So I’m doing this thing

I’ve told you that I’m a joiner. And I have joined another thing. This time it involves telling my stories so it fits with one of my current projects. Ali Edwards put up a challenge – #piecesofus. Each day you take a picture that tells a piece of your story. Yesterday was feet. Easy peasey. I love taking feet pictures. Today is hands. That is a bit harder. I don’t have a tri-pod or one of those things that holds my phone but I figured it out. The next few days are pictures of faces which, to be honest, is frightening. But I am going to stick with this. Because I want to start writing those stories I have been chasing.

Fiber Friday

Thanks for all the comments on knitting notebooks. Many said they use Ravelry and I do too. But my notebook is a place to hold the my knitting stories. Like the one about my orange sweater. I started that sweater in September 2015. I swatched but quickly realized that I needed to be knitting a different size so I unknit and started again. Then I set the sweater aside and could not remember where I was in the pattern so, yup, unknit and started again. There was more unknitting and restarting on the sleeves but finally, two years and two weeks later I was finished. I learned so much during that time (and had many more knitting projects on and off the needles). When I wore that sweater for the first time, I carried all those stories with me.

I think my knitting notebook has been influenced by Ann Hood and Clara Parkes. I don’t want to lose touch with the reason my hands keep reaching for needles and yarn.

I do have a few pages with lists of podcasts, knitting related books, a fiber events for my someday travel list. I have a tally sheet for donation hats and places that take hat donations. I am including pictures and want to start adding knitting wisdom and quotes.

So, here we are, another Friday and an evening ahead that will include a good glass of wine, some lovely cheese, and time for knitting. Enjoy!

Fiber Friday – stitch stories

I picked this book up at the library a few weeks ago and briefly paged through it.  This morning, I settled in on the couch (up far too early again) and gave it a read.  I do love the idea of using fabric and thread to record memories and made a list of ideas to try before I return the book.  

I did a search to find out more about the author and found some good articles about stitch artists.  And I spent a bit of time catching up with this beautiful blog.  But now it is time to move into this day and hope for some stitching time this weekend.

P.S.  it is a few weeks away but you might want to visit Michelle and read about her upcoming workshop.  Another way to stitch up some memories and stories with paper and pen.

kitchen floor

my kitchen floor

It is scratched and stained.  And because there are no small children in the house, it doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should.  We have talked about refinishing but it is a big project that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  But this floor holds many stories.  Of family meals, cookie parties, brewing beer.  We have danced across this floor, spilled coffee and milk and shattered a few dishes.  There are stories of the puppy that never seemed to figure out that this was a slippery space and the new dog who clicks her away across the surface.

This floor has stories to tell.

Writing with prompts – the July list