Monday mornings

I don’t dislike Mondays.  They are the start of the work week so that is fun.  All sorts of possibilities.  I try to set my Monday morning up for success by making lunch the night before and leaving the kitchen tidy when I go to bed on Sunday night.  I cannot image a Monday morning without the auto set button on the coffee machine.  After my Sunday pause, making a habit of listing gratitudes might be a good Monday morning practice.  So before I head out to the rainy streets this morning, here are some simple things that fill my heart:

  1. Coffee, of course
  2. A good visit with dad yesterday
  3. A new #5things letter from Michelle
  4. A chance that the rain will let up in time for an afternoon walk
  5. A video and a book waiting for me at the library

Happy Monday

No waste November

I try very hard to reuse and recycle.  A few years ago I started using glass jars for cook ahead lunches and snacks.  First it was soup, made in big batches and frozen in single serving sizes.  Lately I am using jars for every thing from snacks to yogurt to chicken salad.  At the end of October, I made a personal p,eadge to have a no waste November.  That works well for taking my lunch but then there are my daily stops for coffee.  I have grown fond of the call ahead orders at the big green coffee shop.  This month I am committing to taking my travel mug so no call ahead for me.  I had quite an internal argument this weekend.  I left my travel mug at home – should I make an exception?  Did I really need another cup of coffee?  I went back and forth h for a good hour while I ran errands.  My no waste pledge won out.  I made a cup of anti-inflammatory hot cocoa when I got home.  Seven days in and I have stayed true to my pledge – no throw away cups or bags.  Only 23 days to go.  Better wash some more jars.