Hello November

It is never to late to set up some monthly pages, right? I have high hopes for you November!


Hello April

Will you be gentle?  Or at least slow down the roller-coaster we have been riding the last few months?

I am hoping to cast on and get walking with the Healthy Knitter (I don’t have much success keeping up with knit-alongs but I am going to give it a go).

I have plans to eat well.

I am not going to join the very invitng journaling and creativity challenges that launch this month but I am looking forward to Just Five Things.

I am looking forward to some color – a Fitbit replacement, perhaps a new Bible.

Spring break is the next row on the calendar, Easter is coming, and my birthday wraps up the month.  I am hopeful.

Thanks Carole and Kat for the invitation to welcome a new month.

Hello February

I wonder what you have in store for me?  I know there are changes coming, some that will be very good, some that will require more deep breathing and trust.  

For today, my currently list includes:

  • Rediscovering a study book that seems a perfect match for the current state of affairs,
  • At least one knitted project and one quilt will surely be completed and checked off the list,
  • Birthday celebrations for some of my favorite people,
  • Empty boxes waiting to carry away some clutter,
  • A visit from my sister,
  • More time on the yoga mat, 
  • Stamps and note cards and handwritten letters.
  • Travel planning and coffee dates with one daughter,
  • Running time with the other daughter,
  • And perhaps best of all, giggles and snuggles with our tiny person.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for this Think Write Thursday prompt.

Hello December

What might you have planned for me?

Reading:  with Christmas break coming up, I hope to settle into one of those lovely books on my shelf.

Listening: to The Yarn Whisperer

Watching: The Kettering Incident

Knitting: Project Peace and those sleeves, really must get back to those sleeves

Writing: Christmas cards and perhaps some thoughts on a tiny person

Sewing: some secret Christmas stuff and a new basic dress for my handmade wardrobe

Learning: how to use my new work computer

Sipping: coffee and lemon water and a special glass of wine in the evening

Cooking: some great new recipes

Running: yes, more of this please

Anticipating: the joy of our tiny person

linking up with Think Write Thursday