Use your beautiful things TODAY


I have many beautiful things that I am saving for just the right time, just the right project, just this right . . . what?

Inspired by my one little word, I am going to start using my beautiful things more often. Today I am planning to put pen to this beautiful notebook. After chatting with Honore, I joined the winter session of The Journaling Club. It feels a bit out of my comfort zone but stretching is good too.

This yarn has been on my shelf too long. I think I have a pattern idea but I know for sure that it will be a part of my knitting line up in the month ahead.

What beautiful things do you have that are longing to be used?

Enjoy your Friday.


Today – OLW/1

It is Monday and I need my OLW more than ever this morning. I chose this word (or maybe it chose me) because I have spent too much time living for tomorrow or next week or next month. In 2017 my mantra seemed to be, “I’ll get to that when . . .” And guess what, when never came.

So this year, I want to focus on TODAY. In Goodbye Vitamin, the main character begins her journal entries with this word as she come to realize the importance of staying in the moment. So, that is where I am this morning, choosing to be curious and open to what TODAY will bring and using a pen to add the important stuff to my calendar (like pilates, writing, and reading).

Today looks like it will be a good day.

Sometimes Monday

look like a bunch of random thoughts.

This weekend was beautiful. Crisp blue skies with enough chill in the air to pull out a shawl or a sweater. I stopped between coming and going on Saturday to take a walk on the trail and was thrilled to see some lovely piles of leaves.

I am beginning to think about one little word for 2018. And December Daily? I think I tried this last year and didn’t get very far. And I am always thinking about notebooks and planners and trying so hard to imagine using up my supplies (maybe because I was helping my daughter pack for a move recently).

Last night I was traveling down some rabbits holes and I found a post with a great question – how did you name your blog. I have had a number of blogs over the years. But after I watched mom lose her stories to Alzheimer’s, I decided to create a place to write down my own stories.

Now I am so curious about some of the lovely blogs I read. What is the story behind the name?

Happy Monday