oh hello Friday

Up much too early today, my head swirling with the details of the day ahead. Classroom parties, parent group celebration, tidying up my desk so I can leave work at work for the next two weeks. Spent some time listening to Magpie Murders, knitting a few rounds, and writing in this beautiful Tumeric notebook. Time to make a cuppa and get myself ready for the day. Fortunately the Friday night wine and cheese have been acquired so the evening ahead will be a lovely way to begin Christmas break.

Happy Friday!

p.s.  if you have some time, please visit this fun blog.  Erin is a friend of my daughter and she’s is a very creative spirit.  She also has the most lovely smile.


Three Things – healthy choices

1. I cut way back on my coffee consumption this fall, down to just on small cup a day. This tea with steamed almond milk has been my go to and since it is caffeine free, I can drink it all day.

2. My Fitbit froze in the middle of an update this week and I feel a bit lost without it. I put a new one on my wishlist. I am considering this a challenge. And now I have more Pilates options thanks to this (which btw closes tomorrow).

3. This new to me recipe and blog is a keeper. I think many of her recipes will make it into my meal planning in the next month.

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Unraveled Wednesday

I have finally begun the color work on my sweater. For weeks I have questioned the choice of blue and contemplated picking up a yellow for the color work but when I was ready to start, I only had the blue so that was it. Now that I see the Blue next to the dark grey, I am very happy. I am 5 rows in, 24 to go. It seems like an easy chart (offset circles) so I am hoping that there will be no unraveling.

I am closing in on the end of The Magpie Murders., listening to the audio book and loving the narrator. It is a good traveling companion.

Just a few days away from Christmas break and I am trying not to create an unrealistic amount of things to keep my busy during the two weeks away from school. January is re-enrollment and open house season, very busy, so I need to take the rest time. I signed up for The Balanced Life Pilates program and I think this will be a good winter solution for me. And then there is my one little word to play with.

Happy Wednesday and be sure to visit Kat’s link-up.

Music Making Monday


I have a very musical family.  There are many guitars and keyboards and loads of percussion options in each of our homes.  I also have a family in love with Christmas traditions.  We used to joke that if we did something once, it became a tradition.  One tradition that has been evolving over the last 25 years is the family Christmas concert.  In the early days, the music (all written by my husband) was performed by my husband and daughters.  When our first son-in-law joined the family and brought his drums along, the band began to grow.  Soon I was taking drum lessons and got to play on a few songs.  This year we welcomed another son-in-law and guess what?  He plays guitar so of course he needed to join the band.  Even our tiny person has a shaker and loves to add some extra percussion to the mix.

Our annual concert was a few weeks ago and as always, it was very fun.  We get to see people we only see once a year and to give them the gift of music.  Sometimes I wonder if I take my music making family for granted.  I forget that this is not the norm.

Here is hoping that there is some music in your season that brings you joy – as a listener or a music maker.

3 important things..

Over the last year, life has been quite the roller coaster ride. Each time we think that we are coming to a resting place, another crazy curve comes to sweep us up. I have learned some important life lessons. Here are three that are on my heart today.

  1. Important has a new meaning. Things that used to sit at the top of my list are falling to the bottom, right where they should be.
  2. I have an amazing husband, two fantastic daughters who married wonderful men, and a super sweet baby boy – enough said.
  3. Good friends are few and far between, I mean really good friends, the kind who listen with their hearts. I have a few and that also is enough.

This month and into the year ahead, I want most of all to be rooted in gratitude and love.

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Unraveled Wednesday

This week I am choosing peace and calm over perfection and unraveling.

I am loving the Project Peace pattern but I misread one of the sections and my stitch count was off. Instead of unraveling, I decided to add a few extra repeats for the next few sections and get back on the stitch count. I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

I ordered this lovely Advent devotional and then set it aside for the start of Advent on December 3 only to discover that this devotional started on November 30. There was a time when I would have set the book aside but not this year. This year I choose to see this as another opportunity to practice peace and to do a few extra readings over the next week.

How are you choosing Peace this month?


When I was sorting and purging yarn a few weeks ago, I set aside some skeins that will become donation hats. I have three hats ready to drop off at church next week and I am ready to cast on another hat this week. I hope to finish at least three more hats this month for one of the organizations that our knitting group is supporting.

I am loving the Project Peace shawl and inching my way toward to color work section of my sweater. In other making news, I have begin to appliqué some wool circles on a piece of felted wool to make a project bag. I also decided not to make a December daily paper project (that is a sanity choice) but I am trying to do some journaling each day this month in my planner.

Thanks to Erin for motivating me to create this #makersmadeitmonday post. Stop by and see what she is up to this week.