Chasing hope

“But pain and tragedy and injustice happen—they happen to us all. I’d like to believe it’s what you choose to do after such an experience that matters the most—that truly changes your life forever.”
― Anthony Ray Hinton, The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row

I read this book last month and over the last few weeks, I keep thinking of this man and the way he held on to hope. I want that hope. So, as I head into the weekend, I will share some bits of fiber and color that are helping color my world right now. I also want to say that I know that it is a privilege to be able to distract my head and heart with fabric and yarn. I also believe that nobody wins if I give up chasing hope.

A finished sweater
House blocks and trees on my quilt design wall
A finished quilt, ready for afternoon reading on the couch

Getting back outside

Thanks to a good dose of rain, our air has begun to clear up. I was able to get outside for two short walks this weekend and have begun to dream of digging in the garden. I have been inspired by blog posts and a new to me gardening show. Many years ago, we dug and dug and claimed a garden space. Then there were a few years when gardening didn’t happen and so the space needs to be reclaimed. My goal is to get things cleaned up so I can return to gardening next spring.

After some contemplation, I ordered this planner/notebook. I saw a post somewhere that said buying a 2021 planner is a sign of hope. This one has monthly calendars and then undated pages. I don’t really need the page per day that most planners provide. I think I have a plan for this notebook but won’t write about it just yet. I am enjoying Katie’s Monday posts and the fun peek into the journaling/planner life of the commenters.

Now that the skies have cleared up, I need to get back to meal planning and blogging and routines. Happy Monday. Hope this week brings outside time for you – perhaps with the need for a sweater and wool socks!

Book talks and wool

I know I keep mentioning the Edinburgh International Book Festival. It runs through August 31 so I will likely mention is a few more times. Yesterday afternoon we had cooler weather so I sat in my hammock and listened to Colum McCann talk about Apeirogon. I knew of the book but after this talk, I know it will go on my TBR list. I also caught a talk with Jenny Offill which added a few more titles to that pile.

Was it last week that I wrote about spinning? Well here is something that is so amazing about writing and reading blogs. Sarah read my post and generously offered some of her spinning supplies to get me started. And Jane gave me some hints about videos to watch. So perhaps one day soon my books and wool post will include some spinning.

I am still plugging away on my Yokey Dokey and have nearly completed another donation hat. It has been too hot for sewing upstairs but that will end soon.

Armchair traveling

In the BEFORE time, I had planned to launch my retirement with a trip to Scotland. There would be hiking in Scotland, visits to Aberdeen and Glasgow, and some time in London. But as you can imagine, that won’t be happening. Instead, I will combine some armchair traveling and book events the next few weeks. In August, Edinburgh hosts an amazing festival. There are piping bands, historical activities, the Fringe Arts festival, and a book festival. Fortunately, that book festival will be offered online. I have already signed up for a few of the talks so instead of my passport, I will be filling a notebook with inspiration and new book titles to explore.

Let the weekending begin!