One word – September

Recently, Carole posted about an online class she had taken with Liz Lamoreux. I clicked over to her site (because I am very easily distracted by links and rabbit holes) and found a collage class that seemed to be a good fit. I had a stack of magazines that I had been saving for collage but I needed the nudge to actually cut them up and get going. The class (a series of videos, prompts, and inspirations) goes step by step in making an art journal. I have written about not loving messy art. But collage – I love collage! And I had this lovely notebook that was gifted to me about two years ago. It is hand bound in such a way that it lays flat. And the paper is perfect – a little heavier than regular journal paper. So I spent a few hours cutting and tearing out images, looking for words, and gluing things in place. It has been a wonderful place to dwell, to linger, and to disconnect.

I had not made the connection between my word – DWELL – and the act of disconnecting. But as I trimmed and glued and slowly paged through those magazine, I realized that they go hand in had. I cannot dwell when I am too busy or distracted. I cannot dwell when my brain is overflowing with lists and ideas and worries. I need this kind of space, the kind where you are not watching the clock or finishing a project on a deadline, in order to fall into dwelling.

I am only four lessons into this class. There are sixteen to go. I am not in a hurry. I imagine this will take me another 6-8 weeks and that is perfect. I will dwell in the simplicity of tearing paper and glueing it down. I will dwell in the words that come up when I look at the colors and images and quotes I have added to this notebook.

Looking forward to catching up with Honoré and friends today.

12 thoughts on “One word – September

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That course sounds like the most delightful place to dwell! And what a wonderful way to unpack the word before the year is up! And what a rich way to spend your first season of retirement. (Love the message on your torn page, above.)

  2. I know tone can be so hard to convey in writing, but I can almost hear your delight in reading these words! It’s clear that you’ve been dwelling in a happy place while making collages, and I hope you can stretch that feeling out.

  3. How lovely to read your reflective thoughts on your process with this class … it sounds perfect for letting the mind connect the dots inside oneself. Your picture is so gentle and kind. Hoping you continue to enjoy the weeks that lie ahead.

  4. What a lovely way to live out your word! I am always so amazed . . . at how powerful our words are when we let them just simmer away in our brains. (And Liz’s classes are wonderful.) XO

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