Mindful Monday

Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next.” Richard Rohr

Do you know this idea of liminal space? Last week three different people mentioned this term to me and when I typed those words into the search box, Richard Rohr showed up. And that was quite a rabbit trail.

There is quite a bit of betwixt and between in my life right now. I was hoping to start running again. It seemed that working from home might give me some flexibility in my day. But when the parks were closed, the only path available was the neighborhood and I live in a very hilly area. So I am walking – a lot. And I am conquering the hills. I am hopeful that when my favorite running trail is accessible again, I will be ready to run. Until then, I will try to pay attention to the liminal spaces in my days.

What is on your mind this Monday?

Hello December

After my 30 days of thankful, it felt odd taking a day off but it was a day well spent. The weather was cold so I bundled up and went for a gentle run – a habit I am trying to revive. For a few years I participated in a run streak – at least one mile a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I don’t see that happening this year but what about knitting at least 15 minutes a day? I can get behind that idea! I also spent time working in my planner and getting reset for the week followed by some cooking and reading and watching my husband get there lights on the tree.

In the evening there was time for a bit of scrolling. I have been choosing a word for each year, primarily guided by Ali Edwards. This year my word, REST, settled into my life in a new way and took me down paths of discovery that could not be contained on a scrapbook page. About a month ago, I was in a small group and a word kept coming up. I asked if anyone knew about word origins and when we looked it up, some of the words I had been considering were referenced. Fast forward about 3 weeks when I was listening to a new to me podcast where they talked about choosing a word for 2019. One of the hosts mentioned a website but since I was driving, I couldn’t write it down. After a few searches, I finally came up with the right link and found this. There are some wonderful resources if you are still thinking about a new word.

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful week.

Monday mindfulness

Over the last week I have been hearing a whisper of a message: stop rushing.

I am listening. Do you need to hear this message too?

Yes, autumn is coming, September is dwindling but we really don’t need to be counting how many days until Christmas. The days are getting shorter but they won’t disappear completely unless we let them. Today I encourage you to:

  • Slow down
  • Take some deep breaths, letting the exhale be longer than the inhale so you get it all out.
  • Listen
  • Pay attention


Hello Monday

“Breaking a pattern is never easy, but I’m determined not to go back to the way I was. I’m determined to move forward with focus, ease and this new feeling of calmness that has eluded me most, if not all, of my life.”

Sunday morning I read these words in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper. Yes please. Focus. Ease. Calmness. I will take a dose of each. I rolled out my yoga mat and did some stretching. I’m ready for Robin Long’s 10 day challenge. Best of all I am ready for my first four day work week (and trying hard not to plan anything’s for this first week).

Hope your week brings what you need.