3 shades of orange

My knitting is very reflective of the colors outside but also a color that is at the top of my list of favorites. Here are three orange knitting projects currently on my needles.

A color work yoke sweater for me. This orange yarn has been in my stash for awhile and I was excited to find a way to use it. I am halfway through the yoke. This is a more focused project while I am on the color work chart.

Dominy for my daughter. This started out with a fair amount of unraveling but I am past that now and just loving this design.

Finally, a Flax Light for an almost 3 year old who claims orange as his favorite color. I have a bit of grey and two shades of orange and will knit this one up in stripes. This is my social knitting. Just love the Tin Can Knits patterns.

I have never had 3 sweaters going at the same time but they are each bringing so much peace and joy to my needles.

Joining up with Carole today.

When people realize that I knit, they often tell me that knitting is too stressful. I can recall a time when I felt that way. It was about 25 years ago and I ended up getting rid of all my knitting supplies. But now, knitting is my go to choice for slowing down and letting my mind rest. Some projects seem to be perfect for creating a restful space.

When this pattern showed up last Friday, I knew exactly how to proceed. I pulled out my Shetland wool. Most of the skeins are without ball bands. Many came home with me from my Shetland trip in 2017. All of the colors are lovely. The pattern recommends a random striping sequence. Seemed like a great side project for a snowed in weekend (at that point I believed we would be back to work after the weekend).

First I pulled 15 skeins that looked like they had enough yarn left and weighed them. The largest has 25 grams. The smallest has 19 grams. Then I pulled a small piece from each skein and began laying them side by side. I tied each sample to a piece of cardboard and numbered each one. I decided to use a 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, sequence for the first round of colors (each repeat is 4 rows so that is 12 rows, 4 rows, 4 rows and so on). I may change up the sequence when I get back to yarn number 1. I told myself that I wouldn’t start this hap until I finished the second sleeve on my Sólbein but when it became apparent that our snowed in weekend was going to be extended, I needed a colorful distraction. The knitting is very restful and calming.

P.S. When the power went out last night I felt my resolve to stay positive falter. We snuggled up to watch a video on the laptop (which was fully charged) and went to bed early, warm under an extra layer of quilts. The good news is that the power came back on during the night so today I am going to do laundry and get my bags packed for that trip we are scheduled to take. And I am going to pray that the airport gets cleared up so our plane can take off. Would appreciate any good travel vibes you can spare.

Anyone else need a nap?

The end of the first week back to school after a lovely, long break has arrived. It has been a full week and I want you to know that I am grateful for the good work I have to do. But I am also tired – the kind of tired that is screaming for a nap. My stamina needs some work.

As I move slowly into the day I wanted to share the color work progress on my Sólbein. It is slow going because I am not adept at 3 stranded color work yet. But I am loving the colors and I’m only 4 rows from the body which will mean lots of lovely round and round with one color.

And I picked this book up at the library. In the introduction I read these words;

“Kindness is in short supply these days.” And “kindness is a strength, a superpower that has the capacity to transform lives and change the world.”

This weekend I’m looking forward to a haircut, a nap (or two or three), knitting group, reading, a some time to ponder. I hope your weekend brings you what you need.

Looking forward

I’m not trying to wish the year away but some happy mail arrived this weekend and it has me thinking of 2019 knitting goals.

Up first: knit more hats.

I did not knit as many hats in 2018 as I have in past years and I want to return to hat knitting in 2019. I am so drawn to everything that Kate Davies designs so when I saw that I could get free international shipping by preordering this book I had to click BUY. I have a pretty healthy stash of Shetland yarns and I am planning to match those yarns up with the hats in this books.

Unraveled Wednesday

Another week without any unraveling here. I had a funny moment last week. When I was packing for my quilt retreat, I grabbed a skein of the yarn I painted in Shetland last summer thinking the first day of summer would be a great time to cast on one of Gudrun’s Shetland inspired shawls. I also printed the first few pages of the pattern. As I was knitting along on the center triangle, I realized it was the wrong pattern. I laughed when I pulled up Simmer Dim and realized that the center triangle is the same for both shawls so I was right on track -phew!

The retreat time was great. I put together two quilt tops and made a project bag (for another post). Now I am trying to settle into a summer routine, sleeping a bit later, working a few hours, reading, decluttering, getting in my daily steps, and time for making stuff.

Be sure to visit Kat for more Wednesday stories.

Unraveled Wednesday

The only unraveling around here is the unraveling of my willpower. I could not resist this KAL. I love Helen’s patterns and the theme had me remembering our visit to the Van Gogh museum last summer. And, I had two of the three yarns in my stash so . . . The first clue comes out on March 31, just in time for spring break.

Still reading How to Stop Time and The Four Tendencies (I discovered that I am an obliged). I have also been listening to Speak No Evil , another good story.

We have made it to Wednesday. Just one more day before spring break begins. I think I will make it.

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What a wonderful weekend we had. Yes, we lost an hour but the sun was out, the skies were blue, and it was warm enough to begin digging in the garden. I was able to turn the soil in my raised beds and get some of the debris cleaned up. It will be awhile before any planting can happen but the planning has begun.

I continue to make progress on my Birkin. But I can’t stop browsing Ravelry and thinking about casting on something new.

There is this,

And this,

And this.

The weekend is gone. My fridge is filled with veggies and I am taking the Simple Green Smoothie challenge this week.

Enjoy your Monday.