Unraveled Wednesday – waiting rooms

Hospital waiting rooms unravel me every time.  Why do they make you arrive two hours prior to surgery?  I was up at 3:30 am to make the drive to dad’s so we could get to the hospital by 5:30 am and he could have surgery at 7:45am.  I had a few hours to knit but after just 30 minutes, I was too bleary eyed to continue.  Fortunately surgery went well and I was able to get home in time for a little nap before going to thre grocery store and making dinner.

My reading is the same but I am contemplating this book and event.  Life has been pretty chaotic lately and I am hesitant to make too many plans too far in advance but maybe.

I am really enjoying the Bousta Beanie hat but I have another project on the needles that is not really working so it may get unraveled this weekend.   I am working very hard to hold my creative activities loosely.  Time is too precious to give it away to projects that don’t bring joy.

Thanks to Kat for her Unraveled Wednesdays link up.

Hello Friday

Instead of sharing some fiber happenings, I have a few thoughts on books and bookstores and the good people in our lives.

I was searching my library site for books of knitting stories recently and came upon this sweet book about a little girl and a woman who knits hats.  I hope we all have someone like this in our lives, that person who teaches us the importance of caring for others.  Perhaps it is you.  After reading this book, I decided that my shawl will need to wait a few more days to be restarted.  I have two hats that are nearly finished and I want to get them off to the goood people at Knitting4peace by the end of the month.

When our family travels, we look for local bookstores.  I was disappointed when we could not find a bookstore in New Orleans last year but I know I will find plenty when I travel to the U.K. this summer.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to travel across the country with bookstores as our destination?  And coffee shops of course.  One bookstore on my list would be Parnassus Books in Nashville.  Ann Patchett is one of the owners and I have heard her speak of the wonderful staff and events at this store.  I read a great post on the Parnassus blog that I would recommend.  We have fewer and fewer local bookstores every year.  In Seattle, we have author events weekly, and most are in partnership with one of our local stores.  Next week I will go to hear Helen Macdonald speak.  Maybe it is all the rain that makes this such a book friendly part of the country.  I am always thankful for the abundance of bookish events I find in the newspaper each week.

The weekend is almost here.  I have this Friday off work and I will treasure every minute of this day.

Yarn and books

I am close to finishing Commonwealth.  I have been listening to the audio version of another Ann Patchett book.  I really enjoy hearing an author read her own book.

This book arrived in the mail over the weekend and I am looking forward to reading it during Christmas break.  I also decided that my grey yarn was not bringing enough peace into my life – too similar to our grey, dreary skies lately.  So I cast on a new version of the #ProjectPeace.   I also am making it smaller, a neck cowl instead of the double wrap style.  I am loving this yarn and the color is very peaceful.

Looking forward to linking up with Ginny’s yarnalong this week. 

Yarn and books

Time to let November slip away.  It was a fun month with daily postings and lots of new blog friends.

I picked this book up at the library the other day.  I keep thinking of Anne Lamont’s book, Some Assembly Required, where she talks about the importance of keeping her ideas and opionions to herself.  Very good advice.  But I also know that parenting and infant care have changed in the last 31 years so why not occupy myself with this little book.

I finally succeeded in getting my Project Peace cowl cast on (thanks for the cast on idea Kat).  There are a lot of stitches but this yarn is so soft and the pattern repeat will definitely make for some peaceful knitting, perhaps in a waiting room?

Happy Wednesday!  Visit Frontier Dreams and Ginny to see some lovely crafting going on this week.

Knit for peace – knit for health

The Knit for Peace pattern was released yesterday.  It has been fun watching the numbers go up and up on the Ravelry group.  Seems a lot of us are seeking a bit of peace these days.  I find hope in that.

My sister sent me a link to an article about the health benefits of knitting.  She used to knit and I keep encouraging her to pick it up again.  After all, Purl Soho could be her LYS now that she has moved to the big city.  

Knitting – it is a very good thing!

Pause and make room

 This weekend I picked up “The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life ” by Joan Chittister and found this lovely quote.”Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.”

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  I bought this beautiful Advent devotion last year (this is the 2015 devotion – there is a new one for 2016).  I didn’t get very far in the reading. Yesterday I opened to the first week and saw this lovely image.  Yes please, I would very much like to retreat a little this Advent season and make room for more peace in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is the release of Project Peace.   Will you be joining?

Yarn and books on Wednesdays

I am just days away from a bit of time off.  There are so many yarn and books things I want to do but I also know that much of this time will be getting ready for a family gathering.  And there is that tiny person, just days away from the official due date.  I have a few books and knitting projects that are waiting to be finished.  But I also have a beautiful skein of yarn that was gifted to me and I am thinking I need to use it for this shawl.  I also had happy mail yesterday.  I recently read about a computer crash that resulted in lost photos.  Then I participated in Gratitude Week.  When the week was winding down, I decided to use a great coupon code and make a gratitude book, a photo book filled with some of the best #tinytinymoments from the year, so far.  I chose matte paper and left plenty of white space so I can write on the pages.  I think this might be volume one.  

Be sure to visit Ginny to see what others are knitting and reading this week.