Unraveled Wednesday 

I finally reached the point of placing beads on my shawl.  The first round went well and I am ready for round two.  It is a very subtle addition but fun.

I am re-reading my Shetland magazines, thinking about what to pack, and dreaming of being out of cell phone range for almost 3 weeks!  

This week is getting filled with those kind of tasks that you would rather would hand over to someone else but there is a long weekend coming up so . . .

Thanks Kat for hosting us each week.


Someone flipped the switch and we went from winter to summer in the blink of an eye.  Seriously, no time to shift.  My weekend included hunting down some sunglasses and sunscreen, chicken salad with grapes, my first iced coffee of the season, and a lovely hike on a very hilly trail.  In 6 weeks we will begin our Grand Shetland Adventure and there will be a lot of walking.  I’m pretty sure I am up to it but just to make sure, I am planning a longer hike each week.  I do know that I must get some different socks to wear with my hiking boots.  

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

Unraveled Wednesday – Book Bingo!

I am happy to say that there was no yarn unraveling in the last week.  Believe me, there is plenty of unraveling in the rest of my life.  I did get one more donation hat finished.  I will pick up a few more this week and get the delivered on Saturday.  I am planning to start doing longer walks on the Pipeline Trail over the next 6 weeks to get my hiking boots ready for our Grand Shetland Adventure this summer.

I printed my Summer Bingo card so now it is time to see wher the books on my TBR list will fit.  Visit Mary to get your own card.  I just finished listening to Lily and the Octopus, another great audio book option.

Thank you for the great ideas for adding cinnamon to my beverages.  I tried Lori’s idea and have been very happy with the cinnamon in my smoothie idea.  I am going to try sprinkling some cinnamon on my coffee grounds when I use my Moka.  It sounds like a grand idea.

Thanks again to Kat for hosting Unraveled Wednesdays.

Island dreaming

Maybe not the island you are dreaming of, the one with the beach and sand and sunshine and hula girls.  This island captured my heart sometime in the last few years.  I have watched Ravelry discussions and Instagram feeds with beautiful photos of hills and sheep and rainbows.  And guess what?  That dream is less than a year away from becoming a reality.  My daughter and I signed up to go on a Shetland tour with Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone next summer.  Our tour will be a walking tour so I am on the hunt for some good hiking boots.  I will need to find a jacket, one that is rain repellant.  And I want to finish my Gudrun shawl and my Mary Jane sweater.  I am anxious for more information, to start looking at flights and ferry schedules.  I am trying to pace myself but it isn’t easy.

It is wet and cold outside today.  A great time for knitting and dreaming.  What are you dr among about these days?