Books and bingo cards and rabbit trails

On Sunday I mentioned that I wasn’t sure where I had put my Summer Bingo card. I had put it aside because I didn’t think I would be very successful at getting bingos. But I was taking care of a messy paper pile on Monday and uncovered my card. Hmmmmm – I might have a shot at this. After checking my read list against my card, I have five bingos and I am just one book away from two more. I also checked my library and found three more books that will give me a shot at covering this card. And, I have this lovely spot in my garden that is perfect in the cooler mornings and shaded in the warmer afternoons. Stay tuned for another bingo card update.

Now, let me tell you about Ghost Boys. I would highly recommend this YA novel. It is timely, good reading, good connections, and would make a great conversation starter. I found it on a summer reading list from the Mockingbird Newsletter. I found the newsletter on the Mockingbird Patreon feed. And I found the Patreon on IG @Mockingbirdhistorylessons . That is a rabbit trail worth the meandering.

And that coffee cup – I really needed it. It is from The Next Question in case you are interested. Another excellent place to get lost.

Book notes

I almost didn’t read this book. A friend said it would be her next read and asked if I wanted to read along with her. I checked some of the reviews and they were not stellar. But this is a good book buddy so I ordered a copy and jumped in. And it is a good story. These sentences caught my attention on the first pages:

“if discontent is your disease, travel is medicine. It resensitizes. It opens you up to see outside the patterns you follow. Because new places require new learning. It forces your childlike self back into action. When you are a kid, everything is new. You notice because you need to.” Jedediah Jenkins, To Shake the Sleeping Self

This is part of the shift I have been chasing. Wake up. Pay attention. Notice because you need to.

I will probably finish this book today and then I will have my first square on my SAH book Bingo card. One down, 24 to go!

By the way, now is a great time to order a book from your favorite independent bookstore.

Sometimes Monday

Looks like a completed Summer Book Bingo card! I finished my final book this morning and it might be my favorite from my summer reading. Quilting Lessons was recommended by Honore and I quickly downloaded the ebook. But I forgot about it. Last week, I realized that the book I had planned to read for “subtitle on the cover” was going to take more time to read. I opened my Kindle and found Quilting Lessons: notes from the scrap bag of a writer and quilter. As I began reading, I realized that this book was meant to be read right now, during this time of setting aside my fabric and sewing and getting back into the routine of the school year. So many highlighted notes, words that are swirling in my head and my heart. What a wonderful way to end my summer reading. Thanks Mary for another great Book Bingo Summer.

It’s crucial not to lose sight of one important feature of juggling multiple tasks simultaneously: ensuring a small oasis of pleasure here and there in the day. While the computer prints out a chapter draft or while the wash cycle is on spin, don’t forget to take time out to pick sweet peas in the garden. Don’t forget to call the friend who has been so sad lately. There might even be enough time to sew the borders on that quilt that is spread out on the workroom room floor.

Quilting Lessons

Unraveled Wednesday

I want very much to cast on a new sweater and cut out fabric for a new dress. But one of the Ravelry forums that I frequent is hosting a frog or finish along and it has me digging through my fabric and yarn wips.

This week I finished quilting the animal cracker quilt. The binding is machine stitched but still needs to be turned and hand stitched. And I added one more row to the Summer Triangle quilt top I started at the retreat. I am planning to get that one finished in the next month too. I did toss (yes, into the trash) a uniform tunic. The fabric was too flimsy and very hard to sew and in the end, I would not have worn it. Note to self: cheap fabric is not a good idea.

In my knitting basket I have two finish projects. My green Annabel sweater needs another sleeve so I wound the yarn yesterday. And then there is this Hansel Hap. I looked at my Ravelry notes and see that I started this in 2015. Not that long ago. I did the contrast rows last summer and started the outer border and set it aside again. These are not really my colors but I think it will make a nice prayer shawl so I picked it up and knit 4 repeats of the lace last night. That brings me to the halfway point.

Book Bingo update: I finished a few more books over the last week. I have 12 boxes filled but there are a few squares that are going to be tougher. Speculative fiction is always a puzzle for me.

So no unraveling this week which is good too. Be sure to visit Kat’s Unraveled Wednesday link up.