On being busy

Someone, maybe Anne Lamott or Brene Brown, has written about busy-ness becoming a badge of honor. And I am noticing how often the response to “How are you?” is “So busy,”

I have been wondering if this being so busy thing might actually be cultivating rudeness. Yesterday a young store clerk was giving me the “if you get our store credit card” speech, (which I am sure they are required to give). I looked at her and smiled while she gave all the glorious details and then said, no thank you. She said “Thanks for letting me finish. Most people stop me and won’t look at me when I am ringing their purchase.”

Being too busy makes me distracted. What am I missing? Because some of those things I pass without looking might have been the brightest of moments in my too bust day. A wise co-worker told me that I need to get away from my desk and eat lunch with people. And she was right. Those lunch conversations are the place where we build relationships.

Most of us pack our days to the hilt. I know when I am feeling that crunch, I am mostly responsible for feeling stretched. I try to see where I could have said no or even more realistically, where I am making a task more important than it needs to be. Funny how the world keeps moving even when my TO DO list isn’t completed.

Next week, Courtney Carver is hosting a Busy Boycott. My first thought was, I don’t need one more thing on my list. But I am currently reading Courtney’s book and I think she might have something I need to hear. Let me know if you are joining in.

Three Things

Last week we had a food box from Hello Fresh arrive on the porch. Our daughter had told me about trying this meal delivery option and she had a coupon code for a free box. Can’t beat the price. So I hopped online and placed an order for three meals. Here are three things (thanks Carole)triggered by my Hello Fresh experience:

  1. I love to cook – I seemed to have forgotten that lately but preparing these three meals helped me remember how much I used to like making dinner.
  2. Herbs are an important part of a delicious meal. One meal has a dill sauce and used fresh dill – it was very good! I have herbs in my garden, I just need to relearn how to use them to jazz up my cooking.
  3. Leftovers are an important part of cooking for us. I rely on leftovers for lunches and this plan only included enough for two people/one meal.

I won’t be ordering another box but I will be pulling out my cookbooks and getting back into a food prep/cooking routine.

Hello 2018

Bonny began her first post of the new year with a reminder to begin as you mean to go so here is my beginning. This morning I made a batch of green ginger juice to get my mornings started this week. Then I made a big bowl of a lighter version of this yummy salad. I made my own dressing and used yogurt. I also used a bit less cheese and dressing. It made three servings so I used one to make a green nest for my poached egg this morning. Then I added chopped apples and roasted chicken to the other two servings so I have my lunches made for the first two days back to work. It is not going to be easy to head back to school but at least I will have my lunches made.

I had time to get the first round of color work done on my new sweater project last night. I need to cast on another hat because I anticipate some waiting time this week and I will want some simple knitting to carry around.

Enjoy this first today of the new year.

Three Things – healthy choices

1. I cut way back on my coffee consumption this fall, down to just on small cup a day. This tea with steamed almond milk has been my go to and since it is caffeine free, I can drink it all day.

2. My Fitbit froze in the middle of an update this week and I feel a bit lost without it. I put a new one on my wishlist. I am considering this a challenge. And now I have more Pilates options thanks to this (which btw closes tomorrow).

3. This new to me recipe and blog is a keeper. I think many of her recipes will make it into my meal planning in the next month.

Visit Carole for more Three Things posts.

Unraveled Wednesday

I have finally begun the color work on my sweater. For weeks I have questioned the choice of blue and contemplated picking up a yellow for the color work but when I was ready to start, I only had the blue so that was it. Now that I see the Blue next to the dark grey, I am very happy. I am 5 rows in, 24 to go. It seems like an easy chart (offset circles) so I am hoping that there will be no unraveling.

I am closing in on the end of The Magpie Murders., listening to the audio book and loving the narrator. It is a good traveling companion.

Just a few days away from Christmas break and I am trying not to create an unrealistic amount of things to keep my busy during the two weeks away from school. January is re-enrollment and open house season, very busy, so I need to take the rest time. I signed up for The Balanced Life Pilates program and I think this will be a good winter solution for me. And then there is my one little word to play with.

Happy Wednesday and be sure to visit Kat’s link-up.

Tuesday on the mat

I am trying to make some new habits. I know it takes weeks to make a habit so, as hard as the holiday season can be on routines, I decided to start on Monday. I was watching a journal flip through and spotted a note about making an appointment with yourself. This is not news for me. We make time for the things we value and part of making time is putting it on the calendar. So, I have put Mat Time on my calendar. Nothing fancy. A yin yoga or stretching video (so much good stuff on You Tube). Baby steps. Habit making.

Sometimes Mondays

are for making soup even when the forecast says the temperatures will climb into the 90’s today. But I can’t stop thinking about soup so I turned on the fan and set to cooking. I made two soups today. First up, sweet potato with apple and ginger. The second soup was a new one for me – butternut squash with sage fresh from my garden. The kitchen won’t be used today since we are hosting a BBQ this afternoon and now I have enough soup for the week!