Sometimes Monday offers a great view

I love our library but I usually don’t spend much time there since I can browse the collections and place holds online. Yesterday I needed to do some reading before I headed home so I stopped by my local branch. The tables and computers were packed but in the back corner, I found this lovely spot to sit and read. It was perfect. I think I need to make this a regular part of my week.

P.S. Don’t be fooled by that blue sky. It is still very cold outside but I will take cold blue skies over warm, grey, and rain any day of the week!

Monday on repeat

Yup – another snow day. I’m looking for the silver linings.

  • We are cleaning out the fridge
  • I am caught up on laundry and housework for the first time in a long time
  • My yarn and fabric stash have provided plenty of materials for creative diversions
  • We have power (I hesitate to type those words)
  • I discovered some interesting podcasts
  • I had just enough butter and eggs to make cookies

I’m going to stop there and work on that second sleeve. And I’m going tp pray that the snow forecast for later today fizzles out.

Sometimes Monday

is a good time to share some quilts.

Remember when Lori went to help families after the California fires? Last week there was a request for more quilts to distribute so I gathered a stack to send off. Over the years I have made so many quilts just because I love the process. I have been happy to give away, to a local women’s center, the city chaplain (who gives them to families in crisis), and to the hospice center. Seems like mailing a box to California is a good way to start my week.

sometimes Mondays

feel more manageable when I stop and take a look back.

Just a little over a year ago our tiny person was still moving on his hands and knees – and boy was he fast! Now, on two feet he is even faster!

Just a year ago we were moving dad to health care because he was not recovering from two bouts of pneumonia. But now he has bounced back and spent most of this week writing his Christmas cards.

Almost a year ago I started a big project at work. Over and over again I ran into roadblocks but last week, the path cleared and the project is now on the move.

One last Monday before Christmas break. We can do things!