. On Friday I brought home files for the projects that have been begging for attention. I have my laptop. All of our admin and staff meetings have already moved to online platforms. So I’m ready – or as ready as I can be.

Have you been working from home? Any tips you want to share?