Pay attention

Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.” 

― Mary Oliver, poet,
who died yesterday at the age of 83

I’m don’t spend much time with poetry but I have loved the words of Mary Oliver. These words are going into my notebook so I can carry them closely. Such very good advice.

As I have been working on letting REST become a practice and a rhythm, I have become aware of how un-restful my days can be. With a calendar and list of things to do it is easy to move through the hours without paying attention. This day, I plan to walk with my eyes wide open, paying attention, and best of all, ready to be astonished.


Unraveled Wednesday

The cooler weather has meant I get to wear my hand knit sweaters which is wonderful. Not so wonderful is the hole I found in the hem of my Ready for Fall sweater. It’s not huge but it is ragged enough that darning is going to be messy. This was my first color work project and I pulled the floats too tight so I had been contemplating unknitting and doing the color work in a larger needle. So, I guess that is the plan now. There will be some unraveling in my future.

I finished an audiobook this week. I really enjoyed the story until the end when it got a bit off track. I started reading The Chicken Who Saved Us. We are reading this book for an all-church read and the author will be joining us for an evening discussion. I’m pretty excited about this idea.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to stop by and visit Kat today.

Sometimes Monday

is a good time to share some quilts.

Remember when Lori went to help families after the California fires? Last week there was a request for more quilts to distribute so I gathered a stack to send off. Over the years I have made so many quilts just because I love the process. I have been happy to give away, to a local women’s center, the city chaplain (who gives them to families in crisis), and to the hospice center. Seems like mailing a box to California is a good way to start my week.

Anyone else need a nap?

The end of the first week back to school after a lovely, long break has arrived. It has been a full week and I want you to know that I am grateful for the good work I have to do. But I am also tired – the kind of tired that is screaming for a nap. My stamina needs some work.

As I move slowly into the day I wanted to share the color work progress on my Sólbein. It is slow going because I am not adept at 3 stranded color work yet. But I am loving the colors and I’m only 4 rows from the body which will mean lots of lovely round and round with one color.

And I picked this book up at the library. In the introduction I read these words;

“Kindness is in short supply these days.” And “kindness is a strength, a superpower that has the capacity to transform lives and change the world.”

This weekend I’m looking forward to a haircut, a nap (or two or three), knitting group, reading, a some time to ponder. I hope your weekend brings you what you need.

Three things

A few years ago, I read about bullet journaling and thought it sounded like a good idea. Suddenly I saw bullet journal examples EVERWHERE! And they we so pretty. Beautiful lettering and stickers and sketches. I tried it for awhile but all those decorations made my head spin so I quit and declared this was not going to work for me. But, never say never. Here are 3 things I have learned that are making me rethink bullet journaling:

  1. Ryder Carroll designed the bullet journal to help him “live intentionally.” His idea is about gathering and tracking and learning how to stick with what is really important to you.
  1. Simplicity is an essential element of the system. If you look at Ryder’s examples, they are bare bones. In his book he says you only need to be able to draw a fairly straight line to practice this system.
  2. The extras like collections and goal setting don’t need to be set up before starting the basic system. In his book, he recommends starting with the monthly/daily/weekly tracking and tasks. Get that part down as a routine and the other pieces will grow out of that foundation.

So, I grabbed a blank notebook, numbered the pages, and set up the first of those pages. I am only a week in but it feel much more do-able. I did buy a sticker pack that has the months and lots of numbers but I’m only working on one week at a time with tasks and a daily review. I recommend Carroll’s audio book.

Unraveled Wednesday


A quick post to give you a glimpse of my finished Stopover.  The weather is cool enough that a cozy sweater is called for today.

It’s funny how talk of weather and storms can be so unraveling for people.  I look at the weather just enough to know how to be prepared but I also know that where we live, the forecast is far from precise and accurate.  For years, I worried if there was any hint of a storm or snow and ice.  But unless my road is covered with the white stuff when I wake up, I am trying a new approach – take the day as it comes.

Hope to be back tomorrow with at least 3 things.  This first week back to work has been a bit hectic.  Happy Wednesday!

Be sure to visit Kat to see what is unraveling.

Sometimes Monday . . .

is looking for a recommendation or two.

My Audible subscription is coming up for renewal and I have decided to let it go. My library has lots of audio books and I have audiobooks in my Audible library that I have not listened to yet so it seems like time to take a break.

But, I still have some credits and I can’t cancel u til is use them. So, help me out with your recommendations. How should I spend my credits?