Thinking about my Birkin sweater that has been ignored all week and planning to pull it out for Friday night tv viewing.

Grateful for the weekend coming up without much on the calendar.

Inspired by the beautiful post Edinburgh Yarn Festival pictures still popping up on my Instagram feed and all the lovely yarn and meet ups that happened.

Fun for tomorrow – I got a free Pilates class at a new studio so I will head over there and try it out.

And because it was a weird week, I will close with an extra gratitude for all the time I get to spend with our tiny person. He is loving being outside and loading up his dump truck with rocks.


Friday Dreams

I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) this week. The Edinburgh Yarn Festival is happening and my instagram feed is blowing up with wonderful photos of yarny adventures. This is definitely on my bucket list.

The weather has been amazing and I have been watching spending more time outside and watching the mailbox. At some point over the last month, I fell down another rabbit hole and found myself adding an embroidery sampler to my bucket list (and my shopping cart). I hope to choose my threads and start stitching this weekend.

Then there are these beautiful folios – which I will not be ordering since I already have too many notebooks and these shoes which I might be ordering so I can get back to the trail.

What are you dreaming about today?

Hello Friday

We had some beautiful sunshine yesterday- it is amazing how that lifts the spirits. And the chickens have decided I need a bit more vitamin C in my Friday. The rain is back so this liquid sunshine will be a welcome addition to my lunch.

Inspired by Kat, I have a few Friday links to share:

We went to a Wailin’ Jenny’s concert this week. These women are so good. I especially love their version of One Voice.

I am making plans to visit Tolt Yarn and Wool a few times this month. This weekend there is a trunk show for the new Plain and Simple book and Icelandic Wool month started yesterday.

This sweater pattern has released. I’m not really in the market for a new sweater but it sure is lovely.

And this book was recommended by two trusted reading friends so I had to pick it up – FOMO is in full swing.

Happy Friday!

Hello Friday

The days are getting longer, slowly but surely. And I am beginning to imagine . . .

Running – I have not been running. I have been doing Pilates, walking, and getting in my steps but the dark, short days are a big barrier. I have good gear for wet weather but running in the dark is not for me.

Stitching – I cut out a top last weekend and hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.

Gardening – I even started a Pinterest garden board. The last few summers have not included enough time for my garden but I plan to change that this year.

Decluttering – Again, the dark afternoons take the energy out of doing any puttering and decluttering after work but now that we have some daylight until almost 5pm, I am planning some serious decluttering and looking forward to some clean, open spaces, especially in my sewing/yarn room.

Happy Friday – enjoy!

oh hello Friday

Up much too early today, my head swirling with the details of the day ahead. Classroom parties, parent group celebration, tidying up my desk so I can leave work at work for the next two weeks. Spent some time listening to Magpie Murders, knitting a few rounds, and writing in this beautiful Tumeric notebook. Time to make a cuppa and get myself ready for the day. Fortunately the Friday night wine and cheese have been acquired so the evening ahead will be a lovely way to begin Christmas break.

Happy Friday!

p.s.  if you have some time, please visit this fun blog.  Erin is a friend of my daughter and she’s is a very creative spirit.  She also has the most lovely smile.

My Friday

About a month ago I told my husband that I was planning to make the day after Thanksgiving a Me-day. In the last month we have had a baptism, a wedding, a birthday, and Thanksgiving. On top of that there have been many trips across the bridge to be with Dad and enough extra stuff at work to leave me feeling a bit worn. What will I do on my Me-day? A bit of fiber diving, sorting, and purging. Knitting, of course. I am two inches into the body of my sweater. Some hand stitching on a piece i started earlier this year. A run on the trail. Some reading and journaling. Soup for lunch, a cuppa tea, and a nap. Later we will head out to get cheese and salmon for our Friday night dinner/snacks and then back to the couch for more knitting. My day is not even halfway done but I am feeling oh so much better.

Happy Friday.


Thinking about my youngest daughter on her birthday and the joy she has brought into my life.

Grateful for grandparenting – is that a word? It has been fun in ways I never imagined.

Inspired by the mother of our tiny person – she is doing such a great job – a mama extraordinaire.

Fun – this cup! I didn’t buy it but I run across the photo from time to time and it makes me smile.

Thanks to Kym for this fun prompt.