Mondays in the kitchen – veggie time


I was listening to a podcast this weekend and heard the host say that the average American eats 1.5 servings of veggies a day! I am not sure there is agreement on the number but when I participated in a health challenge a few years ago, we were aiming for 7-9 fruits and veggies a day with the emphasis on veggies.  Lately I have been starting the day with a plate of steamed veggies topped with a poached egg, taking a green drink for my mid-morning snack, and making sure that a good portion of my dinner plate is filled with veggies.  I have learned how to eat “riced” cauliflower instead of rice and use my spiralizer to substitute squash for pasta.  It takes a bit of thinking but I am trying to make it a habit, veggies at  very meal.

How many veggies are you eating?

Mondays in the kitchen – yogurt or yoghurt?

I have seen this yoghurt but never tried it.  Then I heard about the blackberry with Serrano peppers and I knew I knew I needed to try it.  It took me a few weeks but it was with the wait.  I mixed it with my favorite plain yogurt – such a treat!

I won’t be spending time in my own kitchen today.  I will be with dad, helping him get set up in his new apartment.  I am looking forward to getting back to some regular meal planning and cooking once dad is settled.  

Happy Monday.  Hope there is good food in your day.

Mondays in the kitchen – holidays

Monday holidays are a great time to regroup in my kitchen.  Today I am planning a morning filled with meal prep and batch cooking.  For breakfasts I will be making these yummy sausages.  And this would make a great dinner with some roasted veggies and enough leftovers for lunch.  And since it looks like a busy week, I will need a grab-and-go snack.

We have not had the beautiful, get outside and go for a walk weather that I keep reading about but my kitchen crocuses are starting to bloom, bringing spring inside.  After extra cuppa coffee, I will get down to the kitchen and get to cooking.  

Happy Monday.

Monday in the Kitchen – forbidden fruit

Last week we had so much snow that the power went out, we missed two days of school, and I didn’t get a Mondays in the Kitchen post written.  

Last week I also cut into my first grapefruit in a very long time.  I grew up in Arizona.  My grandparents had citrus trees and we ate a lot of oranges and grapefruit.  When we got married, I received a set of grapefruit spoons and I still have them.  At some point, there were medications prescribed and the label read – Do not eat grapefruit when taking.  Then I was told to be cautious with orange juice, too much sugar.  Heavy sigh.  

I have behaved and kept away from the forbidden fruit.  But in the last few months, I have begun to think about quality of life issues.  Watching my dad’s list of cannots grow and grow while his list of cans is shrinking has made me rethink these food rules.  I am not going to go nuts.  And I won’t be messing with those food items that will make me sick.  But I savored that grapefruit.  And I squeezed an orange to add to my green drink yesterday.  And it was good.  Sometimes selfcare looks like not following the rules.

******edited to add that I am not advocating ignoring medication warnings – I did some research and found that I can consume grapefruit, just not every day and not as a beverage for taking this particular med********

Monday in the Kitchen – breakfast

First a confession – my meal plan did not go well last week, sigh.  Too many bumps in the road and before I knew it, there was pizza for dinner.  Oh well, another week, another start.

What I do seem to do well is breakfast.  I make a green protein drink most days but a few mornings each week, I have enough time for a sit down breakfast.  My go to option?  Coffee of course.  But also poached eggs on a bed of broccoli and a serving of Lil’ Kim Chee from the Pickled Planet.  Love that ferment d boost! 

Happy Monday!  Eat well.

Monday in the kitchen – Carrot Ginger soup

I first tried Carrot-Ginger soup in a cooking class about five years ago.  The class was about healing and anti-inflammatory foods.  The soup was so simple!  It became my go-to soup for our soup making Sundays that winter.  When a friend was receiving cancer treatments, I gave her a big batch in one serving size jars.  Her stomach was constantly upset and she told me it was the one thing that she could always eat.  

Last fall, we went to hear about a new cookbook.  I was interested to hear how an Olympic runner fueled her body.  I was happy to see a recipe for Carrot-Ginger soup in the cookbook.  I am always looking for updates and tweaks to favorite recipes.  

This week I am easing back into meal planning.  It helps to have a Monday holiday to get set up.  I am cooking up some bone broth, a batch of chili, and getting a roast ready for the crock pot.  Lots of options for dinners and leftovers for lunches.  

The last six weeks have been very hectic for our family and knowing that dinner is planned and prepped has helped to keep me on track.  Cooking up a batch of soup and freezing in single serving jars gives me an easy option for lunch too.  I have created a simple weekly meal planner template that I am happy to share.  Let me know if ups would like a copy.

Here is a lovely version of carrot-ginger soup for you to try.

Monday in the Kitchen

I spent my wekend on the couch, taking naps, drinking tea and bone broth, and wishing I could be in the kitchen, planning my meals for the upcoming week.  

The last month has been a wild ride with little time to slow down and focus on health and wellness.  I am taking the weekend diversion as a red flag- time to get my kitchen I order.

I have been on a kitchen wellness path for quite some time.  When I stray, I can usually get back on track.  I pull out my cookbooks and set up a weekly meal plan.  This week will be a lot of soup and broth and warm, green salads.  But I am looking ahead to next weekend when I can do some serious grocery shopping and fridge restocking.  

If you want to join me, come back next Monday and share a recipe or kitchen story.  P.S. I do a lot of meal prep and planning on the weekend so I don’t really have to be in the kitchen on Mondays.  That is just when I plan to post!