In the land of color work

I am done with the second chart on my Pheasant Pullover. I did a bit of unknitting – missed a few increases so the next chart did not line up. I am very happy with these colors and the way they are playing together. Hope to finish the next section of color work quickly because I am ready for yet another color work sweater!

I knew I wanted to knit the Porty Pullover by Gudrun Johnston when I saw the test knits show up on Instagram. I actually placed an order for yarn but it won’t be delivered until the Shetland Woolweek journal is ready to ship later this month. I had the yarns I wanted to use for the color work. Just needed a main color. I found this lovely grey at Tolt Yarn and Wool and they have curbside pick up so . . . I swatched last night and I am ready for a cast on. So, here I go, deep into the land of color work – a very sweet place to play.

One word – September

Recently, Carole posted about an online class she had taken with Liz Lamoreux. I clicked over to her site (because I am very easily distracted by links and rabbit holes) and found a collage class that seemed to be a good fit. I had a stack of magazines that I had been saving for collage but I needed the nudge to actually cut them up and get going. The class (a series of videos, prompts, and inspirations) goes step by step in making an art journal. I have written about not loving messy art. But collage – I love collage! And I had this lovely notebook that was gifted to me about two years ago. It is hand bound in such a way that it lays flat. And the paper is perfect – a little heavier than regular journal paper. So I spent a few hours cutting and tearing out images, looking for words, and gluing things in place. It has been a wonderful place to dwell, to linger, and to disconnect.

I had not made the connection between my word – DWELL – and the act of disconnecting. But as I trimmed and glued and slowly paged through those magazine, I realized that they go hand in had. I cannot dwell when I am too busy or distracted. I cannot dwell when my brain is overflowing with lists and ideas and worries. I need this kind of space, the kind where you are not watching the clock or finishing a project on a deadline, in order to fall into dwelling.

I am only four lessons into this class. There are sixteen to go. I am not in a hurry. I imagine this will take me another 6-8 weeks and that is perfect. I will dwell in the simplicity of tearing paper and glueing it down. I will dwell in the words that come up when I look at the colors and images and quotes I have added to this notebook.

Looking forward to catching up with Honoré and friends today.

Chasing hope

“But pain and tragedy and injustice happen—they happen to us all. I’d like to believe it’s what you choose to do after such an experience that matters the most—that truly changes your life forever.”
― Anthony Ray Hinton, The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row

I read this book last month and over the last few weeks, I keep thinking of this man and the way he held on to hope. I want that hope. So, as I head into the weekend, I will share some bits of fiber and color that are helping color my world right now. I also want to say that I know that it is a privilege to be able to distract my head and heart with fabric and yarn. I also believe that nobody wins if I give up chasing hope.

A finished sweater
House blocks and trees on my quilt design wall
A finished quilt, ready for afternoon reading on the couch

Getting back outside

Thanks to a good dose of rain, our air has begun to clear up. I was able to get outside for two short walks this weekend and have begun to dream of digging in the garden. I have been inspired by blog posts and a new to me gardening show. Many years ago, we dug and dug and claimed a garden space. Then there were a few years when gardening didn’t happen and so the space needs to be reclaimed. My goal is to get things cleaned up so I can return to gardening next spring.

After some contemplation, I ordered this planner/notebook. I saw a post somewhere that said buying a 2021 planner is a sign of hope. This one has monthly calendars and then undated pages. I don’t really need the page per day that most planners provide. I think I have a plan for this notebook but won’t write about it just yet. I am enjoying Katie’s Monday posts and the fun peek into the journaling/planner life of the commenters.

Now that the skies have cleared up, I need to get back to meal planning and blogging and routines. Happy Monday. Hope this week brings outside time for you – perhaps with the need for a sweater and wool socks!