Unraveled Wednesday

No projects unraveled this week but I did a bit of stash decluttering. An art teacher asked for supplies for a new maker space so I went to my leftovers bin and filled a bag. I even included some needles that I will never use and some other craft and art supplies. Do you find yourself unable to start a project when you have supplies that you know will never get used but are taking up physical and emotional energy in your crafting space? My closet has become cluttered again and I am looking forward to exploring more of Courtney Carver’s ideas when her new book comes out next month.

My reading this week includes an advanced copy of Anne Bogel’s new book on my Kindle (so much I need to be hearing in this book) and a very interesting audiobook about the conflict in Northern Ireland in the 70’s. Nothing finished but plenty of good options piling up.

Off to join Kat. Happy Wednesday.

3 bookish things

I have had some success with my #unreadshelfproject. I sorted and counted my books. I did purchase one ebook (thanks to this– it was on sale!). And I did put some books on hold at the library. But I have been reading a lot and I finished The Murmer of Bees (highly recommend). And I found all sorts of fun ways to track my reading and help me read a wider variety of books. Here are three:

1. My library has a 10 to Try challenge – 10 interesting categories and a cool tracking system.

2. The Kindle app tells me how many days in a row I have used it for reading. I have been doing a lot more ebook reading these days.

3. And of course the Goodreads challenge. I have started a 2020 shelf to keep track of all the recommendations. And I am going through my Want to Read shelf and deleting titles I no longer actually want to read.

3 bookish things

I love books – love, love, love them. But in the past few years, I seem to love acquiring books more than reading them. So this month, I am jumping on the No Buy bandwagon (inspiration here).

Here are three bookish things (that don’t involve buying) To keep me focused on books this month:

Organizing – I’m not ready for the Marie Kondo sorting – I am overwhelmed by the thought of hauling all my books to one place. But I am using an app to record the books I own. I have scanned the barcode for most of my books and can sort, tag, and categorize. I can also create a handy, printable list. I also have one small notebook that is going to be my reading journal.

Purging – as I am sorting and recording, I am finding book that I know I will not read. Or books I have read but won’t re-read. These are going into a donation box. Hopefully someone else can enjoy these books.

Reading – actually taking a book from my shelf (paper, electronic, or audio) and reading it. Why am I saving them? Books can’t feel very loved if I don’t read them.i have pulled two books to get me started in January. And as of today, I feel like I am on track!

Off to visit Carole with my 3 things today.

More of this

The last Friday of the year. To say goodbye to 2020, I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts on things I want more of in the new year.

Today I want to tell you about my reading plans for 2020. I have followed #theunreadshelfproject on Instagram for most of 2019. Some months I even planned to join in but was not super successful. This past week I have been reading Whitney’s blog posts about the 2020 challenge and working to set myself up for success. I have sorted my books, filled a box with book I know I will never read, and scanned my unread books into the BookBuddy app. I still have a few more books to consider (stay or go?) before I have my unread shelf ready for a reveal but it has made me happy to think of how this might change my reading game in the new year. I paused all of my library holds and didn’t put any books on my Christmas list. Now I need to decide which book to read first.

3 books

My summer reading had been wonky but I currently have three books going that have been on my list for long enough.

Women Rowing North is a book that has me nodding my head in agreement. I want to walk into these aging years with my eyes wide open, ready for adventure and not surprised by the potential roadblocks.

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg. This was one of those Kindle deals and I finally opened it last week and found this quote in the first chapter:

We need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives.”

Yes please! Sign me up for that. His thoughts and observations on caring for our souls are just what I have been longing to hear.

The Warmth of Other Suns is my current audio book. I started this one some time ago but after Nickel Boys and Underground Railroad I decided it was time to finish this up. The narrator is wonderful.

I never got out my book bingo card. This wasn’t the summer for that. But there have been books on my table, on my Kindle, and in my ears all summer long.

Books on Friday

Last week I wrote about not adding to my book shelves. Then I heard Colson Whitehead on Fresh Air. As luck would have it, I had a coupon and was able to pick up a copy to read on the plane. Not an easy story but a very good book and best of all, it broke my reading slump. I have picked up Pachinko, a book I started and then set aside too long ago. I know it has had mixed reviews but I have been promising a book buddy that I would read it long enough. And I believe the author is coming to town this fall.

I also stumbled across another site with many new to me book reviews. I have already marked 3 titles on my library For Later shelf.

We are having a much milder than normal summer so reading on the deck has become a daily thing. Two weeks until I return to work. Plenty of time to make a dent in my TBR pile.

Happy Friday!

when books make me think

Four years ago I listened to A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans. That book made me laugh and it made me think. A few years later I was reading Barbara Brown Taylor, Rob Bell, Bob Goff, Micha Boyer, and Jen Hatmaker. These authors also made me think. Last spring I saw that Rachel Held Evans had a new book coming out and I hit pre-order without hesitation. I devoured that book and quickly started looking for someone who wanted to talk about it. I was surprised and excited when 15 women said they wanted to join the conversation. We had one dinner book group but needed a second. I think we could probably have talked through a third evening. So much to think about.

In mid-April, Rachel Held Evans got sick. And all too soon, she was gone. I know she had so much more to teach us about caring for one another and honoring all of God’s creation.

There are many articles about Rachel. Read about her. Read about her tribe. Read. But don’t get lost in the sadness of loss. Get lost in her words and her encouragement.