Friday finish

I have a Friday finish. Grand baby number two will be here soon. The Mama saw the doctor yesterday and she is moving along. Both Mama and Papa have been working from home and taking lots of precautions so they can be together in the delivery room and big brother will come and stay with gramma and grampa. Thank goodness for FaceTime so their little family can be together/apart.

Like Mary I am having a hard time showing up to write these days. I think posts in my head but by the evening, when I usually write, I am worn out. Moving our school online and working from home has been full of new things to learn. This week I spent a lot of time on video calls, trying to encourage and reassure my staff. When you are in front of kids, you get immediate feedback. Teaching online, even with live class times each week, means you need to check in differently. But I am so proud of them and grateful for the way they have stepped into this new way of teaching and loving their students.

It is a strange way to head into retirement. I’m not unhappy that there won’t be one of those gatherings where the retiree sits in a chair at the front of the room and everyone talks about you. And I have also had a lot of time to think about how I want life to look after June 30 and that has been a gift. One friend said, let’s call this practice.

Happy Friday.

Fiber Friday

I have been looking for small projects that will make use of my fabric stash. Yesterday I played around with this pouch pattern. My first try had a wonky zipper, my fault because I didn’t trust the pattern and used a too long zipper. On round two, I followed the directions and was much happier. The words are a small fabric sticker that has been waiting for just the right project. The fabrics and zippers are from my abundant stash.

I ordered some nicer zippers and hope to make these pouches for my quilt retreat friends. I have plenty of stash and interfacing – just need a free afternoon to get them sewn up.

I picked up The River at the library this week and it is such a good read. With just one day of reading I am almost at the halfway point. i need to figure out where I put my summer book bingo card because I know this one will fill a spot.

Happy Friday – hello weekend!

Friday fiber connections

My long weekend is even longer. No school today, thanks to a built in snow day that we didn’t need to use. So four days – perfect.

I have a few things scheduled like a haircut and a couple of visits with dad and a stop at a craft store. But there is also going to be lots of time for sewing and knitting and reading and running shoes.

What I really want to write about today is sewing.

I followed a link that Kat posted. It was a long post but I kept scrolling and found a gem near the bottom – How Sewing is Changing My Life: a monologue.

Yes! Sewing was my first fiber love. I learned to sew when I was six and my first project as a red corduroy jumper with pockets! I loved that jumper. I grew up with a mom and grandmothers who sewed and knit and during a time when we still had sewing machines in the Home Ec classrooms. I made a lot of my clothes through college but then ready to wear became more affordable. Pattern and fabric prices went up and there were fewer fabric stores. I did make my wedding dress and when I had babies, the sewing bug bit me again. For about 7 years I did a lot of paid sewing. I even designed some baby clothes and then a jumper pattern that I made for girls and moms (I even had labels tags for my business). But too many people wanted custom this and that and the sewing became a chore. About that same time, I discovered quilting and that became my sewing passion.

While I haven’t done as much quilting or clothing sewing in the last 10 years (when knitting re-entered my life), I never put my machine away and I still referred to my craft space as my sewing room. This last year I have had so much fun stitching up simple dresses. I have been making quilt blocks and fun bags. And I have come to realize that sewing brings me a joy that I haven’t found in any other fiber craft. Perhaps because it is quicker. Perhaps because it connects me to my mom. Whatever the reason, I am planning to spend some time in my sewing room over the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend!

Fiber Friday

Last week Lori asked me about a quilt pattern that sent me to hunt through my stash. I knew I had made blocks from the Spenser Museum Quilt pattern and that I had set aside the fabric to set those blocks. I think this was during my medallion quilt phase. So I have decided to leave these blocks on my design wall in hopes of inspiration. This would make a great 2019 project.

I had planned to make a few fabric items for Christmas but it did not happen. Those projects have also been moved to a visible location. In fact, today seems like a good day to wind some bobbins and do some sewing.

Happy last Friday of the year. Don’t forget to come back on January 1st to share your 2019 one word thoughts.



all the bagsThe other day I told Honore that I was planning a blog post about some of the bags I have made and since it has not been the best week, it seemed like something fun for my Friday.

The top two are Noodlehead patterns.  I really like these patterns and have found the directions pretty clear cut.  I have my eye on new bag from her site.  There is a free bag pattern (coming soon) that you should definately check out.

The tiny person backpack was my adaptation of the Noodlehead backpack above.  I pretty much just cut down the dimensions and rounded the edges to create a little backpack for our busy person (I think that will be his new nickname).

The polka dot project bag is from Lazy Gal designs and is the Becca bag.  It has a very fun zipper application.  I made four of these a few summer ago and gave all but one away.  Might need to make myself another one.

I have already seen sneak peaks of the upcoming Making Magazine and it looks like there are two bag patterns so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Issue #6.  More bag making fun.  In fact,  some weekend bag making might wash away all the negative stuff from the work week.

Happy almost weekend!

Fiber Friday

Looking back at the last three months, I have had a lot of fiber fun. I have made three uniform tunics, did some repairs on two pair of linen pants giving them a bit more life, made two quilt tops (and finished one), and most fun of all, made two backpacks. My Making backpack still needs some hand sewing for the inside binding but I am planning to finish that this evening. Last weekend, I wondered if I could down size the patter and make a tiny person backpack. In my storage bin labeled Bag Making supplies, I had everything I needed and you can see the result above.

This weekend I am joining Lori and Michelle for a quilt related field trip. Earlier this week I had coffee and knitting with Judy. I have been so blessed with online to real life friendships.

Yup, it was a short but very lovely summer.