a month of tiny moments

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.” L. M. Browning

July 1 finds me settling into retirement with a few holes in my “plan”. I won’t be spending some of that extra time with dad. I won’t be hiking the Scottish Highlands. I won’t be joining a weekly knitting circle or an in-person book group.

But I am sure there will be some wonderful, tiny moments this month. The not-so-tiny person will be joining me each week to dig in the garden and read books. And I bet I will be able to arrange some baby dates with the tinier person – more likely playing on the floor and reading on the couch.

There will be time for walking and hiking and dusting off my bicycle. I have plans for finishing a few quilts and a few knitting projects. My July notebook is ready for the pen. Flowers, fresh fruit, lots of water and vegetables, and an occasional scotch on the rocks (dad’s drink of choice) while I sit on the deck.

July seems a good month to notice the “preciousness of the present moment.”

Hello Summer

When you are in education, most folks think you get the summer “off.” It’s not quite like that, at least when you are in administration. Summer break is a time to get things done that are hard to do when the campus is filled with students and teachers. So I look forward to a more relaxed schedule and checking things off my To Do list.

I am also feeling the need to make stuff so starting the summer break with a quilt retreat is perfect. I mucked around with one idea for part of yesterday, moved on to sewing triangle blocks, and finished the evening with some knitting. I am also begging to sketch a bit. I did this one a week ago but there are some beautiful wild flowers and trees outside so I think I will venture out and make some more marks today.

I am also working on cultivating a habit of gratitude this summer so today there will be coffee, a bit of time on my mat, and catching up with my quilting friends.