Monday in the kitchen

Sunday evening dinner is problematic. By the time I get home from church and visiting dad, I don’t really want to cook. I used to put some meat in the crock pot on Sunday morning but I am trying to revamp my eating plan, loading up my plate with veggies and letting meat be a sometimes side dish. So I have been collecting recipes and ideas that can come together quickly. When I saw this recipe, I knew i wanted to try it out. I actually had everything in the pantry too. The salad came together easily (the dressing was not hard to make) and I made an extra serving to take for lunch tomorrow. I also added cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes. I imagine this salad will find a regular spot on my meal planning calendar.

What color is peace?

My weekend did a bit of a twist and turn on me and I found myself going back to look at The Project Peace page more than a few times. And I started to wonder about colors that represent peace. I found this site that connects Olive green with peace. That is good because I like olive green, a lot. But I did some stash diving and I don’t have any olive green yarn. Maybe I can knit this shawl as a gift. Then I could make a trip to my LYS. I think that sounds like a fine idea. Even if you don’t plan to knit the Project Peace shawl, be sure to check Christina’s blog for peace notes starting December 1. I think this might make a good advent project.

For now, I have cast on a donation hat to keep my hands busy while I wait. And because it is Monday, check this recipe. I made it for dinner last night and added some goat cheese while it was still warm – yum!

Monday in the kitchen

On Halloween I stopped at the market to pick up something for dinner and they were giving away pumpkins. I chose a smaller sugar or pie pumpkin thinking I would make soup. I finally got around to making this soup on Sunday afternoon.  I had a bit more pumpkin than I needed for my smaller batch of soup so I added it to my pork and greens taco bowl for dinner. Yum! I got curious about the nutrients in pumpkin and I came across this post. I think I might try that pumpkin smoothie for breakfast tomorrow.

Just curious, are you a pumpkin fan?

Monday in the Kitchen

This kitchen loveliness actually happened on Sunday. We have an annual harvest dinner at church and this year I signed up for a salad. I found this recipe on The Minimalist Baker, a site that I am visiting often these days.  Because I need to eat gluten-free, I try to make something yummy that I can be assured is safe.  Lately I have found that people seem to be annoyed at the idea of eating gluten-free.  I know it makes serving pizza or cookies to a crowd a more difficult task but it really is much easier than it was 10 or more years ago.  I never expect there to be options at group meals so I generally bring my own food, not to make anyone feel guilty, but because I need to take care of myself.
I have been eating about 80% vegan for the last few weeks and I will say that I really do feel so much better so I plan to keep that up.  I need to revist Mark Bittman’s VB6 book, I think I have it around here somewhere.
Hope your Monday is filled with beautiful, healthy food.