One word

Dwell – to delay, to linger, to abide, to remain, to inhabit, to reside

This one word has been showing up even though I wasn’t paying attention. Now that I have had a chance to take a few deep breaths, I am noticing how this word describes life these last four months.

There is no easy way to tell you that we said goodbye to dad last week. The last year was hard on him. The quarantine and isolation, even harder. I was able to start visiting again and for those few visits I am very grateful. But finally, he was worn out, ready to go, ready to be reunited with mom. He did not linger, did not delay. He closed his eyes and took his last breath. My sister and I were by his side.

I will miss dad. We have spent a lot of time together the last 5 years. But this little boy, the one who shares his great grampa’s middle name, he will help me linger with the memories of this man, a dad, a grampa, a great grampa, a man who lived a very good life.

Today I am joining with Honoré and sharing an update on my journey with my 2020 One Little Word.

Checking in with my word

I have struggled a bit with my word – DWELL. These last few months I have not wanted to dwell too long or too deeply. I have been thinking of dwelling as something to avoid. I’m sure I am not the only one who has been told to stop dwelling on something.

But then I noticed this beautiful image. Every morning, I pause here while the water is boiling. I stand and look out at the hummingbird feeder, the reflection of the twinkle lights in the window glass, the flowers (there are always flower these days – I make this a priority when I do my weekly shopping). I chose this word because I wanted to dwell – to stop; to linger; to remain; to stay. When I chose this word, I had no idea how much time I would have to dwell on the everyday, ordinary moments. But this is what I needed, a time to slow down and pay attention, to dwell in all the gifts and joys.

Thanks Honoré for these monthly nudges to notice how are words are showing up.

January – One Word

I am so happy that Honoré is hosting our monthly one word link up.

My word for 2020 is DWELL.

Shortly after deciding on this word, I saw this on Instagram

Those words really spoke to me. To delay, to linger, to remain, to inhabit, to reside. It felt like a good follow up to how REST had shown up for me in 2019. An opportunity to use what I had learned and extend it.

By nature I am a joiner, a starter. I don’t excel at follow through or finishing. I just join and start a whole bunch of stuff. I have reached a point in life where I want to have less. Less email subscriptions, less deadlines on the calendar, less books and yarn and fabric and clutter. What I want is to have just a few things that call me to linger, enjoy the process, and stay long enough to finish.

This month I have been dwelling in a bible study that is new to me and I have had to resist the pull of some other, easier, more familiar studies.

This month I am remaining (pretty much) with one knitting project and the excitement of seeing a finished object.

This month I am working on lingering on the yoga mat or the trail just a little longer and soaking up the calm of Shavasana or the evening sky.

I look forward to reading your one words posts. Be sure to visit Honoré for the link up.