3 bookish things

I have had some success with my #unreadshelfproject. I sorted and counted my books. I did purchase one ebook (thanks to this– it was on sale!). And I did put some books on hold at the library. But I have been reading a lot and I finished The Murmer of Bees (highly recommend). And I found all sorts of fun ways to track my reading and help me read a wider variety of books. Here are three:

1. My library has a 10 to Try challenge – 10 interesting categories and a cool tracking system.

2. The Kindle app tells me how many days in a row I have used it for reading. I have been doing a lot more ebook reading these days.

3. And of course the Goodreads challenge. I have started a 2020 shelf to keep track of all the recommendations. And I am going through my Want to Read shelf and deleting titles I no longer actually want to read.

Unraveled Wednesday

Instead of unraveling, these last few days have been reviving.

Sleeve #2 is coming along. I also had a chance to do some swatching for potential projects. I am close to the end of my first book of the year and I finished watching season 3 of The Crown. But maybe best of all, I have been wearing #allthewool while shoveling the driveway or taking a walk. And hot chocolate calories don’t count if it’s a no school day – right?

Linking up with Kat today and just got the school cancelled message so day #3!

Equip, equipped, equipping

equip– verb (used with object),  e·quipped, e·quip·ping

  • to furnish or provide with whatever is needed for use or for any undertaking
  • to dress; array
  • to furnish with intellectual or emotional resources; prepare

Yesterday had the chance to use one of my Christmas gifts , a gift that I asked for, but secretly hoped I wouldn’t need. This is a pretty cool way to givE your ordinary shoes some traction when walking in the snow or ice.Around here we often have a few inches of snow on
top of a layer of sleet or rain. That can make for a slippery surface (which is why everything pretty much closes down when we get snow).

This morning (another snow day) am thinking about being equipped. Traction for our shoes, chains for our cars, warm clothing, snow shovels, de-icer- lots of ways to make getting out and about easier. What about other areas of life? I try to keep fresh veggies and healthy snack in the kitchen. I have built a pretty solid meal planning and cook ahead habit the last few years which means I don’t have that 5 pm “What’s for dinner” panic.

What I want to work on next is equipping myself to build a consistent writing and study habit. I have decided that the mostly unused dining room table would make a great study space. There is a good overhead light, a window with a view, and it is far enough from the TV and computer to limit those distractions. So that is my snow day #2 project – equipping that space with the tools for renewing this habit.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday – snow day

Normally I dread snow days. They usually span more than a day and often the roads are a mess for many days. But yesterday I started looking forward to the possibility of getting that “School is cancelled” message. Sure enough, when I woke up to a house without power at 5:20 am, I saw the message on my phone. Yippee! Except most of my snow days plans required electricity. Fortunately the power came on about 6am. Phew.

In between working from home on my computer, I have also found time to play. I inventoried my knitting needles and did some cooking and meal planning. I even did some long neglected cleaning. And I came up with an idea for documenting my 2019 word. I copied my blog posts into a word document and printed them. Now I can cut them down and slip them into some 6×8 page protectors. I haven’t done a full year album for my one little word in quite a few years but I do have a few pages for each of my words. With the monthly blog check-in this year, I have monthly documentation of how REST was showing up in my life.

And now it’s time for a walk in the snow and then a cuppa and some reading.

Fiber Friday

I am a slow knitter. Not as slow as I used to be but I can’t imagine banging out a sweater in four days or even a week like some of you have done. So when I look at my stash and my list of things I want to knit, I try to be gentle with myself. It is not a race. And I am not very competitive anyway. Mary asked about the squishy mail in a recent post and since I haven’t had time to play with yarn this week, I thought I would reveal those goodies.

In December I ordered yarn from The Woolly Thistle to make this sweater after Kat suggested a knit along. I did swatch and was right on gauge. The main color will be black. I bought a few options for the color work so I need to decide on the that too.

It has been a crazy few weeks with some family stuff so casting on will need to wait. Getting that second sleeve done on the Dominy is at the top of my list and like I said, I am a pretty slow knitter.

Happy Friday!

3 decisions made

Let your word be ‘Yes, Yes’ or ‘No, No’’. Matthew 5:37

Why not start of the year with some good, solid, decision making?

  1. I will not be returning to work next school year. As of June, I will officially retire!
  2. I am going to travel more. I have already made a deposit on a trip and will finally be able to travel outside the confines of summer vacation.
  3. I am going to say NO to leading a book group this winter. I really want to read a book with some of the women at church but my plate is overflowing and it is not a season for leading. I am participating in some online book groups and looking forward to being a participant.

Off to read Carole’s 3 things now.

Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here. Mostly because there is no knitting (insert heavy sigh). Instead, I decided to try and organize my knitting needles. I know I have more short tips but where can they be? Anyone else have this issue? I also found that I have more really short cables than is reasonable but not enough of the size I need to comfortably do magic loop on those sleeves. Argh! So many first world problems. I will get this sorted out and have started a list of what needles and cables I own in my planner.

On the reading front, I am really enjoying The Murmur of Bees. What a fascinating tale.

Hope your new year is bringing some lovely fiber and reading into your days.

Be sure to check with Kat and friends today.