In the land of color work

I am done with the second chart on my Pheasant Pullover. I did a bit of unknitting – missed a few increases so the next chart did not line up. I am very happy with these colors and the way they are playing together. Hope to finish the next section of color work quickly because I am ready for yet another color work sweater!

I knew I wanted to knit the Porty Pullover by Gudrun Johnston when I saw the test knits show up on Instagram. I actually placed an order for yarn but it won’t be delivered until the Shetland Woolweek journal is ready to ship later this month. I had the yarns I wanted to use for the color work. Just needed a main color. I found this lovely grey at Tolt Yarn and Wool and they have curbside pick up so . . . I swatched last night and I am ready for a cast on. So, here I go, deep into the land of color work – a very sweet place to play.

Books and yarn and television viewing

My husband gave me a hammock for our anniversary and it is a lovely place to read. I started The Night Watchman after hearing Louise Erdrich talk with Ann Patchett a few weeks ago. It was my motivation to visit a bookstore for curbside pick up. And while I was there, I had them order The Pull of the Stars which arrived this week. I was devouring The Night Watchman and wanted to slow down a bit and savor it. So this week I have been working on finishing up a few books that were lingering. Anxious to Talk About It has some very good practices and questions that have me thinking about what next steps in my anti racist education. I’m Still Here was so engaging. Hard stuff but honest and well told. Now I need to sit down with my highlights from these two books and make some notes in my book journal.

I’m very happy to be making progress on my color work sweater – Yokey Dokey. I have finished the yoke and separated for the sleeves so lots of round and round knitting now. And do you see who came to play? Yup. Our littlest person is now available for play dates. He is a very sweet baby who is just getting is voice and finding his fingers. We had a lovely time. He even napped a bit so I could knit!

I don’t know who mentioned it but I have been watching Home Fires. What a good show. I’m already on season two which is sad because I don’t think there is a season 3. Any suggestions for similar shows are welcome. And since it Wednesday I will head over to visit Kat and friends.

Slow and steady

This last week I heard the sad news that two of our local-ish yarn stores are closing their brick and mortar locations due to the pandemic. I know they have permission to open their shops but the restraints on numbers of customers in the shop and personal finances are too much to overcome right now. I have been working on finishing projects and using stash but this news does have me thinking about ordering a sweater quantity of yarn from another local shop. I know they have free shipping so it is a possibility. Just need to decide on a pattern.

I bound off, washed, and blocked my pandemic prayer shawl this weekend. Still need weave in the ends and take some pictures. I am working on Helen Stewart’s mystery shawl and doing a pretty good job of keep up with the clues. And because we have rain and grey skies, I have pulled out a color work sweater for evening TV knitting since I am at the round and round part of the body.

Slow and steady. No rush to finish. Just enjoying the process. This is a new story for me.

3 shades of orange

My knitting is very reflective of the colors outside but also a color that is at the top of my list of favorites. Here are three orange knitting projects currently on my needles.

A color work yoke sweater for me. This orange yarn has been in my stash for awhile and I was excited to find a way to use it. I am halfway through the yoke. This is a more focused project while I am on the color work chart.

Dominy for my daughter. This started out with a fair amount of unraveling but I am past that now and just loving this design.

Finally, a Flax Light for an almost 3 year old who claims orange as his favorite color. I have a bit of grey and two shades of orange and will knit this one up in stripes. This is my social knitting. Just love the Tin Can Knits patterns.

I have never had 3 sweaters going at the same time but they are each bringing so much peace and joy to my needles.

Joining up with Carole today.