What a wonderful weekend we had. Yes, we lost an hour but the sun was out, the skies were blue, and it was warm enough to begin digging in the garden. I was able to turn the soil in my raised beds and get some of the debris cleaned up. It will be awhile before any planting can happen but the planning has begun.

I continue to make progress on my Birkin. But I can’t stop browsing Ravelry and thinking about casting on something new.

There is this,

And this,

And this.

The weekend is gone. My fridge is filled with veggies and I am taking the Simple Green Smoothie challenge this week.

Enjoy your Monday.


Friday’s rabbit hole

I have fallen down a lovely, yarn filled rabbit hole. I finished the color work on my Birkin and I am going to give the yoke a soak and blocking to make sure the fit is right before starting the body. And while I wait, I did a bit of swatching and I have enough yarn for a Stopover which means I can join in the Berroco KAL. This will be my first bottom up sweater and I am a bit nervous but the yarn is in my stash and the pattern is in my library so what do I have to lose?

Watch out for rabbit holes today.

Fiber Friday

Earlier this week I made a note to purge more fabric and quilt projects during spring break.

The next day, my friend, Lori, sent an email asking if I wanted to do a quilt along with her. She was going to make this quilt . I had mentioned that I had some of those plaids in my stash. When I pulled out the box marked plaids, I found a paltry selection and remembered that I had used up most of my plaids to make donation quilts. But what about my civil war fabrics? That box is not overflowing but there is enough to make a lap quilt. I was inspired. I turned on Amazon Prime, dusted off my rotary cutter, and jumped in. I decided to make 8″ blocks instead of 12″. At the end of two episodes of Tin Star, I had two star and two 16 patch blocks. I think tomorrow I can get at least 12 more sets done. Thanks Lori for giving me the nudge. So happy you emailed BEFORE I purged my fabrics!

And btw- I did get my sleeves started and narrowed down the hat pattern choices.

Hope there is some fiber in your Friday.

Friday Fiber

One of our local fabric shops is closing the brick and mortar shop and moving to online only. I stopped by and found some lovely pieces. I am thinking about a big boy quilt for our tiny person and perhaps a pair of fun pants.

And then there is this lovely yellow yarn that I bought at Vogue Knitting Live. I just love this color and plan to use it for this shawl.

Best of all, school is closed today so I have some time to relax and enjoy these fibers.

Happy Friday.

Fiber Friday

This afternoon I am going to Vogue Knitting Live with my daughters.  We attended the marketplace the last time VKL was in our area and we were looking for something fun to do – just the three of us – before my younger daughter’s wedding this weekend.  We are just going to the Marketplace and then out to dinner but I know it will be so fun.  I think we all know so much more about knitting and all things wool than we did a few years ago.

I am casting on for a tiny person vest.  I am hoping it might go quickly enough to be a first birthday gift (just a short month away!).

Hope your Friday is fiber-filled!

Fiber Friday

I am making good progress on one of my shawls. Passed the 80% point last night. That means I might be able to cast on that sweater soon.

I am reading Clara Parks’ new book and enjoying the stories. Last night I saw this quote from Meg Swansen,s essay and was reminded of a knitting notebook that is floating around here somewhere. Maybe this weekend I can find time to write out the notes and thoughts about my recent knitting binge.

Happy Friday. I hope there will be some finer in your weekend.

Fiber Friday

It was a long week and I’m not exactly sure why but I know that it felt long to a lot of people.  But we did see a bit more sunshine this week and even had a few days that didn’t require me to put up my hood every time I stepped out of my office.  That was lovely.

And there was fiber in my week.  I started the sleeves on my Annabel cardigan.  I am almost to the elbow on sleeve #1.  I started with magic loop but after two inches my arms were getting tired so I am knitting the rest of the sleeve flat and will seam it up.  I will follow that same method on the second sleeve to have consistency.  The garter stitch is quite forgiving and bouncy.

I made two pair of pants for our tiny person.  That was very fun and super simple.  His lovely mom put them on him yesterday so I got to see them when I picked him up for a few hours.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with some quilters.  I met these ladies when I joined the Sue Spargo block of the month  last year but have not made it to many of their gatherings.  I am taking some of the red strips I cut last weekend to sew some blocks for the 70273 project.

Hope your week was good.  Happy spring and enjoy your weekend.