Three on Thursday

Today is Worldwide Knit for Peace day so Three knitting things are on my list:

1. Get the sleeves for my Ready for Fall sweater on the needles (taking advantage of the promised sunshine),

2. Cast on the neck band for this lovely sweater,

3. Find a hat pattern for a skein of Ginger Twist that I bought in Scotland last summer.

The dark part of our days are already so long that I don’t think I will notice a change today but I am happy that we can begin to inch toward more daylight.

Visit Carole for my 3 Things lists.

Unraveled Wednesday

This week I am choosing peace and calm over perfection and unraveling.

I am loving the Project Peace pattern but I misread one of the sections and my stitch count was off. Instead of unraveling, I decided to add a few extra repeats for the next few sections and get back on the stitch count. I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

I ordered this lovely Advent devotional and then set it aside for the start of Advent on December 3 only to discover that this devotional started on November 30. There was a time when I would have set the book aside but not this year. This year I choose to see this as another opportunity to practice peace and to do a few extra readings over the next week.

How are you choosing Peace this month?

What color is peace?

My weekend did a bit of a twist and turn on me and I found myself going back to look at The Project Peace page more than a few times. And I started to wonder about colors that represent peace. I found this site that connects Olive green with peace. That is good because I like olive green, a lot. But I did some stash diving and I don’t have any olive green yarn. Maybe I can knit this shawl as a gift. Then I could make a trip to my LYS. I think that sounds like a fine idea. Even if you don’t plan to knit the Project Peace shawl, be sure to check Christina’s blog for peace notes starting December 1. I think this might make a good advent project.

For now, I have cast on a donation hat to keep my hands busy while I wait. And because it is Monday, check this recipe. I made it for dinner last night and added some goat cheese while it was still warm – yum!