Friday Fiber

One of our local fabric shops is closing the brick and mortar shop and moving to online only. I stopped by and found some lovely pieces. I am thinking about a big boy quilt for our tiny person and perhaps a pair of fun pants.

And then there is this lovely yellow yarn that I bought at Vogue Knitting Live. I just love this color and plan to use it for this shawl.

Best of all, school is closed today so I have some time to relax and enjoy these fibers.

Happy Friday.


Fiber Friday

This afternoon I am going to Vogue Knitting Live with my daughters.  We attended the marketplace the last time VKL was in our area and we were looking for something fun to do – just the three of us – before my younger daughter’s wedding this weekend.  We are just going to the Marketplace and then out to dinner but I know it will be so fun.  I think we all know so much more about knitting and all things wool than we did a few years ago.

I am casting on for a tiny person vest.  I am hoping it might go quickly enough to be a first birthday gift (just a short month away!).

Hope your Friday is fiber-filled!

Fiber Friday

I am making good progress on one of my shawls. Passed the 80% point last night. That means I might be able to cast on that sweater soon.

I am reading Clara Parks’ new book and enjoying the stories. Last night I saw this quote from Meg Swansen,s essay and was reminded of a knitting notebook that is floating around here somewhere. Maybe this weekend I can find time to write out the notes and thoughts about my recent knitting binge.

Happy Friday. I hope there will be some finer in your weekend.

Fiber Friday

It was a long week and I’m not exactly sure why but I know that it felt long to a lot of people.  But we did see a bit more sunshine this week and even had a few days that didn’t require me to put up my hood every time I stepped out of my office.  That was lovely.

And there was fiber in my week.  I started the sleeves on my Annabel cardigan.  I am almost to the elbow on sleeve #1.  I started with magic loop but after two inches my arms were getting tired so I am knitting the rest of the sleeve flat and will seam it up.  I will follow that same method on the second sleeve to have consistency.  The garter stitch is quite forgiving and bouncy.

I made two pair of pants for our tiny person.  That was very fun and super simple.  His lovely mom put them on him yesterday so I got to see them when I picked him up for a few hours.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with some quilters.  I met these ladies when I joined the Sue Spargo block of the month  last year but have not made it to many of their gatherings.  I am taking some of the red strips I cut last weekend to sew some blocks for the 70273 project.

Hope your week was good.  Happy spring and enjoy your weekend.

Fiber Friday

The end of February swept right past me this week.  There was the snow and dad’s move and some extra busy stuff at work.  But it is Friday and I did get something finished last month.

This is my Windmills quilt.  I started in a class with Sujata at the quilt week in Sisters last summer.  I think I had the backing and binding ready by the end of summer but it was just last month that I got around to quilting and finishing this lovely quilt.  It was really fun to make and the colors are just what I need right now.

I also finished a shawl that was on my #17ufosin2017 list, two hats for our tiny person in February, and one more donation hat.  I think it was a pretty good month.

Fiber Friday – stitch stories

I picked this book up at the library a few weeks ago and briefly paged through it.  This morning, I settled in on the couch (up far too early again) and gave it a read.  I do love the idea of using fabric and thread to record memories and made a list of ideas to try before I return the book.  

I did a search to find out more about the author and found some good articles about stitch artists.  And I spent a bit of time catching up with this beautiful blog.  But now it is time to move into this day and hope for some stitching time this weekend.

P.S.  it is a few weeks away but you might want to visit Michelle and read about her upcoming workshop.  Another way to stitch up some memories and stories with paper and pen.

Fiber Friday – the sweater

I have had this sweater for more than 15 years.  At some point, it got a bit felted and I contemplated putting in in the donation bag.  But it always survived the cut and ended up back in my closet.  By now, it is very pilled and there are always little pieces of yarn or thread stuck to the sleeves that are hard to pick off.  I don’t wear it out but it is my favorite indoors, comfy-cozy sweater.  When I came back to knitting, I thought I would try to make another sweater just like this.  After a few attempts with different yarns and patterns, I set that idea aside.  But I do want a new go-to sweater.  Not a stay at home sweater, a wearing-out-of-the-house sweater.  One that will look good with jeans or a dress.  I have the Annabel cardigan on my needles.  I love the big, squishy feel of the bulky yarn and garter stitch.  It is not going quickly, not a “bang out a sweater” project.  It is possible it won’t be finished in time for the cold winter or early spring season.  Too much going on that takes me away from my knitting spot.  So, for now, I throw on this well worn sweater and enjoy the coziness of the felted wool.

Happy Friday!