Where do you want to go?

I love to travel but my school year schedule makes it a bit tricky. I don’t work in a July but July is the most gorgeous time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Such a dilemma.

I found this website yesterday and it has me thinking about armchair traveling. So many lists of books set in so many countries!

I don’t really need to add to my TBR pile but I am starting with the Iceland list. Where do you want to travel?


Three on Thursday – a reading life

Last year, I read more books than I expected. But at times, I felt like I was rushing through some of those books. Reading Carole’s post this morning has me thinking about the importance of being authentic and tending my reading life.

I want to read to learn. My library has a 10 to Try challenge happening this year. The categories are challenging me to consider some new titles that will engage my brain and my heart.

I want to read really good books. When I was in NYC, I saw posters for Subway Reads. I went home and looked it up and then forgot about it but it seems like a great resource.

I want to read what I already own. I found this blog and I like her unread shelf project. I own so many books that I really do want to read. I would love to make a dent in that stack.

Anyone else need a nap?

The end of the first week back to school after a lovely, long break has arrived. It has been a full week and I want you to know that I am grateful for the good work I have to do. But I am also tired – the kind of tired that is screaming for a nap. My stamina needs some work.

As I move slowly into the day I wanted to share the color work progress on my Sólbein. It is slow going because I am not adept at 3 stranded color work yet. But I am loving the colors and I’m only 4 rows from the body which will mean lots of lovely round and round with one color.

And I picked this book up at the library. In the introduction I read these words;

“Kindness is in short supply these days.” And “kindness is a strength, a superpower that has the capacity to transform lives and change the world.”

This weekend I’m looking forward to a haircut, a nap (or two or three), knitting group, reading, a some time to ponder. I hope your weekend brings you what you need.

My year in books

I suspect I will have one more finished book before we say goodbye to 2018 but this is pretty close.

I thought a goal of 48 books was slightly aggressive but thanks to Mary’s Summer Book Bingo, I was able to crush that goal.

If I had to pick two favorites they would be:

Unconventional Medicine gave me the push I needed to explore some new options for reclaiming my health. I mention this book to anyone who will listen.

This Is How It Always Is showed up as a Kindle deal but I would pay full price for this book. A beautifully written story about a topic that deserves more attention.

I have been shelving books for my 2019 list for a few weeks and I think it will be another good year for reading.

Sometimes Monday

comes with a good quote:

basically what these works of literature or of art are doing is to say, Stop thinking. Stop expecting. Stop living in the past. Stop living in the future. Stop doing anything and just pay attention to this.” Frederick Buechner

I am having a hard time falling into a good book, a novel I should add. Maybe it is just the busy-ness of work. Maybe over Christmas break. But I am reading this book and it is so good.

A finished sweater and three books

I finished my Birkin last night and it is blocking now. I tried it on so many time as I was knitting it and I think this will be a go to sweater. I almost gave up when I read the many comments about the fit being off. I was almost finished with color-work so I kept going and I am very pleased with the results.

Now, reading time. I have three Books and need help deciding which will be up next. One is an audiobook so I could do two at a time but I also have a non-fiction audiobook I wanted to start. Want to help me choose?

This one that is waiting at the library, or this one that has been waiting on my Kindle, or this one that is on the PBS Great American Read list.

Be sure to visit Carole for more three things posts today.

Unraveled Wednesday

There was some successful unraveling around here. I was knitting away on a mystery shawl and was not loving my third color choice. After reading the spoiler threads and seeing some beautiful shawls, I decided I needed to change the dark green to something with just a touch of green. So, with a bit of hesitation, I began to unravel about 10 rows of knitting. The yellow yarn was holding the shape so well that I was able to pick up all the stitches and get going again. What a relief to knit that first row and find that I had all 230 stitches! I am just two rows away from the point when I began u raveling and so much happier with the colors.

Yesterday I finished listening to Fight Back with Joy and I am very close to finishing Every Note Played. Next up? Not sure about fiction but I am going to dive into Mark Hyman’s new book.

We are past the 5 week point for the #100dayproject. Lots of sewing and knitting going on and my notebook has become a constant companion. Hoping to start some garden idea planning on the page this weekend.

Off to visit Kat to see what else is unraveling this week.