Knitting notebooks

I asked Jane to write about her knitting notebook and she did. Now it is my turn.

As with most of my notebooks, consistency is not the name of the game. I start with great intentions but get distracted. I have been using these two notebooks for a few years and there is plenty of space left in both. The small notebook is a B6slim and it has a bit on knitting and a bit of sewing. There are even a few sketch ideas for quilts. The Knitting Season notebook was my companion for an online group with Kate Davies. That club has ended and the pattern book and book with creative essays are now on my shelf. I am using this notebook to continue to record knitting projects. I have some gauge information, notes about techniques I want to learn, yarn labels and samples, and some sketching for a few color work projects.

The only thing missing in these notebooks is the journaling about why I love to knit and sew and quilt. My hope is that I can do that important documenting as the year goes on.

Would love to see or read about other knitting and making journals. What are the stories we will leave behind?

A making notebook

I think I have established my love of notebooks. This month I have added an insert in my notebook just for making ideas. I have sketched out a few ideas for my house quilt that may be less than traditional – stay tuned. I have also been looking at all the hat patterns in my Ravelry library and planning a few more stash hats to occupy my needles in those “I want to knit but can’t focus on a complicated pattern right now” moments. And it gives me another reason to pull out the colored pencils.

Fiber Friday

Thanks for all the comments on knitting notebooks. Many said they use Ravelry and I do too. But my notebook is a place to hold the my knitting stories. Like the one about my orange sweater. I started that sweater in September 2015. I swatched but quickly realized that I needed to be knitting a different size so I unknit and started again. Then I set the sweater aside and could not remember where I was in the pattern so, yup, unknit and started again. There was more unknitting and restarting on the sleeves but finally, two years and two weeks later I was finished. I learned so much during that time (and had many more knitting projects on and off the needles). When I wore that sweater for the first time, I carried all those stories with me.

I think my knitting notebook has been influenced by Ann Hood and Clara Parkes. I don’t want to lose touch with the reason my hands keep reaching for needles and yarn.

I do have a few pages with lists of podcasts, knitting related books, a fiber events for my someday travel list. I have a tally sheet for donation hats and places that take hat donations. I am including pictures and want to start adding knitting wisdom and quotes.

So, here we are, another Friday and an evening ahead that will include a good glass of wine, some lovely cheese, and time for knitting. Enjoy!