Mindful Monday

Inspired by Katie, I have rebooted calendar planning and reflecting. Before this unusual time of staying home began, I was using a planner on a very regular basis. But that fell off when so much was cancelled and I didn’t even know how to plan.

Katie posts her weekly practice of reflecting back on the week. I tried using a Hobonichi Weeks last year but it was just too small. But I found a TN size, undated insert that has the same layout. My intention was to start on June one but when it arrived last week, I jumped in. I did my planning and reflecting yesterday and I think this is going to be a good practice.

Be sure to visit Katie. She does an amazing amount of reading too.

P.S. thanks for all your kind words about the unemployment mess. I was able to get all the paperwork filed and so far, no other intrusions but I will need to be vigilant. I should schedule a day for checking finances in my new planner. The real tragedy is that many who are supposed to be getting unemployment are now on hold while the state investigates the million dollar mess.

Writing plans

I’ve been thinking a lot about paper, pens, planning, and journaling. Honore and I have been chatting about format and process. I joined a Planner Day earlier this month which was super helpful. (** adding to clarify that I took the Planner Day class but I’m not signing up for Journal Club). I follow some lovely Instagram feeds which inspire a little and perhaps intimidate too much.

This weekend I found this post which reminded me that I still have the last steps from the planner day class to complete.

I am settling in with the idea of having different notebooks for different purposes. All I need now is to do some habit making that has me sitting down to put words on paper every (or at least most) days.

Any hints or tips?

Planning, paper, and all things analogue

Let me begin by saying I am a paper geek. I love notebooks and making lists. I use a lot of index cards. The last few years, I have tried to use note making apps on my phone but it really isn’t working – too easy to dismiss those reminders. And there is something about using a pen and writing notes and lists. That process seems to really plant the task in my head. So today I am wondering if you ever tried bullet journaling? I have used bullet journaling for my work notebook for a few years but I am contemplating using it in my personal notebook for 2018. I love lists and I have plenty of empty notebook inserts for my everyday carry. I am using a week on one page calendar for events and reminders but I feel like a list making system might help me get the year off to a good start.

I am not trying to wish away 2017 but isn’t it fun to begin to dream about the new year?

oh hello Friday

Up much too early today, my head swirling with the details of the day ahead. Classroom parties, parent group celebration, tidying up my desk so I can leave work at work for the next two weeks. Spent some time listening to Magpie Murders, knitting a few rounds, and writing in this beautiful Tumeric notebook. Time to make a cuppa and get myself ready for the day. Fortunately the Friday night wine and cheese have been acquired so the evening ahead will be a lovely way to begin Christmas break.

Happy Friday!

p.s.  if you have some time, please visit this fun blog.  Erin is a friend of my daughter and she’s is a very creative spirit.  She also has the most lovely smile.


I don’t have a history of success when it comes to routine. I am easily pulled away by shiny new things. But this month, I am really trying. I am using a new insert that is not dated so if I miss a week, I won’t have a blank page staring at me. And there are a few challenges that might give my daily routine a bit of a boost. This week is the Back to the Mat challenge. I cleaned up my mat space yesterday and I am ready for some short Pilates practices. Next week Michelle is offering her Just 5 Things class. I love anything that involves making a list.

Do you have a routine that includes notebooks and planners?

Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for May 25, 2017 is to write about the contents of your purse. Are you a minimalist? Or do you carry around a knapsack? And say, what’s in there, anyway? Tell us what you’ve got in your purse and why!Happy writing!

I love purses!  For most of my adult life, I have switched up purses more than is reasonable.  I think I have come to a place where I stick with one bag a bit longer but I am not a one bag only type – at least not yet.  My current bag is a Namaste.  I just switched back to this bag after carrying a Fossil bag since September.  I needed some color in my life after a very wet and grey winter that lasted well into spring.

I like to have enough space to carry the basics but still have room for a book or perhaps a knitting project.  I have this wonderful organizer that holds many necessities (lip balm, tissues, lotion, hand sanitizer, pens, store cards).  And best of all, if I want to change bags, I just lift it out and move it.  Sweet deal.  My Sojourner is a planner, journal, and wallet.  I have a mini Sojourner that hold my earbuds, tissues, and a reusable grocery bag.  I like to have exterior pockets for my phone and keys (so they don’t get lost in the bottom of my bag) and a long enough strap to cross over my body leaving my hands free.

So there you have it.  I am certainly not a minimalist.  And, can you figure out my favorite color?

Unraveled Wednesday 

We are finally getting some sunshine and blue skies!  It looks like it won’t last long but I am grateful for this reprieve.

I started my new shawl.  Now I need to watch a video on adding beads before I move on.  I have only added beads to one other project.  Helen had a great video so I will rewatch her instructions first.  I tried two other yarns befor settling on this grey yarn.  

My new notebook arrived.  I just love the wrap around pockets.  I transferred all of my inserts and pockets this weekend.  I have been using a smaller wrap around for almost two years (also a Sojourner) but I wanted a bit more space for note taking and memory keeping.  I have tried bullet journaling and daily planning and they don’t really work for me.  I keep my calendar on my phone, multi-calendars actually.  But I do love to have lists and place to make notes, write quotes or scriptures, capture ideas and book titles.  So inside my Sojourner I have one dot grid notebook, a folder with slots for my I.D. And a bit of cash, and a plastic pocket holder for credit cards and receipts.  I also have a small notebook for menu and grocery ideas.  Finally I am using the font pocket to hold index cards with my weekly To Do lists.  It is a flexible system.  I am always looking for new ideas but I am also trying to keep it simple.

I finished The Nix yesterday and yes, I loved this book.  I had the audio version and it made me laugh out loud in my car several tims.  Up next?  Not sure but I have an ever growing list.  Just a few weeks until Summer Book Bingo.

Happy Wednesday and thanks to Kat for hosting Unraveled Wednesdays.