Three on Thursday

There is a story here. A story about being three. A story about loving dirt and water. A story about having a great imagination.

I had a fun chat with Honoré last week about scrapbooking and making layouts and getting our stories told. This inspired me to share three things are about paper and pictures and stories.

1. I want to learn how to do more digital scrapbooking. Or maybe it is hybrid. I am reading up on digital techniques and contemplating a new computer/device for easier digital creating.

2. I need to organize my photos. Most of them are on my phone and in the cloud. I used to upload to Flickr and Shutterfly but I am woefully behind. I am excited to check out some different options that I found in the replies on Carole’s post today.

3. Pictures are fun but the story behind the picture is important. We welcomed our new grandson this week and while mama and papa were at the hospital, our bigger person stayed with us. I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I write down a lot of his words. It made me think about how we hold those memories and what we leave behind. It made me wonder what my mom treasured when she was with us after our daughters were born. What stories did she want to remember when our girls spent time with their grandparents. Because Alzheimer’s took those memories away, we have no way of knowing. That is what I want most from documenting these days. I want our daughters and grandsons to know how much we treasured them, even when we can no longer tell the stories.