My Friday

About a month ago I told my husband that I was planning to make the day after Thanksgiving a Me-day. In the last month we have had a baptism, a wedding, a birthday, and Thanksgiving. On top of that there have been many trips across the bridge to be with Dad and enough extra stuff at work to leave me feeling a bit worn. What will I do on my Me-day? A bit of fiber diving, sorting, and purging. Knitting, of course. I am two inches into the body of my sweater. Some hand stitching on a piece i started earlier this year. A run on the trail. Some reading and journaling. Soup for lunch, a cuppa tea, and a nap. Later we will head out to get cheese and salmon for our Friday night dinner/snacks and then back to the couch for more knitting. My day is not even halfway done but I am feeling oh so much better.

Happy Friday.


Fiber Friday – knitting as meditation

I used to go to a sitting meditation class on Saturday mornings.  Week after week I would practice stillness, breathing, calm.   After about 15 minutes, the calm was interrupted with that weird buzzing that you get when your feet fall asleep.  I learned a lot of techniques for propping my ankles and using a blanket to wrap around my feet.  Slowly, the number of minutes extended.  As much as I enjoyed the idea of meditation, I came to realize that there were other yoga classes that I preferred.

When I returned to knitting, I tried to knit socks and then sweaters.  I have set aside the idea of knitting socks.  I still want to finish a sweater.  But hat knitting is my happy place.  I always have a hat on the needles.  A few years ago I tried to knit 52 hats in a year and came pretty close with 48.  Last month I started the year by knitting a pink hat for my sister to wear in the March in D.C. and I mailed a nice, fat envelope with 7 hats to Knitting4peace.  Last night I cast on this sweet little dots hat from Tin Can Knits for our tiny person – who is not quite so tiny anymore.  As I worked on that hat, I could feel the stress melt away.  Yup, this is the kind of meditation calm I need right now.  

Sunday pause

It is very easy to let the weekend get swept away, to try and tackle long to do lists, errands, chores, all the things that were left undone during the work week. But Sunday, that should be a place where we can pause, if only for a few deep breathes. I am working on this, a Sunday pause, it is going to take some practice.

seeking balance


Balance can be so elusive.  Most of the time, I don’t think about it.  But when stress begins to seep out of those corners where it has been stuffed, seeking balance becomes a primary activity.

This weekend the balance seeking options were plenty:

a long run with a running buddy,

some time to play with fabric and yarn,

a family gathering to drink iced tea, eat good food, and catch up,

enjoying the annual youth service to hear about how mission trips, youth group, and camp are impacting the lives of kids in our congregation,

sharing the work of moving mom with my sister and husband,

going to a much needed yoga class,

a simple salad and a glass of wine for dinner.

Thanks to Karen for the motivation to think about stress busting.



res·tive [res-tiv] adjective
impatient of control, restraint, or delay, as persons; restless; uneasy.

This weekend I finally felt myself falling into the pace of summer break.
“Do we have a plan?” he asked.
“Nope!”  I replied.

There was sewing, reading, knitting, and taking time to smell the laundry as I took it off the line.  I tended my garden, ran a bit slower but also a bit longer, and took an extra yoga class.

I lingered, took my time, found places to pause and take deep, restorative breathes.  I am trying to stay away from the calendar and the date that will bring me back to work.  And when I read the definition of the prompt word for today, I make a quiet note to hold on to the summer-me and resist that restive, work-work-me.

Restive is the prompt for today – new prompts coming next week.