One word – September

Recently, Carole posted about an online class she had taken with Liz Lamoreux. I clicked over to her site (because I am very easily distracted by links and rabbit holes) and found a collage class that seemed to be a good fit. I had a stack of magazines that I had been saving for collage but I needed the nudge to actually cut them up and get going. The class (a series of videos, prompts, and inspirations) goes step by step in making an art journal. I have written about not loving messy art. But collage – I love collage! And I had this lovely notebook that was gifted to me about two years ago. It is hand bound in such a way that it lays flat. And the paper is perfect – a little heavier than regular journal paper. So I spent a few hours cutting and tearing out images, looking for words, and gluing things in place. It has been a wonderful place to dwell, to linger, and to disconnect.

I had not made the connection between my word – DWELL – and the act of disconnecting. But as I trimmed and glued and slowly paged through those magazine, I realized that they go hand in had. I cannot dwell when I am too busy or distracted. I cannot dwell when my brain is overflowing with lists and ideas and worries. I need this kind of space, the kind where you are not watching the clock or finishing a project on a deadline, in order to fall into dwelling.

I am only four lessons into this class. There are sixteen to go. I am not in a hurry. I imagine this will take me another 6-8 weeks and that is perfect. I will dwell in the simplicity of tearing paper and glueing it down. I will dwell in the words that come up when I look at the colors and images and quotes I have added to this notebook.

Looking forward to catching up with Honoré and friends today.

August – this one word

So, the question is, how is your word showing up? I looked up synonyms for my word, dwell, and found this: to be settled. That sums up how what I am seeking this last month. Settled, not worried, or anxious, or chasing after who knows what. I have been taking a look at how I spend my time, and especially with the choices I am making that pull me away from what I value. I want to be settled.

Yesterday, I spent two hours with this amazing little person. He has discovered his voice and has a sweet laugh. He is starting to roll over and loves to “stand.” I did a bit of knitting but mostly I just enjoyed watching him. No worries about what else might need my attention, just enjoyed feeling settled and knowing this was right where I needed to be.

Thanks to Honoré for hosting our one word reflections.

One word – July

We are finally getting summer weather. I know this does not compare to the heat many of you are experiencing but it looks like at least a week with 60 degrees as the low instead of the high. I will be spending a lot of time on the deck (no indoor air conditioning). Yesterday I was having my coffee, doing a bit of reading, and I looked up to see this little creature nibbling on my geraniums. This is the third time in a week that I have seen this little one and the mama.

Well, this is supposed to be a One Word post. This is the first time I have wished for different word. There was one year when I didn’t pay much attention to my word but this year, this word, Dwell, I would just like to switch to something easier. Maybe eat, plenty of that happening. How about change or surprise?

Dwell – to delay, to linger, to abide, to remain, to inhabit, to reside

July was not a month with lingering or delaying or pausing in a way that reflects my word. It was busy with planning details for the Zoom memorial we had for dad. Every day there was something that needed to be done. But maybe, in those tasks and details, I can see that I was able to dwell with my memories of dad. I looked at photos, listened to his favorite hymns, read the scriptures he wanted for his service, heard stories from so many people about the impact dad had on their lives. So there we are, once again, these words show up in unexpected ways.

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One word

Dwell – to delay, to linger, to abide, to remain, to inhabit, to reside

This one word has been showing up even though I wasn’t paying attention. Now that I have had a chance to take a few deep breaths, I am noticing how this word describes life these last four months.

There is no easy way to tell you that we said goodbye to dad last week. The last year was hard on him. The quarantine and isolation, even harder. I was able to start visiting again and for those few visits I am very grateful. But finally, he was worn out, ready to go, ready to be reunited with mom. He did not linger, did not delay. He closed his eyes and took his last breath. My sister and I were by his side.

I will miss dad. We have spent a lot of time together the last 5 years. But this little boy, the one who shares his great grampa’s middle name, he will help me linger with the memories of this man, a dad, a grampa, a great grampa, a man who lived a very good life.

Today I am joining with Honoré and sharing an update on my journey with my 2020 One Little Word.