I had time over the long weekend to play with photos, paper, and pen and this tiny, tiny moment rose to the surface.

On Wednesdays I get to spend the evening with our tiny person. I love this little menu that his momma puts in his dinner bag. Such love. Being a working momma is not always easy but she is doing a wonderful job. I am so grateful to be a part of her village.



This boy loves books. For his first Christmas, I gave him some books that we would keep at gramma’s house. I was looking forward to many hours of reading with this tiny person in my lap. But I have also come to love watching him turn the pages, looking for his favorite pictures, and pointing, just love the pointing.

Yesterday, tomorrow, today

The weeknd was full but low key.  Christmas Eve was wonderful and Christmas Day brought some much needed time to sit and knit.

Tomorrow I will move my dad back to his apartment and let him get settled into his routine.  He has worked hard with the therapists and is getting stronger every day.  I am so thankful that the stroke was small and did not do the kind of damage we have seen in other elderly friends.

Today will be for making lists, picking up and putting away, cleaning out the fridge, a bit of laundry and some precious time with our tiny person.

Sunday pause

I finally pulled out the box of nativities on Friday.  This is usually the first box of decorations that I bring in from the garage but, as I think I have mentioned, December has given me a wild ride.  Friday was the last day of school and the beginning of my Christmas break so right after a little nap, I began to set up the nativities.  I like to have a nativity in each room.  I have a few more but this year, I am trying to keep things simple so I only set up four.  Just enough to greet me and remind me where my focus needs to be.

Some years, I have kept the baby Jesus pieces to put out on Christmas but this year, it was the baby piece that I wanted to see.  Our own tiny person is just two weeks old.  I had some extended time with him yesterday while our daughter’s made cookies.  I thought it was a pretty clever plan!  I got baby time and a plate of yummy cookies.

Not much of a pause today.  I have done very little to make sure there are gifts under the tree so I will head out after church.  The week ahead will be busy with family visits and plans.

Yarn along Wednesday

I started this book after Thanksgiving.  It is a lovely read.  I also started listening to This is the story of a happy marriage.  I really enjoy books that are read by the author.  My knitting this last week has been calming.  I move between a simple hat, my Peace Project, and this lovely shawl.  I have completed the center section and will begin the border over the weekend.  I have my #17ufosin2017 list almost completed.  I decided to add my Craftsy classes to the list.  They are definitely unfished!
It has been quite a week with our tiny person’s arrival.  I have been cooking up some basics to stock their fridge and cannot wait to visit him at home for an extended cuddle.  

Visit Ginny for some lovely reads about yarn and books.

Yarn and books

Time to let November slip away.  It was a fun month with daily postings and lots of new blog friends.

I picked this book up at the library the other day.  I keep thinking of Anne Lamont’s book, Some Assembly Required, where she talks about the importance of keeping her ideas and opionions to herself.  Very good advice.  But I also know that parenting and infant care have changed in the last 31 years so why not occupy myself with this little book.

I finally succeeded in getting my Project Peace cowl cast on (thanks for the cast on idea Kat).  There are a lot of stitches but this yarn is so soft and the pattern repeat will definitely make for some peaceful knitting, perhaps in a waiting room?

Happy Wednesday!  Visit Frontier Dreams and Ginny to see some lovely crafting going on this week.