Armchair traveling

In the BEFORE time, I had planned to launch my retirement with a trip to Scotland. There would be hiking in Scotland, visits to Aberdeen and Glasgow, and some time in London. But as you can imagine, that won’t be happening. Instead, I will combine some armchair traveling and book events the next few weeks. In August, Edinburgh hosts an amazing festival. There are piping bands, historical activities, the Fringe Arts festival, and a book festival. Fortunately, that book festival will be offered online. I have already signed up for a few of the talks so instead of my passport, I will be filling a notebook with inspiration and new book titles to explore.

Let the weekending begin!

Books and yarn and television viewing

My husband gave me a hammock for our anniversary and it is a lovely place to read. I started The Night Watchman after hearing Louise Erdrich talk with Ann Patchett a few weeks ago. It was my motivation to visit a bookstore for curbside pick up. And while I was there, I had them order The Pull of the Stars which arrived this week. I was devouring The Night Watchman and wanted to slow down a bit and savor it. So this week I have been working on finishing up a few books that were lingering. Anxious to Talk About It has some very good practices and questions that have me thinking about what next steps in my anti racist education. I’m Still Here was so engaging. Hard stuff but honest and well told. Now I need to sit down with my highlights from these two books and make some notes in my book journal.

I’m very happy to be making progress on my color work sweater – Yokey Dokey. I have finished the yoke and separated for the sleeves so lots of round and round knitting now. And do you see who came to play? Yup. Our littlest person is now available for play dates. He is a very sweet baby who is just getting is voice and finding his fingers. We had a lovely time. He even napped a bit so I could knit!

I don’t know who mentioned it but I have been watching Home Fires. What a good show. I’m already on season two which is sad because I don’t think there is a season 3. Any suggestions for similar shows are welcome. And since it Wednesday I will head over to visit Kat and friends.

I did not know that

This little person (much bigger now) loves to ask, You know what? He helps me remember that there is still much to learn.

During this pandemic I am finding out that there are a lot of things I never knew. I think of myself as a curious person but lately I wonder if I give up too easily.

I have been thoroughly enjoying and celebrating the vast electronic resources offered by my library. But I have been surprised by some of the books that are not available as an audiobook download. And then I read this article. I have an audible account and a account. Planning to spend down my credits on audible and start using more often.

Inspired by Mary’s Read Better post, I joined the MMD book club. I tried it for a month when we were first staying home but my work schedule made it hard to keep up. But now that I’m retired (have I mentioned that?) I thought I would give it another try. I also loved this recent podcast and have been thinking a lot about what kind of reader I am or want to be. I know I want more people to have access to books or all sorts and I want to learn more about how I can support our amazing libraries.

I love reading about what you all are reading. And very excited that our local library branch is starting curbside pick up this week! Happy Wednesday.

Books and bingo cards and rabbit trails

On Sunday I mentioned that I wasn’t sure where I had put my Summer Bingo card. I had put it aside because I didn’t think I would be very successful at getting bingos. But I was taking care of a messy paper pile on Monday and uncovered my card. Hmmmmm – I might have a shot at this. After checking my read list against my card, I have five bingos and I am just one book away from two more. I also checked my library and found three more books that will give me a shot at covering this card. And, I have this lovely spot in my garden that is perfect in the cooler mornings and shaded in the warmer afternoons. Stay tuned for another bingo card update.

Now, let me tell you about Ghost Boys. I would highly recommend this YA novel. It is timely, good reading, good connections, and would make a great conversation starter. I found it on a summer reading list from the Mockingbird Newsletter. I found the newsletter on the Mockingbird Patreon feed. And I found the Patreon on IG @Mockingbirdhistorylessons . That is a rabbit trail worth the meandering.

And that coffee cup – I really needed it. It is from The Next Question in case you are interested. Another excellent place to get lost.