Garden notes

As I was weeding today I found this sweet daffodil. I don’t remember seeing this particular color in the past. That spot of peach on the white background is wonderful.

We have had some beautiful weather this week and today I spent a few hours getting reacquainted with my backyard garden. Now that we know we won’t be returning to onsite schooling until fall, I have found my mind shifting a bit. I think I can be at my home office early and take some time during the day to do some garden tending. I’ve been revisiting the idea of a victory garden, wondering what will feed our bodies and bring #dailyjoybits into our lives. On my list so far are cucumbers, squash, beans, sunflowers, and snapdragons. And the local garden store has order ahead and curbside pick-up so that will be happening soon. Still have a few weeks of very cold overnight temps before planting can begin but I have a notebook ready to hold my plans.