gratitude week – Monday

“A joyful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22

Where does gratitude rest? This is a question from Michelle this morning and it has me thinking about how I feel when I am living in gratitude. There is a lightness, a shift that allows a smile to come more easily, a stronger posture from paying attention, choosing to notice the things that bring joy and gratitude to my heart.  This we know I am paying attention to the healing work of gratitude.

This morning I am grateful for:

Recalling the beautiful colors of fall and an unexpected dry afternoon for a walk;

The opportunity to watch the joy on my dad’s face when I took our #tinyperson for a visit with great grandpa;

That first sip of coffee and the quiet ticking of the kitchen clock as I read and write.

Three on Thursday

Three Thursday morning gratitudes:

  • A long weekend ahead
  • New tires on my car
  • Extended tiny person time

Keeping it simple today. Thanks to Carole and Kat for a Thursday list making prompt.


There was snow and rain, flip flops and tennis shoes, wonderful music, a few tears and a lots of smiles, cupcakes, donuts, and plenty of sprinkles. And now our family is a bit larger and overflowing with love, laughter, and reasons to celebrate.

P.S. the bride and groom were much happier looking than their LEGO counterparts!

Fiber friday

I am slowly making my way with this sweater.  I knit a few rounds and then take a break to make sure I don’t end up with sore hands and wrists.  I did finish a little hat for the baby shower this week.  And I started another donation hat because I needed something more portable than my sweater.  

And now, a lovely three day weekend has arrived and there will be time for yarn fiber and book fiber and maybe even a bit of sewing time.  

During my knit breaks I might be spending too much time on the internet. Here are some lovely places to visit:

  • Kat has finish d her Sigla
  • I want to knit this fun hat
  • I have met some lovely people while participating in Gratitude Week and I am looking forward to more listmaking starting next week
  • I am seriously considering this plan – I really need to get my health back on track

Happy Friday.  We have some sun breaks in the forecast today so after a bit of knitting in bed, I will be heading out to get some Vitamin D.  Hope there is some fiber in your weekend.

Think write Thursday

I have heard that people choose to become teachers because they had a very good or a very bad experience.  Those bad experience memories are, unfortunately, easy to recall and I have a few that come to mind.  But I also had Mrs. Carter.  Mrs. Carter was my first grade teacher and I loved her.  That was the year I began to play teacher at home.  I would line up my dolls and bears and have school.  I spent hours making books and report cards, carefully drawing the lines and checkboxes.

There was a short period during high school when I thought I might want to be a nurse but when the time finally came to choose, teaching won out.  After 38 years in education, I cannot image having made another choice.  I am in administration now but I spend time every day in classrooms.  Now I also get to work with teachers and parents.  It is a different way of teaching bit I still think of myself as a teacher.

Today I am grateful for:

  • A note from a former parent thanking us for proving a good start for her daughter
  • A gathering of teacher friends to celebrate the tiny person that is soon to enter our lives
  • A new pair of shoes
  • Leftover pumpkin chili
  • A three day weekend just ahead
  • Carole and Kat and Think Write Thursday

Currently: a list

Nothing like a good list to launch a new month

Reading The Nest

Listening to The Long Way Home

Knitting Sigla (after unknitting to resize) and some hats and needing to finish the border on my shawl

Eating Carrot Ginger soup

Sipping Anti-inflammatory hot chocolate

Taking the #30daysofbiblelettering challenge

Looking forward to hearing these ladies talk

Happy Wednesday! Be sure to visit Ginny for more books and yarn.

Because we have rain

It is easy to forget that much of what is beautiful about this part of the country come because we have rain.  Today I am grateful for:

Mushrooms growing on tree trunks,

Green, green, green – so many shades of green,

Salmon jumping and swimming along the river where I run,

Puddles for children to splash in and rain boots that keep their feet (relatively) dry,

The sky as the rains sputter to a stop and the sun breaks through the clouds.