Sunday stitches

Yesterday I met with a little group of quilters at a local quilt shop.  Most of them are doing the 2017 Sue Spargo block of the month so I got to see some of the blocks and not surprisingly, they are beautiful!  I was going to take one of my Cuppa blocks to work on but Friday was so full that I didn’t have time to prep one.  Instead, I took these red X’s that I am working on the for 70237 project.  I am planning a Middlings quilt.  I stitched on my pieces and listed to the ladies talk about classes with Sue at Ailomar.  Another one to add to my someday list.  When I left, I had a new energy to get back to my Cuppa blocks.

Today is one of those “nothing on the calendar” days.  I’m thinking an extra cup of coffee, finish stitching these red X’s, pulling out my Cuppa blocks, a bit of yoga, and a time with our tiny person.  Visit Kathy to get some slow stitching inspiration.

Sunday Treasure – stitched prayers

A few years ago, I started a stitching project to soothe my heart as we walked through Alzheimer’s disease with mom.  I finished that piece about a year ago and it hangs in my kitchen.  I put notes and cards in the pockets that remind me to be grateful for family and friends.

Last month I found Bonnie’s stitch journal and have been following her new project.  Kat is also stitching daily.  

This morning, I pulled out a packet of kimono fabrics and some linen that have been patiently waiting in my stash to see if I might find inspiration for a stitching project.  Life around here has been wobbly for more than a few months.  It feels a bit like being in a pong game with many zigs and zags.  So I am returning to fabric and thread to create new stitched prayers.  My new project will not be daily – I am working to be realistic and committing to daily projects will not bring me the peace and joy I am seeking.   

Visit Kathy’s blog today to see more slow stitching.

Slow stitching on a Sunday

I don’t think I have written a slow stitching post since moving to this space.  Yesterday, I found myself visiting quite a few of the lovely slow Sunday stitchers and I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of that tribe.  

We are still weeks away from the new year but I am beginning to think about how to feed my creative spirit in 2017.  I have dabbled with daily projects but my schedule too often gets in the way and what I don’t want is to set myself up.  But I like the idea of gathering and prepping projects that can be easily picked up and put down. And I very much want to savor every stitch.

I have a stack of circle blocks that I would love to make into a top using this as inspiration.  And this knitting project would provide a fun way to sharpen my knitting skills. I have plenty of fabric and threads to do something like this.  I have also enjoyed following Kate’s making adventures.

Today I am planning to gather my projects for #17ufosin2017.  I have some empty bins that will work well for keeping those projects organized.  Be sure to visit Kathy to see what everyone is working on this weekend.