Because tomorrow is Monday

And this Monday will mark a new beginning for me, or an FFT as Brené Brown says. Did you know she has a new podcast? And this article is good reading.

Last week I made the decision to work at home for at least the next six weeks. I know they said we would return to school on April 27 but we have this new tiny human entering our lives sometime around May 4th and I want to be available to step in and help. So today I am setting up a workspace because I know I will need the structure to make working at home, well, work. I have read some tips: get dressed in real clothes, create a schedule, batching the work. I will be prepping my lunch and making sure I know what we will have for dinner. Food distractions are a real thing. On Friday I brought home files for the projects that have been begging for attention. I have my laptop. All of our admin and staff meetings have already moved to online platforms. So I’m ready – or as ready as I can be.

Have you been working from home? Any tips you want to share?