Yarn, books, making hats

I love knitting hats.  I almost always have one or two on the needles.  I finally got a copy of Drop Dead Eay Knits from my library. There are two hat patterns that will be on my needles soon (and a baby sweater before too long).  I also printed a basic hat pattern from Churchmouse Yarns. Over the next 2 months, I hope to knit a dozen hats.  These hats will go to an organization that sets up a clothing shop for school children every fall.  On May 20, we will deliver the hats as part of The Day of Service.  Want to participate? All you need to do is knit a hat or scarf for a school aged child – kindergarten to grade 12.  I will collect the hats and get them delivered.  Then maybe my 12 hats will become 24!  Let me know if you want to join in.

A few weeks ago, I read this sweet book.  It was the audio version and I enjoyed it so much that I have put the book on hold at my library.  I would highly recommend it.  I also started the sleeves on my Annabel!  I am trying magic loop.  It might take awhile.

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Hello Wednesday

I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the grass but it is raining now.  Yesterday I had to remind myself too many times that is was Tuesday, it seems to be that kind of week.

I am finishing up The Boys in the Boat.  I started this book almost two years ago but set it aside – not sure why.  I am almost finished and it is a good story.  I am inching my way to the lower edge of my Annabel.  When I get to the end of this ball of yarn, I am going to move to the sleeves.  I want longer sleeves and may need to do a few rows of grey at the wrist and the bottom edge of the body which would be fine.  I just don’t want those cropped sleeves.

I picked up my stitching after reading my Lenten devotion this morning.  I slipped a small piece of paper with a verse from today’s reading behind the fabric and stitched it down.  It is my way of writing God’s word on my heart.

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Books and yarn

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  This year I ordered this beautiful devotion from She Reads Truth.  Over the next 49 days, I will be making my way through the book of Isaiah.  The book is lovely with the daily readings, beautiful artwork, and space for notes and journaling.  You can also find the daily reading on the website or on the She Reads Truth app.

I finished another donation hat last night.  May 20 is a Day of Service in our area.  One group will be collecting hats and scarves for school children so I ordered some yarns in the colors of our local sports team and plan to knit up as many hats as I can over the next two months.  I am about halfway on the body of my Annabel cardigan.  With the bulky yarn, it is a beast to drag around so it has become an at home knit.

I have been trying to whittle down my currently reading list so it might have been a mistake to download this audiobook.   The author had mentioned a few books that I have already read but I am also adding to my TBR list!  

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Yarnalong – revisiting

I don’t often reread books but this author is an exception.  I have read and reread each of his books.  And then I sometimes listen to the audio version.  I first read Being Mortal in 2014 and began recommending it to everyone.  Recently, our family has been faced with helping dad make some next step decisions.  I kept thinking back to this book, finding guidance in Gwande’s research and stories.  Over the weekend, I downloaded the audio book and have been soaking up his wisdom.

My knitting is also a re-do.  I knit this little hat for our tiny person but it was a bit short and I knew it would not last long.  So last night I pulled out the top section and added a few more inches.  The yarn is very soft and the colors actually match his quilt – not planned.  It is a simple knit3 pearl1 pattern and was a quick fix.  I have been working on my Annabel and have made good progress on the body.  Just the kind of back and forth knitting my brain needs right now.

Happy Wednesday.  I am looking forward to our first book group meeting tonight.  We will be reading and discussions Scouting the Divine over the next few weeks.  Another book I have now read twice.  Hmmm?

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Yarn and books: small stuff

My knitting and my reading are moving in a small direction this week.  I have been able to spend some extended time with our tiny person which has been so wonderful.  I am getting to know him, figuring out the different cries, noticing what helps and what does not (very important).  I have to say that I am not anxious about his fleeting moments of distress the way I was when our own daughter was tiny.  I guess that is one of the reasons why everyone says it is so much fun to be a grandparent.

The other night, I knew we had a short time before mom and dad would arrive, not enough time for a bottle or another nap but we needed a distraction.  I pulled out this fun book and we spent ten minutes reading and looking at the pages.  He was so engaged!  I only wish I could have seen his little face.  

On my needles this week are some tiny knits too.  I finished a baby hat last weekend and immediately cast on another one with these small bits of yarn.  Yesterday I purchased the new patterns from Tin Can Knits and cast on a small sleeve.  I don’t often knit with dpns but I am off to a good beginning.  

I have bigger knitting projects and an ever growing pile of books but for this week, I am treasuring the small stuff.  Visit Ginny and Karen for more yarn and book inspiration.

Revisiting – yarn and books

This week went a bit sideways.  First a snow storm that knocked out our power for a day and kept us home for two days.  On the first day, I had a scratchy threat that has now blossomed into a full blown head cold – sigh.  

I was able to catch the afternoon light and get my Anisos shawl cast on again.  You may remember that this is the shawl with 447 stitches but it is a picot edge so you are really knitting double that to get through the cast on.  I finished it up and did the first two rows yesterday.  I have now set it aside to let my head clear up before tackling the first lace chart.  I made a major goof on the first try so I will use more stitch markers and go slowly this time around.  I do not want to do that cast on again.

I am also revisiting this book.  I am going to lead a book study at church using this book as our guide.  I read it a number of years ago and the content is very accessible and should lead to some good discussions.  Most of the participants are also yarn folk so it will be extra fun that first session when we talk about sheep.

Happy Wednesday.  Back to work today and watching the snow melt away.  Be sure to visit Ginny and friends today.

Hello Friday

Instead of sharing some fiber happenings, I have a few thoughts on books and bookstores and the good people in our lives.

I was searching my library site for books of knitting stories recently and came upon this sweet book about a little girl and a woman who knits hats.  I hope we all have someone like this in our lives, that person who teaches us the importance of caring for others.  Perhaps it is you.  After reading this book, I decided that my shawl will need to wait a few more days to be restarted.  I have two hats that are nearly finished and I want to get them off to the goood people at Knitting4peace by the end of the month.

When our family travels, we look for local bookstores.  I was disappointed when we could not find a bookstore in New Orleans last year but I know I will find plenty when I travel to the U.K. this summer.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to travel across the country with bookstores as our destination?  And coffee shops of course.  One bookstore on my list would be Parnassus Books in Nashville.  Ann Patchett is one of the owners and I have heard her speak of the wonderful staff and events at this store.  I read a great post on the Parnassus blog that I would recommend.  We have fewer and fewer local bookstores every year.  In Seattle, we have author events weekly, and most are in partnership with one of our local stores.  Next week I will go to hear Helen Macdonald speak.  Maybe it is all the rain that makes this such a book friendly part of the country.  I am always thankful for the abundance of bookish events I find in the newspaper each week.

The weekend is almost here.  I have this Friday off work and I will treasure every minute of this day.