Unraveled Wednesday

I have finally begun the color work on my sweater. For weeks I have questioned the choice of blue and contemplated picking up a yellow for the color work but when I was ready to start, I only had the blue so that was it. Now that I see the Blue next to the dark grey, I am very happy. I am 5 rows in, 24 to go. It seems like an easy chart (offset circles) so I am hoping that there will be no unraveling.

I am closing in on the end of The Magpie Murders., listening to the audio book and loving the narrator. It is a good traveling companion.

Just a few days away from Christmas break and I am trying not to create an unrealistic amount of things to keep my busy during the two weeks away from school. January is re-enrollment and open house season, very busy, so I need to take the rest time. I signed up for The Balanced Life Pilates program and I think this will be a good winter solution for me. And then there is my one little word to play with.

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Unraveled Wednesday

This week I am choosing peace and calm over perfection and unraveling.

I am loving the Project Peace pattern but I misread one of the sections and my stitch count was off. Instead of unraveling, I decided to add a few extra repeats for the next few sections and get back on the stitch count. I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

I ordered this lovely Advent devotional and then set it aside for the start of Advent on December 3 only to discover that this devotional started on November 30. There was a time when I would have set the book aside but not this year. This year I choose to see this as another opportunity to practice peace and to do a few extra readings over the next week.

How are you choosing Peace this month?

Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling of yarn projects this week – phew. I did do some stash diving and came up with with some yarn that I think (hope) will work for the Project Peace KAL. I am anxious to get started on this project although I should probably stay strong with my sweater knitting.

I finished listening to Eleanor Oliphant this week. I enjoyed this book and the reader was really good. I am waiting on a few library books and looking forward to some reading time over Christmas break.

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Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy to report that there is a finished object in my house. And I have made good progress on my sweater, although there was a bit of unravelling. I needed it to be a bit longer before splitting for the sleeves.

I noticed that Karen has a shelf on Goodreads marked – own, need to read. What a great idea. So up next maybe this book or this one? I was also gifted another book so you can see that I have plenty of options.

I have a bunch of little things to do today and then plan to have a bit of reading time after lunch. Did you know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving?

Unraveled Wednesday

It was a good week for knitting. I got back on track with my sweater and will separate for the sleeves this evening. I finished a hat made with some hand spun, hand dyed wool that was a gift. I am almost finished with All Over Creation and I picked up this lovely magazine because I very much want to make that cover quilt. I know I have plenty of fabric all I need is some time. And time is coming. No out of town company this Thanksgiving so that will give me some lovely hours to plan and cut and stitch.

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Unraveled Wednesday

Last night I had to face the music and do a bit of unraveling on my sweater. I sailed through the neckband and conquered the short rows. But then I made a big mistake. I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly and instead of one row of M1 increases followed by 10rows of stockinette, I made 4 rows of the increase. Argh! I tried unknitting but missed a few stitched, twisted a few stitches and in the end, decided to frog and start again. Fortunately this was very early in the making so I don’t think it will take me too long to get back on track.

On the reading front, I am really enjoying All Over Creation. Yesterday I got a new book in the mail and tonight I am going to hear Sarah Ballantyne talk about that book. I love all the science behind food and health. And I think I will have just enough time to get my sweater back in the needles so I can take my knitting along.

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Unraveled Wednesday – why I love wool,

I have been knitting with this yarn and it seems to be pulling the moisture from my hands. But I do love this wool. It has a spring to it. I just need to remember to use my hand cream after putting my yarn away each day.

My love for wool has changed in the last five years. And that change is directly connected to discovering the Knit British. The idea of local wool, of real wool (instead of the acrylic I had been using) was fascinating to me. I began to look for local yarn shops and did a fair amount of wool squishing. And I noticed that my hands did not ache as much when I used wool.

It has been so much fun learning about the different kinds of wool, especially as we got ready to head to Shetland last summer. And I found that we have some amazing yarn shops and local yarns right here in my backyard. Loving wool has brought much joy into my life these last few years.

So, why do you love wool? And do you have a favorite hand cream?

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