Sunday – good words

I have been reading a plan on You Version this week titled Anxious for Nothing and the verses each day gave me a lot to think about. Hope there are moments of peace in your day.


Books and yarn

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  This year I ordered this beautiful devotion from She Reads Truth.  Over the next 49 days, I will be making my way through the book of Isaiah.  The book is lovely with the daily readings, beautiful artwork, and space for notes and journaling.  You can also find the daily reading on the website or on the She Reads Truth app.

I finished another donation hat last night.  May 20 is a Day of Service in our area.  One group will be collecting hats and scarves for school children so I ordered some yarns in the colors of our local sports team and plan to knit up as many hats as I can over the next two months.  I am about halfway on the body of my Annabel cardigan.  With the bulky yarn, it is a beast to drag around so it has become an at home knit.

I have been trying to whittle down my currently reading list so it might have been a mistake to download this audiobook.   The author had mentioned a few books that I have already read but I am also adding to my TBR list!  

If you want more inspiration, visit Ginny or Frontier Dreams today.

Yarnalong – revisiting

I don’t often reread books but this author is an exception.  I have read and reread each of his books.  And then I sometimes listen to the audio version.  I first read Being Mortal in 2014 and began recommending it to everyone.  Recently, our family has been faced with helping dad make some next step decisions.  I kept thinking back to this book, finding guidance in Gwande’s research and stories.  Over the weekend, I downloaded the audio book and have been soaking up his wisdom.

My knitting is also a re-do.  I knit this little hat for our tiny person but it was a bit short and I knew it would not last long.  So last night I pulled out the top section and added a few more inches.  The yarn is very soft and the colors actually match his quilt – not planned.  It is a simple knit3 pearl1 pattern and was a quick fix.  I have been working on my Annabel and have made good progress on the body.  Just the kind of back and forth knitting my brain needs right now.

Happy Wednesday.  I am looking forward to our first book group meeting tonight.  We will be reading and discussions Scouting the Divine over the next few weeks.  Another book I have now read twice.  Hmmm?

Sharing with Ginny and Frontier Dreams today.

Revisiting – yarn and books

This week went a bit sideways.  First a snow storm that knocked out our power for a day and kept us home for two days.  On the first day, I had a scratchy threat that has now blossomed into a full blown head cold – sigh.  

I was able to catch the afternoon light and get my Anisos shawl cast on again.  You may remember that this is the shawl with 447 stitches but it is a picot edge so you are really knitting double that to get through the cast on.  I finished it up and did the first two rows yesterday.  I have now set it aside to let my head clear up before tackling the first lace chart.  I made a major goof on the first try so I will use more stitch markers and go slowly this time around.  I do not want to do that cast on again.

I am also revisiting this book.  I am going to lead a book study at church using this book as our guide.  I read it a number of years ago and the content is very accessible and should lead to some good discussions.  Most of the participants are also yarn folk so it will be extra fun that first session when we talk about sheep.

Happy Wednesday.  Back to work today and watching the snow melt away.  Be sure to visit Ginny and friends today.

Pause and make room

 This weekend I picked up “The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life ” by Joan Chittister and found this lovely quote.”Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.”

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  I bought this beautiful Advent devotion last year (this is the 2015 devotion – there is a new one for 2016).  I didn’t get very far in the reading. Yesterday I opened to the first week and saw this lovely image.  Yes please, I would very much like to retreat a little this Advent season and make room for more peace in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is the release of Project Peace.   Will you be joining?