Fiber and food

In my sorting and decluttering, I have found some treasures. This quilt is one of those treasures and I know just the place for it to hang. I made this quilt using inspiration from Tonya Riccuci’s blog (no longer updated so I won’t link). It was so fun to make those wonky letters and teacups.

I have never been to Rhinebeck although I used to imagine it was a possibility since my sister in now living in New York. But Sarah mentioned how much she will miss the festival and apple cider donuts. That was at least the third time I had read about Apple cider donuts so I hunted down a gluten free recipe and made a batch today. They are seriously good! And because I needed Aquafaba, the liquid from a can of chickpeas, I used those chickpeas to make this wonderful hummus recipe while the donuts were baking. Now I have something to go with my coffee and hummus for Friday night snacks.

Now, the afternoon is open so I will grab a cuppa (coffee not tea today) and a donut and some knitting and sink into a comfortable chair for a bit. Happy Friday!

Chasing hope

“But pain and tragedy and injustice happen—they happen to us all. I’d like to believe it’s what you choose to do after such an experience that matters the most—that truly changes your life forever.”
― Anthony Ray Hinton, The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row

I read this book last month and over the last few weeks, I keep thinking of this man and the way he held on to hope. I want that hope. So, as I head into the weekend, I will share some bits of fiber and color that are helping color my world right now. I also want to say that I know that it is a privilege to be able to distract my head and heart with fabric and yarn. I also believe that nobody wins if I give up chasing hope.

A finished sweater
House blocks and trees on my quilt design wall
A finished quilt, ready for afternoon reading on the couch

Fiber Friday

Sewing is my first fiber love. I learned to sew when I was six and return to it time after time. For me, sewing is a great stress buster. This is the first time I have tried this type of a post. Please be gentle with me.

I am working on eating a more plant based diet. That means I wanted to cut down on spoilage so I don’t need to go to the store more than once a week. I searched articles about how to store veggies and learned a lot! A few mentioned using muslin or mesh bags. I know we can’t take our own bags to the store but I am transferring them to my cloth bags as soon as I come home. I thought I would share my process for the produce bags I made. My bags are patterned after something I saw online. I know there are Etsy stores selling fabric food storage bags too. I have been using them for a few weeks and I am happy to get my greens out of the plastic for storage. I am going to make a few more for cucumbers and radishes. These are very basic instructions. If you have questions, I am happy to give more details.

I cut the fabric 12” x 16” – I made my own bias tape because I was out of packaged tape. The fabric I used is a muslin with a waffle texture. I think you could do this with regular muslin, maybe doubled to give is more shape. I bought this at Joann’s last summer – around $5 a yard. The selvage edge is finished enough that I didn’t add binding to that edge.
Sew bias tape along one 12” edge. Fold the fabric up 5” and pin the two longer edges.

Sew bias tape on the two longer edges (where the fabric is pinned). Turn the upper and lower edge of bias under so you have a smooth edge.
And you are done! I am using this size for my salad greens. I wash the greens and put them into the fridge still a bit damp. They are staying really fresh and crisp and I don’t have my greens wrapped in plastic.

Friday finish

I have a Friday finish. Grand baby number two will be here soon. The Mama saw the doctor yesterday and she is moving along. Both Mama and Papa have been working from home and taking lots of precautions so they can be together in the delivery room and big brother will come and stay with gramma and grampa. Thank goodness for FaceTime so their little family can be together/apart.

Like Mary I am having a hard time showing up to write these days. I think posts in my head but by the evening, when I usually write, I am worn out. Moving our school online and working from home has been full of new things to learn. This week I spent a lot of time on video calls, trying to encourage and reassure my staff. When you are in front of kids, you get immediate feedback. Teaching online, even with live class times each week, means you need to check in differently. But I am so proud of them and grateful for the way they have stepped into this new way of teaching and loving their students.

It is a strange way to head into retirement. I’m not unhappy that there won’t be one of those gatherings where the retiree sits in a chair at the front of the room and everyone talks about you. And I have also had a lot of time to think about how I want life to look after June 30 and that has been a gift. One friend said, let’s call this practice.

Happy Friday.