Setting aside my word

My journey with this word, REST, began in October 2018 when I read Rhythms of Rest. I didn’t know right away that REST would be my word for 2019, I just knew I needed more rest in my life. It has been a good word. Not one that has resulted in scrapbook pages but one that has helped me begin to balance the rhythms of work, play, and rest.

Last month I came upon this list of ideas that has given me new ways of inviting REST into my life. This is a word that I hope will continue to show up in my life.

My new word has already begun to show up. I will be back next week to write more about it. I am not planning to continue a monthly link-up in 2020 but I look forward to Reading what words you have chosen (or words that have chosen you!).

Thanks for coming along on this rest-filled adventure with me.

One Word October

This month, rest has been about setting aside some things and making space in my days to unwind and ignore the buzz of keeping busy. As we head into the last few months of this year, I am thinking about how to keep that space open for a rest that renews.

How has your word been showing up? Are you starting to think about a new word for 2020? If you wrote about your word, add your link here. Or share your thoughts in the comments.

And thanks for stopping by.

August – chasing rest

August has flown by and it is only the last week that I have been paying attention to restful moments. I found myself drawn to my sewing space where I can lose myself in the work of stitching one seam and then another until I have finished something lovely and fun. Last weekend I stitched the binding on my low volume string quilt and I am finding rest in the hand stitching.

I have also returned to the Calm app to bring meditation into my early mornings. And those sleep stories really do help me get back to sleep when I wake up at a ridiculous hour.

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