Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here but there are books. I read about In Praise of Difficult Women in the paper and ordered a copy right away. I am only just starting but I know it will be a good read. I picked up this book and this book at the library this week. I am still Listening to Educated and just downloaded The Paleo Cure.

So yes, there are books in my life right now and since the rain is returning, there will be knitting.


Unraveled Wednesday – inch by inch

No unraveling, just some slow progress on my Birkin sweater. I have never been a monogamous knitter but I do want to see if I can finish this one while there is still time to wear it. I am putting a small marker that I can move each day as I inch toward the hem. And then of course there will need to be sleeves. But one thing at a time.

Not much reading due to that nasty sinus thing. It was so bad that I could not even wear my glasses which makes it hard to read. I did finish listening to It’s Not Dark Yet. I am in awe of people who find the light in every situation. I have a few audio books on hold at the library so I will spend this in between time catching up on podcasts.

I am also excited to read that Grace will be writing about books and reading and readers. Be sure to stop by and see her.

Unraveled Wednesday

The unraveling around here comes in the form of illness. It seems most of the family and too many co-workers have succumbed to the crud. Hopefully I have had my run and will stay well this time around. Somebody needs to play nurse.

I continue on the body of my Birkin. There was a glitch with the formatting on the printed pattern and a number of knitters have given up on this sweater. Mine seems to be okay (only 3 rows missed on the size I am knitting) so I plug away. I’m not very fast and this is fingering on size 6 needles so I will be here awhile. I did finish two more toddle sized hats for the donation box and have used up a bit more stash. Somehow, as much as I have been knitting from stash, the piles do not seem to get smaller. I have had the same experience with quilting fabric.

I started listening to It’s Not Dark Yet and downloaded White Houses to my kindle. Both are holding my attention which is good. I have a few books on hold at the library, just hoping they don’t all arrive at the same time.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat for more fun post and perhaps a bit of unraveling.

Unraveled Wednesday

There was a wee bit of unraveling this week. I was making good progress on my Birkin sweater until I got to the end of a row and had one extra stitch. Argh! I went back and found the mistake just a few stitches from the start of the row. So I frogged back and started again. I was happy that it was just one row and not multiple rows that needed unraveling. I have three rows left in the last chart for the yoke. Then I will try it on and measure for the sleeve divide. I am looking forward to some simple stockinette for the body. Now to resist casting on something new before I finish something. I feel a case of castonitis coming on.

I am just pages away from finishing The Immortalists. I started listening to The Bright Hour. Both of these books have me thinking about the memories and stories we leave behind.

Did you see the moon this week. We have had a few clear nights and it is an amazing sight. Be sure to look up.

Unraveled Wednesday

I saw this hat pattern and just knew I needed it on my needles. I had two skeins of Swan Island yarn that I picked up on clearance so it was an easy choice. I am doing okay with this two color pattern but I am pretty sure that I have a lot to learn about doing color work. I need to check my Craftsy classes. I think I have a color Work class in my queue. I am also open to suggestions for books or videos on color work.

I am on the last section of The Immortalists and still loving this book. I made myself slow down a bit because I didn’t want to miss anything in this wonderful story. I listened to the audio book of Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness.

Be sure to visit Kat for more Unraveled Wednesday post and remember to pay attention to those tiny, tiny moments this week.

an unraveled kind of day

This day started with oversleeping – a very rare occurrence and on a day when I had an early meeting. Then my necklace was so tangled that I couldn’t wear it. There was too much grumpiness at that early meeting and then some no-shows for my tours. Argh!

But there is a silver lining. I have been reading this wonderful book (after hearing the author read last week) and our not-so-tiny person came to spend the evening with us – so much fun.

I did unravel the orange sweater and I have two fun hats on the needles and really, you must read this book.

The story of three sweaters

I finished 3 sweaters in 2017. The first was a green, open front cardigan. I learned so much making this sweater but in the end, the fit is not very flattering. Then there is the orange sweater. Love the pattern, the yarn, the color, the buttons. But I started this sweater in 2015 and now that I have worn it a few times, I see where I made mistakes and it is really bugging me. Finally, there is my most recent finish, a pullover with a color Work hem. I love, love, love this sweater. I learned a lot and I went back and corrected mistakes before moving on. And I love the fit. This one is a keeper. The other two? I’m not so sure. I am thinking I need to unravel them, reknit the orange sweater, and repurpose the green yarn. Have you ever done this? Unraveled a completed sweater?

I am listening to The Alice Network and it is a good story and I just got a notice that this book is ready for me at the library. Maybe listening to an audiobook while I unravel will make it seem like a good idea.

Happy Wednesday. Off to visit Kat for more book and knitting adventures.