Hello Friday

Taking a short break while our Friday visitor watches Curious George with grampa.

So far we have read books, played with the trains, painted, did some cleaning up in the sink, and made pumpkin muffins. And we still have 5 hours to fill! What a wonderful way to say goodbye to spring break.


Hello February

January was a tough month for many of my family and friends. It seemed to fly by but also felt too long. I am happy to welcome a new month with slightly less fatigue and knee pain and a renewed enthusiasm for all things creative.

I tried to talk myself out of it, but I am such a fan of Kate Davies, her designs and her writing, that I could not resist signing up for Knitting Season. I didn’t buy the yarn or the journal, plenty of notebooks and stash around here. I am using a large Field Notes notebook for the weekly creative prompts. And this morning, I am starting the Weel Riggit hat.

As I cast on my new hat, I indulged in this talk, which is very inspirational, and This book, filled with wonderful essays.

And best of all on this first day of February, a soak in warm water, some serious squeezing to get out the excess moisture, and scrunching up instead of blocking, has brought my Vintersol back to a reasonable size. Thanks for all the good ideas and encouraging vibes. We have a spell of colder weather in the forecast so I am looking forward to wearing my sweater this weekend.

Friday musings

This morning my inbox is full of tempting offers – new books, fabric and yarn clubs, patterns. So many lovely things. The urge to tap the Add to Cart button is strong. But then I remember – discernment, gratitude, balance, #cultivateahabitofgratitude.

Instead of adding in am unsubscribing. So, at least for today, the temptations are gone.

Please tell me I am not alone in this struggle.

Goodbye November

I keep reading posts that mention how quickly this month has passed. It actually may have been a few days too long for me. I’m not going to lie – this week after Thanksgiving has been a rough one. And to cap it off, I managed to catch the crud so I will say goodbye to this month from the cozy, comfort of my bed, sipping tea and broth and hoping a day of rest will be the winning ticket.

I finished The Gratitude Diaries (audio) and have built a nice list of books on the topic of gratitude for 2019 (which I will share soon). I finished a shawl and might be able to finish the trim on a vest today. And best of all, I have one sleeve of my Vintersol ready for the cuff color-work. I am avoiding joining any challenges or “alongs” but trying to see what I can finish up before we say goodbye to 2018. I have my eye on some lovely hat patterns for 2019.

Happy Friday. See you next month!

p.s. I have not been able to conquer the problem with commenting on Blogger blogs but suspect it might be my outdated iPad. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one?

Hello Friday

Why do “short” work weeks always feel longer? It puzzles me every time it happens. I spent most of Tuesday thinking it was Monday and then most of Thursday thinking it was Friday. It is a conundrum.

I have spent a bit too much time this week exploring some notebook/planner rabbit holes. I am thinking ahead to 2019. This lovely orange folio will be my prime notebook next year. I have been trying out different layouts and ideas for calendars and journaling in an undated insert. I love the color and the size ie great for a carry along (this is an A6). I have been reading about tracking (this makes my heart sing) and bullet journaling (which I have decided is not for me).

But Friday is here and because I hosted our book group for dinner last weekend, my house is pretty much ready for the birthday we will celebrate tomorrow and Thanksgiving dinner next week. So, the weekend is looking pretty good.

Queuing up

Next week will find me back at work so of course I am taking inventory and checking my making queue (thanks Mary and Honore for this lovely word). I have crossed off 5 of the 9 on my Make Nine list. I’m pretty sure there are two squares that need to be switched out on that list. I finished the new quilt for our growing tiny person (and hear he is loving it). And I am trying to use up some bits and pieces of yarn to make more hats for the kids program run by a local group.

Here are a few new things that have jumped into my queue:

  1. Making Magazine backpack – I am about halfway there on this one
  2. Navy linen pants and a cream top from this book – fabric is ready to go
  1. Another Uniform tunic – I have two fabrics that could work
  2. Some free form house blocks (inspired by this) – I have made some sketches
  1. Machine quilt the triangle quilt made at retreat – need some backing fabric
  2. Start this embroidery project – all supplies on hand

I have signed up for a class to make a sweater and have a sleeve to finish on a cardigan. And I am dreaming of a black and white sweater (I have the yarn) but I think I will get through the next two months and see how that will fit.

For now, it’s Friday and it’s raining so seems like a good time to get back to my queue.

Hello Friday

Thirty six years ago I was making my wedding dress on the Brother sewing machine that mom bought for me when I graduated from college. No bells or whistles- just a work horse machine. I made a lot of clothing on that machine (for myself and later for the girls). I stitched up curtains, bumper pads and baby quilts, pillows and even some slip covers.

Then I got serious about quilting and needed an upgrade. The popular machine with quilters (started with a capital B) was out of my price range. But Pfaff had just come out with a very nice machine and the price was right. I had learned to sew on a Pfaff. It felt right. More clothing, home decor, and lots of quilts were stitched up in that machine.

After 25 years, it was ready to retire. When I went to the sewing machine store I was planning to get another Pfaff. But the I saw the Brother machines and I was sold. This one has an extra wide throat plate – great for machine quilting, needle down function, an extra plate to extend the sewing space, and more bells and whistles that I probably won’t use. So far I have figured out how to wind the bobbin and get it threaded. Hopefully I will be stitching up a storm very soon.