Sometimes Monday

finds me longing for just one more day at home. I had the most lovely weekend. A long walk, knitting, and sewing time on Saturday. A visit with my dad, a hike with my daughters, and more time to play in my sewing room on Sunday. Time for dreaming of making another dress, fixing my backpack, and stitching up another bag. But, those dreams will need to wait. Fortunately, the calendar boxes for next weekend are blank so I might just pencil in another sewing day.

Something that is drawing back to fabric and thread are the posts on this lovely blog. This post really spoke to me. And then there is Mary, I her awesome #memademay posts on Instagram. When I was playing in my sewing room, I found this bough supplies to produce a number or fun projects. Using up the stuff on hand has been a goal of min for a few years.

So, back to work with an amazing lunch and a head full of ideas. Hope I can concentrate on the work that needs doing. Happy Monday!

Sometimes Monday looks like some finished projects

In February I climbed on the 9 projects wagon. Yesterday I noticed that I had challenged myself to finish 9 knitting projects on Ravelry in 2018 and I have completed 9! The mitts didn’t get made but I did make a few more hats. And Sigla was unraveled but I am on the final color work section of my Stopover so maybe that number I’ll be 10.

The Girl’s Best Friend shawl is still on my list – just bumping it into 2019. And on top of the Scout Tee and Dress #2, I also made three Uniform tunics. I didn’t do much quilting but no regrets. Maybe 2019 will include a finished quilt.

How did you do this year?

Unraveled Wednesday – retreating

Last Friday I headed east to join my quilting friends for an annual retreat.  I am not quilting much these days and with the chaos and stress that has been my life lately, I contemplated skipping this year.  In the end, I was happy that I went.  I stitched up four new project bags, a pair of pants for our tiny person, and a gadget bag that was much fussier than I would normally tackle but since I sewed this one alongside one of my friends so it was fun.  There was a fair  amount of unsewing (the quilting equivalent of unraveling).  There was also good food, catching up, coffee, wine, and plenty of laughter.

Between sewing projects, I made some good progress on my most recent knit.  I don’t think I will finish before I leave but this could be my travel knitting, at least for the first part of my trip.  Then I will need to acquire the materials for another project once I get to Shetland.  I still need to make some final decisions on travel clothing.  I have two smallish books to take and leave along the way and two audio books on my phone.  Departure time is so close!

Thanks for hosting us Kat!

Fiber Friday

It was a long week and I’m not exactly sure why but I know that it felt long to a lot of people.  But we did see a bit more sunshine this week and even had a few days that didn’t require me to put up my hood every time I stepped out of my office.  That was lovely.

And there was fiber in my week.  I started the sleeves on my Annabel cardigan.  I am almost to the elbow on sleeve #1.  I started with magic loop but after two inches my arms were getting tired so I am knitting the rest of the sleeve flat and will seam it up.  I will follow that same method on the second sleeve to have consistency.  The garter stitch is quite forgiving and bouncy.

I made two pair of pants for our tiny person.  That was very fun and super simple.  His lovely mom put them on him yesterday so I got to see them when I picked him up for a few hours.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with some quilters.  I met these ladies when I joined the Sue Spargo block of the month  last year but have not made it to many of their gatherings.  I am taking some of the red strips I cut last weekend to sew some blocks for the 70273 project.

Hope your week was good.  Happy spring and enjoy your weekend.