Thinking about rhythms and routines that I can carry into 2019 that will help me establish places where I will find rest. A big one is meal planning. Yesterday one of our daughters came over and we spread out our current favorite cookbooks and made lists for meals and snacks. Today I need to get my shopping list ready for a trip to the grocery store.

Grateful for this Christmas break. While it wasn’t as active as past years, I have slowed down enough to feel rested and almost ready to return to work.

Interested in so many new books! Our library has a “For Later” shelf option and mine now holds close to 100 titles. I used to put things on hold directly and then not have time when all the books arrived at the same time. This lets me hold on to those book titles without that frustration.

Fun for this weekend will include some time with my knitting while watching a movie and some of the second season of The Crown. And there may be time to play with paper and stickers and list making in my notebooks.

Happy Friday!



Thinking about this season of caregiving for an aging parent and falling into this new book.

Grateful for time with our tiny person. He went along to celebrate his great-grampa’s birthday this week and was deemed “a delightful little boy.”

Interested in and investigating the purchase of a new sewing machine. Mine is beginning to clunk and the bobbin winder is not working well. I think it is time.

Fun – Last week I had a comment from a new reader. After some back and forth email, we discovered that not only do we live in neighboring cities but she used to work with my mom and has met my dad. And she quilts and knits! We are having lunch together today – how fun is that?

Thanks again to Kym for this fun, Friday prompt


The students are finished, the teachers are ready for check out, and I am feeling summer break so I am;

Thinking about – making lovely things from this magazine and a new bag pattern.

Grateful for – a more flexible work schedule now that the school year is over.

Interested in – learning to sketch and starting with this tiny bit of Queen Anne’s lace.

Fun – one week from my annual quilt retreat (where I will likely do some sewing and knitting but maybe a new quilt is brewing).

I would love some book suggestions for the second person square on my book bingo card.

Thanks to Kym for this fun Friday prompt.


We passed the halfway mark for the #100dayproject this week! And to be honest, there have been a few days when I have not picked up my pen or needles but in the spirit of the project, I am letting this be a part of the learning process.

Today I am using Kym’s fun Friday prompt:

Thinking about these Lime Bikes and wondering about the riders who are using them. They sure are popping up in some peculiar places.

Grateful for an extra day added to the holiday weekend – a snow day that we didn’t need to use!

Interested in this knitting project. Mary and Kat did this last year. I am going to swatch this weekend.

Fun ahead. There is some sunshine in the forecast and a new barbecue on the way so there will be reading on the deck and grilling this weekend.

Happy Friday!


Thinking about my Birkin sweater that has been ignored all week and planning to pull it out for Friday night tv viewing.

Grateful for the weekend coming up without much on the calendar.

Inspired by the beautiful post Edinburgh Yarn Festival pictures still popping up on my Instagram feed and all the lovely yarn and meet ups that happened.

Fun for tomorrow – I got a free Pilates class at a new studio so I will head over there and try it out.

And because it was a weird week, I will close with an extra gratitude for all the time I get to spend with our tiny person. He is loving being outside and loading up his dump truck with rocks.