hello Friday

Yesterday my husband asked what day it was. We are in trouble when he loses track. But it is indeed Friday and a four day weekend. Unfortunately part of this long weekend will be spent online, filing out forms. Yup. I am one of the ever growing number of people who are part of unemployment fraud. It is scary how much money has been paid out to fraudulent claims. I had no idea until one of my daughters told me she found out someone had filed for employment using her social security number. So, this is a public service announcement. Check your social security number. In our stare you do that through the Unemployed offices.

Then, when I have finished filing forms, I will move to a deck chair with a beverage and some yarn, or maybe a book. I will take in a deep breathe and remind myself that this too shall pass. Right?

Hello Friday

I recently proposed coming up with a few more names for the days of the week because I am pretty sure the last few weeks have had more than seven days. But here we are, another Friday has arrived and it is time for a game of TGIF.

Thinking about ways I can stay connected with people when we are practicing keeping our distance. I have a whole box of notecards and stamps and think it is a good time for some random letter writing.

Grateful for my teachers and colleagues at work. It was wonderful to have a day of learning new technologies, practicing, laughing together, and problem solving. I will miss these wonderful people when I retire in June.

Interested in learning more the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides archipelago in Scotland. I recently listened to Blackhouse and have begun Lewis Man. All three books in this series take place on the Isle of Lewis.

Funday – okay, Wednesday is my Funday because I get to spend the evening with my favorite three year old and he is so much fun! This week he drew a smiling face with a question mark over the top.

E: Gramma, do you know what that means?

Me: does is mean you have a question?

E: it means I have an idea!

Just love how he thinks! And he definitely is an idea guy.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. Our first day was a Friday the 13th, 41 years ago. I believe there will be some special wine and cheese for us tonight. And we have snow in the forecast! Nothing can surprise me these days.

Isn’t it LOVEly?

A Friday and an extra day off – just what I needed! When I went to get the coffee this morning, I found a vase filled with sunflowers, a special bottle of wine, and a salted, dark chocolate bar for our evening celebration. And if I stop at Trader Joe’s before my haircut, I will have most of the day without any obligations.

I mentioned storytelling and it is still on my mind. I have been going through supplies and found the perfect album to capture some gramma stories. I even found that I had already printed almost two dozen photos. I started playing with them yesterday and think this would be the perfect way to spend part of my afternoon. I’m not quite up to Honoré’s LOAD but I do plan to keep these supplies in a place where I can easily work on the pages.

And I am on the hem of my Sólbein cardigan. Then it will need a bath and blocking before I do the steek. I am nervous about the idea of cutting my knitting but it seems a long weekend is the perfect time.

Happy Friday – enjoy.