3 things – creative endeavors

I gave my seam ripper a good workout and I am ready to restitch the straps and seams on my Making Backpack. Yes, the straps came undone once again. I am pretty sure it is because of the type of webbing I used so I have some new webbing and, thanks to Instagram, some new id as about how to make the straps stronger.

My fabric is pressed, bobbins are wound, and time has been set aside to make this dress on Saturday.

The Local Yarn Store Tour is happening this weekend. Will I visit a few stores? Such a good question. Stay tuned.


when work becomes rest

I have a big project going on at work. It has been dragging on for much too long but this week, things are starting to ramp up. This project involves a fair amount of uncertainty and change which will be good in the end but tough in the short term. Too many days I am unable to turn off the chatter in my head. I’ve been learning to meditate and have returned to yoga and those are good things. But yesterday I found a new way to create rest. Digging, raking, gathering, hauling, dumping. The sun was out so I headed to the garden after work. I turned the soil and pulled some pesky volunteers. I raked up sticks and pine cones and created a base for the walk way. And I found this sweet little frog. I just sat and watched him for a bit before sharing him with our tiny person. What a treasure. I was dirty and a bit sore but happy to find such lovely rest in my gardening work.

Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday and share how your word has been showing up in your life this month.

February string along

Saturday morning I decided I would sew while the sheets and towels were in the wash. It was the perfect amount of time to get another 8 blocks stitched up. This takes me to the end of the strips I had already cut so I will need to pull more fabrics. I’m just going to keep going until it feels like time to stop. What a fun and simple quilt project.

Be sure to visit Lori to see more string quilts.

Unraveled Wednesday

I set my yarn aside and did some sewing this weekend. I am really enjoying these string blocks. I don’t have a plan for how many I will make. I cut a stack of strips and will just keep making blocks until it isn’t fun. I am loving the calm feeling of these fabrics.

Now, the unraveled part of this post. After I finished my Vintersol, I gave it a good soak and it expanded like crazy! It is much to big now. Help! It fit me beautifully before getting a bath. Should I try warm water.

What’s your word – January

This is the first January that I have not tried to do all sorts of prompts or decorate pages about my word. It seems fitting. In order to invite REST into my life, I needed to step back from the making and sink into this word. And it has been amazing! At least once a week I have found an email or text that references rest.

This one arrived last week, just days after two of my friends entered a season of grief and loss, when the winter crud was zapping our staff, and on a day when my knee was aching from trying to do too much.

So I rested. I sat on the couch with my knitting and my leg elevated. I wrote notes of sympathy and encouragement. I slowed down. It was good.

I have some plans for exploring this word in new ways next month but I am also looking forward to seeing how it shows up.

Now it’s your turn. How have you and your word been getting along?

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Hello Friday


It is time for Christmas break. I have had a great week, listening to all of our little students singing Christmas songs, families squeezed into pint sized chairs with phones capturing the performances.

At home, our tiny person has had fun with a small nativity, adding a few of his other toys to the scene and hiding baby Jesus. I have been teaching him some of the songs our preschoolers have been singing but it’s hard to compete with his current favorite – Yellow Submarine.

I am looking forward to some time to putter and play, do some reading, knitting, sewing. We do not have any plans other than Christmas Eve at church so plenty of time for unwinding.

Happy Friday!

Fiber Friday Friends

This is my friend Lori. We met through our blogs when we found that we had much more than quilting in common. This is us at the Sisters Quilt show a few years ago. We had such a great time. I have been thinking about Lori a lot lately. She is a woman with a very big heart.  She makes friends everywhere she goes.  And she make friendship a priority.

When she got a message about all the people who had lost not only their homes but their fabric and craft supplies as a result of the fires in northern California, she jumped to action.  The members of Lori’s Humble Quilts Facebook group responded with amazing collected quilts and fiber items and personally drove down to California to deliver  them.  You can read about her experience here.

She certainly made a fiber Friday possible for a lot of people last week.