Yarn and books

There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. Robert Burns
Today is the birth date of Robert Burns, Scottish poet.  There is a tradition of celebrating with a dinner which I am determined to host some year.  Not today.  But since my yarn escapdes have been less than stellar this week, I thought I would mention it.  And I believe I might put a visit here on my list of things to do in Scotland this summer.

On my needles but destined to come off the needles this weekend is my Anisos shawl.  After getting the picot cast on finished, I cautiously started the first chart.  On row 3 I made an error that I don’t have the skills to repair.  So I will unknit and start over. I am determined to stick with this project.  I believe it will teach me much.  Take a look here to see how lovely this shawl will be.

I have been listening to Alters in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor and I am going to get a paper copy of this book.  The chapter on pain came on right after my conversation with dad’s doctor about pain management and elderly folks.  Very good stuff.

We are on the down side of the work week!  Hope you have wonderful yarn and books in your days.  Visit Ginny, or Kat, or Mary, or Karen to get inspired.

Words, yarn, looking ahead

This year is coming to a close.  It will take me awhile to sort out everything that has happened in the last month.  What I do know is that I have much to celebrate.  I have so much lovely yarn, quilting projects to keep me entertained, great books to read, and an amazing family.

I finished Commonwealth and have been enjoying listening to Ann Patchett read Truth and Beauty.  I picked up an Ann Hood book at the library and hope to sink into that this weekend.  And yesterday, this beautiful book arrived – Royal Mail, I love that.  I am eager to read everything I can about Shetland before I head across the pond for an amazing Grand Shetland Adventure next summer.

I cast on (again) the Annabel cardigan.  Next up will be the Rob Roy hat followed by a new-to-me cast on – picot edge cast on.  

Finally, I saw this fun idea on Nancy’s blog and thought I would play along.  This week is getting better already!

Island dreaming

Maybe not the island you are dreaming of, the one with the beach and sand and sunshine and hula girls.  This island captured my heart sometime in the last few years.  I have watched Ravelry discussions and Instagram feeds with beautiful photos of hills and sheep and rainbows.  And guess what?  That dream is less than a year away from becoming a reality.  My daughter and I signed up to go on a Shetland tour with Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone next summer.  Our tour will be a walking tour so I am on the hunt for some good hiking boots.  I will need to find a jacket, one that is rain repellant.  And I want to finish my Gudrun shawl and my Mary Jane sweater.  I am anxious for more information, to start looking at flights and ferry schedules.  I am trying to pace myself but it isn’t easy.

It is wet and cold outside today.  A great time for knitting and dreaming.  What are you dr among about these days?