Three things or maybe four

This postcard arrived in the mailbox on Tuesday. Our mailbox has been pretty empty lately so it was fun to pull out this colorful card from a journal enthusiast I met on Instagram.

This piece from Kelly Corrigan

These words from Kate Bowler; “Hope doesn’t mean we are blind to all that is broken”

And a fourth thing, this post from Carole lifted my spirits. So happy for you Carole and Dale. The road to recovery is ahead but I can imagine you will navigate that road with grace and love.

Three on Thursday

There is a story here. A story about being three. A story about loving dirt and water. A story about having a great imagination.

I had a fun chat with Honoré last week about scrapbooking and making layouts and getting our stories told. This inspired me to share three things are about paper and pictures and stories.

1. I want to learn how to do more digital scrapbooking. Or maybe it is hybrid. I am reading up on digital techniques and contemplating a new computer/device for easier digital creating.

2. I need to organize my photos. Most of them are on my phone and in the cloud. I used to upload to Flickr and Shutterfly but I am woefully behind. I am excited to check out some different options that I found in the replies on Carole’s post today.

3. Pictures are fun but the story behind the picture is important. We welcomed our new grandson this week and while mama and papa were at the hospital, our bigger person stayed with us. I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I write down a lot of his words. It made me think about how we hold those memories and what we leave behind. It made me wonder what my mom treasured when she was with us after our daughters were born. What stories did she want to remember when our girls spent time with their grandparents. Because Alzheimer’s took those memories away, we have no way of knowing. That is what I want most from documenting these days. I want our daughters and grandsons to know how much we treasured them, even when we can no longer tell the stories.

Three questions

1. What was the best day in April?

My birthday was the best day. I am uncomfortable with birthday hoopla when it is directed at me but because of the shelter at home order, I was showered with attention from afar. Birthday goodies, flowers, and a banner delivered to my front porch. Lots of cards in the mail. And a fun cupcake celebration on Zoom with my favorite people.

2. What did I miss?

Grocery shopping. I used to go to the store multiple times each week. I love meal planning and slow shopping, wandering the aisles, reading ingredients, picking up produce to make sure it is the freshest. I don’t mind wearing a mask or planning just one trip a week. But I miss being able to wander and linger. I will say that the staff at my store have been so amazing. They are kind and gentle and I am so grateful for their work.

3. What does peace look like in May?

I am cultivating some peaceful practices. A lot of walking and paying attention. Gardening will definitely be a peaceful pursuit. More time for prayer and putting pen to paper.

Three questions inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s monthly letter.

Three for Thursday

We are three weeks into this new way of living together/apart and since we can’t sit around sharing funny stories at the lunch table, I have had to look for new things that bring a little levity into my days. I thought I would share some things that have made me laugh lately.

I found these rolls of toilet paper and the attached note on my desk yesterday. My assistant applied for a graduate program and asked me to be a reference and write a letter. I was happy to do that knowing the program was a good fit for her. It was exciting to hear she was accepted and I had a good laugh at her choice of thank you tokens. In a world that is spinning, toilets paper might become the new Starbucks card!

I love it when my daughter sends text stories about that special three year old. Words are his love language and he comes up with some hysterical ideas.

Finally, my teachers have been making videos to send to our preschoolers. Those teachers are quite the comedians. I think they are being silly to take off the pressure of being on camera but I love how they are stepping into this new way of “teaching.”

What is bringing a smile into your days?

3 on Thursday

After reading Carole’s post this morning, I knew I needed to make my own gratitude list before leaving the house. Yesterday saw the closing of most schools in our area. My heart is heavy for the children and families who will have their lives disrupted for an undetermined amount of time. I am also pondering ideas for keeping my teachers and their assistants working and earning money while we do not have children on site. This is a space in our lives that will probably take years to unravel.

But this morning I am grateful for:

A beautiful knitting project that has just enough pattern to keep my scattered brain engaged;

That first cup of coffee – and the plentiful supply of coffee in the cupboard;

Colleagues that I trust and admire. I am blessed and honored to be a part of the leadership team at our school. I believe we have taken each day as it has come and have worked diligently to keep our students and their education at the core of our conversations and decisions.

Now I am off to do more learning with my teachers and stretch my brain cells a bit.

3 reasons I am excited about this Thursday

I have done week in the life with Ali Edwards a few time and it was great fun. This year I saw that Day in the life was scheduled for a Thursday (my day off) so I thought, sure, why not. And now that this particular Thursday has arrived, I am really happy that I already made a commitment to participate because I want very much to cultivate a habit of reflection. So, here we go. Thursday, March 5, 2020. It is a very full day and I am looking forward to documenting:

1. The ordinary and the mundane,

2. The questions and wonderings,

3. The possibilities and gratitudes.

It is going to be a great day.

Three books we are loving right now

My own reading is going well but is mostly non-fiction and doesn’t inspire me to write but I do have three books that we read and reread a lot around here.

Exclamation Mark! I picked this one up from a giveaway box at school because I have always liked this author. It has wonderful words like flummoxed and deflated and generates a lot of conversation.

Knufflebunny by another favorite children’s author. I saw an exhibit of Willems’ work in NYC. The bunny in this story was originally drawn as a bear but when reading the story, the word bear didn’t feel right so it became a bunny.

Are You My Mother? We have read this one many, many times over the last 3+ years. It has all the important things. A baby bird, a search, and a big big scooping machine with a fun name – Snort.

I do love a good snuggle on the couch with a fun book and our soon to be big brother. Off to link up with some new blogs this morning.