3 current things

  1. Trying this yogurt because so many antibiotics means it is time for some probiotic repair.
  2. Falling into this book – only about 25 pages in but I would love to sit here and read the day away.
  3. Caving in and casting on a shawl with this yarn because it is orange and was a gift from my sister.

And by the way, I took this photo at 7pm yesterday – the gift of daylight savings time.

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noun -a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

I added this word to my “good words” list about 6 weeks ago when I was

struggling to find balance in the midst of feeling so poorly. I was thrilled to see

this word in Michelle’s morning email. And because it is Thursday, here are

three ways I am inviting equilibrium into my life.

Three Things

I am declaring today, March 1, as the start of my 2018. Here are three things that I hope will help me relaunch this year:

  1. A new set of lunch containers to inspire my lunch packing,
  2. A new to me idea for keeping a notebook
  3. A new calendar of Pilates workouts and a monthly mission that is calling my name (the Sisterhood program is open for enrollment so if you are interested, take a look)

And a bonus idea for this first month of my new year, I am planning to take more pictures and excited about Michelle’s photo challenge.

*those little knitted chickens in the picture above were made by my daughter and I am thinking of carrying them in my pocket for some fun March photos

Three Things

Last week we had a food box from Hello Fresh arrive on the porch. Our daughter had told me about trying this meal delivery option and she had a coupon code for a free box. Can’t beat the price. So I hopped online and placed an order for three meals. Here are three things (thanks Carole)triggered by my Hello Fresh experience:

  1. I love to cook – I seemed to have forgotten that lately but preparing these three meals helped me remember how much I used to like making dinner.
  2. Herbs are an important part of a delicious meal. One meal has a dill sauce and used fresh dill – it was very good! I have herbs in my garden, I just need to relearn how to use them to jazz up my cooking.
  3. Leftovers are an important part of cooking for us. I rely on leftovers for lunches and this plan only included enough for two people/one meal.

I won’t be ordering another box but I will be pulling out my cookbooks and getting back into a food prep/cooking routine.

Three Things for Thursday

I know most of my readers knit but I wonder how many of you like to sew. Sewing was my first love. My mom taught me to sew at the age of six and my first project was a red corduroy jumper (mom did the zipper). I made most of my own clothes through high school. I even had a sewing business for a few years. I haven’t wanted to write about my Make Nine because last year, I posted a 17 in 2017 list and proceeded to finish only two of the 17 items. But this weekend I get two extra days so I know I will get some sewing machine time.

  1. Planning to finish my Scout Tee this weekend;
  2. Thinking about ordering this book (thanks for the link Mary) because this is how I love to dress;
  3. Digging through my fabric stash to find a fabric to make a new skirt.

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3 things

I never really got around to resolutions or intentions or even the planning I thought I would do in January. But now that a new month is upon us, I thought I would choose three things I want to accomplish this month.

1. Learn how to make golden milk. I have had this warm beverage a few times lately and I want to learn how to make it at home. I am planning to try this recipe and probably this one too.

2. Make a new tunic dress or a top. I have the patterns and the fabric and a 4 day weekend in February so it seems reasonable.

3. Nurture – there are so many ways this can happen. More hiking, eating well, taking time to read and write, plant some bulbs.

Hello February. I have plans for you.

Three Things for Thursday

I have been thinking about using my beautiful things and it gave me a theme for my Three things TODAY:

  1. I got this lovely orange folio in December and have been puzzled about how to use it. Yesterday I opened the insert and put pen to paper. Why is that so scary? This is going to be my bible study notebook.
  2. I have a lot of mugs. When you are in education, you tend to get mugs as gifts. I do love this one and I am taking it to work for my afternoon cuppa tea. (The one currently on my desk is cute but nothing special while this one will remind me of the twins who gave it to me).
  3. February is letter writing month and I am looking forward to using some cards and stamps that I have been saving for something special.

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