Notebooks – FOMO or JOMO?

I’m sure you have heard about FOMO – fear of missing out. Have you also hear of JOMO? Joy of missing out. I cannot remember where I heard this but I am trying to embrace it. I do love this notebook cover, especially with the new orange cord and charms. I have had very good success with the calendar set up since I switched over in May. But there are so many lovely options. And the color coding – the pull is mighty.

I stumbled on a few podcasts and YouTube videos about journaling last week. Isn’t it interesting when the online world delivers what you need to hear? The message was simple – know yourself, what works for YOU, and know the why before you start chasing after all the pretty things. And your comments on journaling last week were a great compliment to these messages.

So I will sit on the JOMO side of the conversation. It is still fun to see all the pretty options! I’m just happy that I didn’t push GO on that shopping cart full of new planners.

Mondays in my notebook

I had a guest illustrator join me in my notebook this week. Our almost four year old loves to draw so I gave him paper and pencils while I sat down to add some details to my weekly page. He kindly offered to show me how to draw some fish and I happily accepted that offer.

Last week, I had a conversation with a notebook friend about journaling and documenting. She shared her plans to move from a larger, page per day format to a smaller notebook with a weekly set up. She said, “I’m better at documenting than journaling.” We talked about her attempts to write morning pages and journal. I thought about her words a lot this last week. I think I am more comfortable with documenting. I like looking back to see when I started a book or knitting project, what little tasks I was doing or having notes about the weather.

My reading notebook is becoming less of a list of titles and more of a journal with notes about how I found a book, background about the authors, and quotes, passages, and ponderings. I also have a notebook that I am using as I read, watch, listen, and learn about things like racism, poverty, and scripture. Lots of notes and questions, questions, questions.

Where do you land? Journaling, documenting, a little of both?

Another notebook Monday

A few weeks ago, I got the book, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again by Julia Cameron. Over the years, I have picked up and put down Cameron’s famous book, The Artist’s Way. It never felt like the right time. Then I found this book, written for people heading into a new season of life, especially retirement. The Kindle version was on sale so I added it to my library. I read the beginning and browsed the rest of the chapters. It seemed like a good idea to start with the basics, Morning Pages. Fortunately, I have an abundance of empty notebooks so I put one next to the couch where I start my mornings. I have been doing these pages, pretty much every day, for almost 3 weeks. I’m still not convinced but I am going to keep going. I also have questions. Do you do Morning Pages? Are you supposed to go back and re-read what you have written? Highlight things? Or just keep moving forward? Would love to hear your experience.

This week I am going to jump into the chapters where the tasks are oriented toward capturing your stories in memoir form. First week, ages 0-5 years. That is going to be interesting because I have so few memories of those years.

I have heard that people are having trouble commenting on WordPress blogs because they are required to log in. I checked my settings and see that I have turned off the feature that requires commenters to log in. If you are asked to log in before commenting would you let me know? I find that ever so annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were just a few blog platforms but there multitudes of platforms and I am just not going to sign up for an account with all of them. I post here because I like the writing process. Your comments are icing on the cake but I don’t want you to wade through a big mess to make a comment.

Happy Monday. I feel like this is the week that I am going to make some headway on my rhythms and routines. And thanks to Katie for inspiring the notebook Monday theme.

Mondays in my notebooks

MD Light Monthly – A5

Today I am sharing the inside of one of my notebooks. I bought this last year and was planning to use it for work but I ended up with a more traditional, academic year planner. So it sat on a shelf – ignored. Until April. I didn’t really need all the weekly and daily pages so I switched over to this planner for a monthly overview. It has a two page spread for each month – December 2019-January 2021. I like the minimalist spread. There is just enough room for important dates and white space for lists and quotes. After the monthly spreads, there are blank pages in that standard, Midori grid. I am using these pages as a commonplace notebook. I still want to go back and make an index for those entries or add them to the month in which they were noted. I have used an A5 for work but never thought I wanted that size for a personal planner – too big to carry around. But this notebook stays on my desk and the extra writing space if now a plus. I have ordered another one for 2021 – it should arrive this week. (I ordered these from Baum Kuchen – if you haven’t ordered from them in the past, give it a try. They wrap everything up like a gift and have great attention to detail.)

Off to link up with Katie today.