oh hello Friday

Up much too early today, my head swirling with the details of the day ahead. Classroom parties, parent group celebration, tidying up my desk so I can leave work at work for the next two weeks. Spent some time listening to Magpie Murders, knitting a few rounds, and writing in this beautiful Tumeric notebook. Time to make a cuppa and get myself ready for the day. Fortunately the Friday night wine and cheese have been acquired so the evening ahead will be a lovely way to begin Christmas break.

Happy Friday!

p.s.  if you have some time, please visit this fun blog.  Erin is a friend of my daughter and she’s is a very creative spirit.  She also has the most lovely smile.


Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy to report that there is a finished object in my house. And I have made good progress on my sweater, although there was a bit of unravelling. I needed it to be a bit longer before splitting for the sleeves.

I noticed that Karen has a shelf on Goodreads marked – own, need to read. What a great idea. So up next maybe this book or this one? I was also gifted another book so you can see that I have plenty of options.

I have a bunch of little things to do today and then plan to have a bit of reading time after lunch. Did you know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving?

Hello Saturday


Just curious.  Anyone planning to join in with the Project Peace 2017 KAL? I very much want to start planning for this but I also want to be realistic.

I finished All Over Creation and I very much liked it. There were so many themes that touched my own life and characters that I liked. I am not sure what comes next. I have two audio books ready to go but I have neglected my podcasts so maybe I will play catch up before I start another book.

Happy Saturday. Mine is a rare one with not one single thing on my calendar – just what I need.

Three on Thursday


I love reading blogs.  This has been such a fun month with bloggers posting daily.  Here are three things about blogging that are on my mind:

  1. Why do I have to keep clicking the I’m not a robot box on so many blogs lately?
  2. I like to read blogs with a variety of topics because honestly, isn’t that what life is all about?
  3. I love link lists on blogs!  That is how I end up traveling down so many rabbit holes!

Thanks to everyone publishing a daily post this month.  I know it takes time to write and post.  I try to comment on as many blogs as I am able and I have really enjoyed getting to know a few of you from blog connections.  And best of all, just a wee bit longer and we will be on to Friday!


Fiber Friday

This afternoon I am going to Vogue Knitting Live with my daughters.  We attended the marketplace the last time VKL was in our area and we were looking for something fun to do – just the three of us – before my younger daughter’s wedding this weekend.  We are just going to the Marketplace and then out to dinner but I know it will be so fun.  I think we all know so much more about knitting and all things wool than we did a few years ago.

I am casting on for a tiny person vest.  I am hoping it might go quickly enough to be a first birthday gift (just a short month away!).

Hope your Friday is fiber-filled!


My weekend was filled with some lovely #tinytinymoments

  • A wonderful day with our tiny person (including an nap for him and some organizing time for me!)
  • The baptism of that same tiny person
  • Casting off and weaving in ends which means a finished object
  • A fairly successful shopping trip for something to wear to an upcoming wedding
  • Two new recipes that will become regulars
  • An interval run on a crisp afternoon

And now, a Monday off from work so the loveliness can continue.

Hello August

While I am not a fan of the extreme heat, I am looking forward to this month. Yes, I am returning to work but the schedule is pretty flexible so there is time for a morning run or sitting on the deck with a book before work. And I am recommitting to healthy eating this month high is so much easier when the produce market is filled with cress fruits and veggies.
I am trying to free some of my needles with Andi's KAL but I have also cast on for Helen's next shawl pattern. And after winding my sock blank, I am ready to begin my first socks. So many pretty patterns have been recommended, not sure how I will choose. And of course I am hoping for a few bingos on my summer reading card.
Thanks Carole and Kat for Think Write Thursday.