3 random things

I unraveled a shawl last night to make time in my knitting life to work on the Project Peace cowl. When you have short hair, these winters mornings leave you with a very cold neck so a cowl will be a welcome addition.

This book is going on my 2019 reading list (and the Kindle edition is only $1.99 right now).

You know how much I like golden milk. Lately I have been adding it to a morning smoothie: 2 cups spinach or kale, 1/2 cup frozen mango, small piece of fresh ginger, 1 scoop of golden milk powder, 1 cup of whole milk yogurt, water to achieve your preferred consistency. Yum!


Three on Thursday

It’s hard to pick just 3 things – my life is full of blessings – but today I am grateful for:

My husband, who is making the house smell scrumptious with his Thanksgiving Day cooking,

Our daughters (and their lovely families), who share their lives with me,

My dad, who tells me all the time how grateful he is that I am in his life.

To all my blogger friends: I am unable to comment on your blog posts these days but know that I read and treasure all of your lovely posts.

Three on Thursday

I love that first cuppa coffee each morning. On days I need to wait (fasting blood work for instance) are miserable! I have been know to start complaining about such mornings days in advance. And every time I make a gratitude list, you can be sure that first cuppa coffee make the top five.

The last few years I have been learning to drink more tea. I know that these herbal infusions are not really tea. But my reason for turning to tea after 10 am is to avoid caffeine so they make the cut. A few weeks ago, my grocery story had a big sale on tea and I picked up three new to me teas.

Pukka teas come in the most lovely boxes. I first received a box of the Revitalize tea as a gift. I am excited that this tea is now more available in my local stores.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the Yogi tea brand. I see a lot of the tea tags with words of wisdom in my Instagram feed. Both of these are lovely warm but I also drop one in my water bottle to liven up the hydration practice. And I have been known to add some of the mango ginger to my homemade bone broth. But that might be a post for another day.

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3 things

I have missed posting the last few weeks but I guess a break was needed. A 3things post seems like a good re-entry. So, 3 things that are tugging at my heartstrings right now:

1. Finding a little journal mom kept on a trip she and dad took to the UK in 1997. So good to see her handwriting.

2. The cooler weather that means I can start wearing my knitwear.

3. Listening and re-listening to this podcast – decision making, decision fatigue, good, short episodes with so much to offer.

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3 things

I am playing along with #onebookjuly, using a B6 notebook. I have sectioned it off into three parts:

1. Daily ramblings and journaling

2. Wellness – a place where I can track a few pieces of data fo my doctor and doing some meal planing and reading about food and health.

3. Drawing – I am trying out some ideas for my garden, a quilt idea, and daily sketches of everyday things

Be sure to visit Carole for more lists today.

Three things

Today is the last day for our little students. The teachers finish up early next week and then my work schedule can be more flexible. I am looking forward to:

More gardening – My flowers are starting to bloom and it makes me so happy to see that color as I stand at the kitchen sink.

More moving – I ran a 10k last weekend and have a renewed energy about running.

More reading -I have three boxes filled on my bingo card and I’m closing in on number three.

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A finished sweater and three books

I finished my Birkin last night and it is blocking now. I tried it on so many time as I was knitting it and I think this will be a go to sweater. I almost gave up when I read the many comments about the fit being off. I was almost finished with color-work so I kept going and I am very pleased with the results.

Now, reading time. I have three Books and need help deciding which will be up next. One is an audiobook so I could do two at a time but I also have a non-fiction audiobook I wanted to start. Want to help me choose?

This one that is waiting at the library, or this one that has been waiting on my Kindle, or this one that is on the PBS Great American Read list.

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