Sometimes Monday

Looks like a completed Summer Book Bingo card! I finished my final book this morning and it might be my favorite from my summer reading. Quilting Lessons was recommended by Honore and I quickly downloaded the ebook. But I forgot about it. Last week, I realized that the book I had planned to read for “subtitle on the cover” was going to take more time to read. I opened my Kindle and found Quilting Lessons: notes from the scrap bag of a writer and quilter. As I began reading, I realized that this book was meant to be read right now, during this time of setting aside my fabric and sewing and getting back into the routine of the school year. So many highlighted notes, words that are swirling in my head and my heart. What a wonderful way to end my summer reading. Thanks Mary for another great Book Bingo Summer.

It’s crucial not to lose sight of one important feature of juggling multiple tasks simultaneously: ensuring a small oasis of pleasure here and there in the day. While the computer prints out a chapter draft or while the wash cycle is on spin, don’t forget to take time out to pick sweet peas in the garden. Don’t forget to call the friend who has been so sad lately. There might even be enough time to sew the borders on that quilt that is spread out on the workroom room floor.

Quilting Lessons


sometimes Monday . . .

looks like ironing fabric at 6am because the sewing room will be too hot by noon.

Now that my fabric is ironed, I might be able to get this pattern cut out in a downstairs corner where there is shade outside and a fan.

This heatwave is supposed to cool off tomorrow but not for long so Monday will also look like stocking the fridge with food that won’t require the stove or oven.

Hope your Monday is treating you well.

Music Making Monday


I have a very musical family.  There are many guitars and keyboards and loads of percussion options in each of our homes.  I also have a family in love with Christmas traditions.  We used to joke that if we did something once, it became a tradition.  One tradition that has been evolving over the last 25 years is the family Christmas concert.  In the early days, the music (all written by my husband) was performed by my husband and daughters.  When our first son-in-law joined the family and brought his drums along, the band began to grow.  Soon I was taking drum lessons and got to play on a few songs.  This year we welcomed another son-in-law and guess what?  He plays guitar so of course he needed to join the band.  Even our tiny person has a shaker and loves to add some extra percussion to the mix.

Our annual concert was a few weeks ago and as always, it was very fun.  We get to see people we only see once a year and to give them the gift of music.  Sometimes I wonder if I take my music making family for granted.  I forget that this is not the norm.

Here is hoping that there is some music in your season that brings you joy – as a listener or a music maker.