Checking in with my word

I have struggled a bit with my word – DWELL. These last few months I have not wanted to dwell too long or too deeply. I have been thinking of dwelling as something to avoid. I’m sure I am not the only one who has been told to stop dwelling on something.

But then I noticed this beautiful image. Every morning, I pause here while the water is boiling. I stand and look out at the hummingbird feeder, the reflection of the twinkle lights in the window glass, the flowers (there are always flower these days – I make this a priority when I do my weekly shopping). I chose this word because I wanted to dwell – to stop; to linger; to remain; to stay. When I chose this word, I had no idea how much time I would have to dwell on the everyday, ordinary moments. But this is what I needed, a time to slow down and pay attention, to dwell in all the gifts and joys.

Thanks Honoré for these monthly nudges to notice how are words are showing up.

Mindful Monday

Inspired by Katie, I have rebooted calendar planning and reflecting. Before this unusual time of staying home began, I was using a planner on a very regular basis. But that fell off when so much was cancelled and I didn’t even know how to plan.

Katie posts her weekly practice of reflecting back on the week. I tried using a Hobonichi Weeks last year but it was just too small. But I found a TN size, undated insert that has the same layout. My intention was to start on June one but when it arrived last week, I jumped in. I did my planning and reflecting yesterday and I think this is going to be a good practice.

Be sure to visit Katie. She does an amazing amount of reading too.

P.S. thanks for all your kind words about the unemployment mess. I was able to get all the paperwork filed and so far, no other intrusions but I will need to be vigilant. I should schedule a day for checking finances in my new planner. The real tragedy is that many who are supposed to be getting unemployment are now on hold while the state investigates the million dollar mess.

hello Friday

Yesterday my husband asked what day it was. We are in trouble when he loses track. But it is indeed Friday and a four day weekend. Unfortunately part of this long weekend will be spent online, filing out forms. Yup. I am one of the ever growing number of people who are part of unemployment fraud. It is scary how much money has been paid out to fraudulent claims. I had no idea until one of my daughters told me she found out someone had filed for employment using her social security number. So, this is a public service announcement. Check your social security number. In our stare you do that through the Unemployed offices.

Then, when I have finished filing forms, I will move to a deck chair with a beverage and some yarn, or maybe a book. I will take in a deep breathe and remind myself that this too shall pass. Right?

Three things or maybe four

This postcard arrived in the mailbox on Tuesday. Our mailbox has been pretty empty lately so it was fun to pull out this colorful card from a journal enthusiast I met on Instagram.

This piece from Kelly Corrigan

These words from Kate Bowler; “Hope doesn’t mean we are blind to all that is broken”

And a fourth thing, this post from Carole lifted my spirits. So happy for you Carole and Dale. The road to recovery is ahead but I can imagine you will navigate that road with grace and love.