Think Write Thursday – a treehouse

“The perch in the maple tree was Betsy’s private office. Here she thought out stories and poems and wrote them down. Here she kept what she had written in the cigar box”.  (from Betsy and Tacey Go Downtown)

I never had a tree house.  I grew up in Arizona and we didn’t even have the kind of trees that you could climb.  But I have never forgotten this scene from one of the Betsy and Tacy books and I always wanted a spot in a tree where I could get away from my brothers with my cigar box filled with writing supples.  I would want my tree house to be deep enough in the woods to keep out the hustle bustle of the world.  A comfy couch with pillows and quilts, windows to let in the light and the sound of the birds singing, a pile of books, a basket of knitting or stitching projects, and space to roll out my yoga mat.  No TV or internet but a coffee maker would be lovely.

I don’t imagine a tree house is in my future but I do think I will head to my sewing room later today so I can curl up on my comfy chair with that cup of coffee and a good book.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for a fun prompt.

***the photo above was taken on a trip to John Muir Woods in Northern California.

Classic books

The Think Write Thursday topic for April 6, 2017 is to tell us about a book you wish you could read again for the first time. Happy writing. Carole and Kat

When I read this prompt, two book titles popped into my head.  When our girls were in elementary school, they participated in a book group during recess.  I was one of the leaders.  I would read the books and then meet with the other leaders to come up with discussion questions. (A side note:  the kids ate lunch during these discussion sessions and it was looking at the cafeteria tray food that made me rethink the idea that the girls should eat a school lunch once a week – yuck!)

I have re-read The Bridge to Terabithia a few times over the years and I still love this story.  What I remember about Afternoon of the Elves is that almost every student wished for a sequel.  They did not want this story to end.  Reading those books alongside those students was a highlight.

If I think back a bit further, I would probably choose The Hundred Dresses.  That was a story that I fell into.  I wanted to be friends with Wanda, to spend an afternoon with her, drawing pictures of dresses.

Now that we have a tiny person in our lives, I know there will be good books coming into our lives.  What joy!  What treasures!

Hello April

Will you be gentle?  Or at least slow down the roller-coaster we have been riding the last few months?

I am hoping to cast on and get walking with the Healthy Knitter (I don’t have much success keeping up with knit-alongs but I am going to give it a go).

I have plans to eat well.

I am not going to join the very invitng journaling and creativity challenges that launch this month but I am looking forward to Just Five Things.

I am looking forward to some color – a Fitbit replacement, perhaps a new Bible.

Spring break is the next row on the calendar, Easter is coming, and my birthday wraps up the month.  I am hopeful.

Thanks Carole and Kat for the invitation to welcome a new month.

Hello March – hopeful

March is usually the month when the daffodils peek out from the ground in places that surprise me.  This year, I am hesitant to make too many plans but I hopeful.  

I hope there is time for running and playing with our tiny person. 

I know there will be good books on my IPhone but I also hope for a good book in my lap, a story that will carry me away.

I am inspired to stitch red fabric to white cloth and to make donation hates and I hope there will be a morning or two for gathering with my favorite knitting buddies.  

I hope that dad will settle into a new routine and continue to get stronger.  

This week I reconnected with a blogging friend who writes lovely reflections.  This also brings hope.  There are good people in our lives.  I hope this month will be filled with opportunities to see goodness and hope.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for these weekly prompts.

Think Write Thursday – just do it

The Think Write Thursday prompt for February 16, 2017 is to write about something you’ve been putting off doing. We all have those tasks, projects, phone calls and more that we find excuses to avoid. What are you procrastinating about? And why? And, finally, how are you going to address it?
I am in a season of procrastination.  Truthfully, procrastination is part of my nature but this season, the last 3 or so months, I have ramped it up to a new level.  I don’t procrastinate about everything.  I have been quick to respond and take care of the things I do for family and at work.  But when it comes to taking care of me and my stuff, I have been wearing the blinders of avoidance 24/7.  

This weekend, I was in my car quite a bit.  That gave me time to listen to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I have resisted this book but it was a free audio download so I put it in my library.  And then I avoided listening to it.  But in a very short time, I knew I needed to hear what this author was saying.  Tidying up, decluttering, sorting and tossing.  These things have been much on my mind.  I have too much stuff that does not meet the “sparks joy” criteria.  There are bags here and there that just need to go to the donation store.  There are too many piles that just keep getting moved around.  I have a lot of extra space for this in my home, and while I know that many people complain of not enough space, it makes actually dealing with those piles harder – out of sight, out of mind.  But not really out of mind.  Knowing that that stuff is there weighs heavily.  And it becomes an excuse – oh I can’t do that until I deal with this.  Sigh.

I am one day away from a four day weekend.  There are a few commitments on my calendar but I also think there is time to make a dent in those piles.  And starting with my clothes is the perfect beginning.  So that is it.  I am tackling my closet and my drawers this weekend.  Let the tidying up begin.

a love letter

Dear mom,

Look at you!  So young and beautiful.  I love this photo, that smile, those glasses!  I wanted to be a mommy, just like you.

Remember when I was the new mom?  Sometimes you would say that you didn’t know how I did it.  I had two children.  You had five!  You were so encouraging, my biggest fan.

Even in those last years when the Alzheimer monster was gobbling up your memory, you always greeted me with such love.  People would ask, “Does she know who you are?”   Taylor had the best answer.  “She might not be able to name us but she knows we are people she loves.”  We are people you loved.  And that made us people who could love others.  That was your gift to us mom.

I want to be just like you mom.  I want to love our daughters with the same unconditional love you showered on me.  I want to be a gramma like you were, loving, nurturing, memory making, always there, just on the edge, never needing to be the center of attention.

I love you mom.  You are forever in my heart. 


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Hello February

I wonder what you have in store for me?  I know there are changes coming, some that will be very good, some that will require more deep breathing and trust.  

For today, my currently list includes:

  • Rediscovering a study book that seems a perfect match for the current state of affairs,
  • At least one knitted project and one quilt will surely be completed and checked off the list,
  • Birthday celebrations for some of my favorite people,
  • Empty boxes waiting to carry away some clutter,
  • A visit from my sister,
  • More time on the yoga mat, 
  • Stamps and note cards and handwritten letters.
  • Travel planning and coffee dates with one daughter,
  • Running time with the other daughter,
  • And perhaps best of all, giggles and snuggles with our tiny person.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for this Think Write Thursday prompt.