Unraveled Wednesday

Instead of unraveling, these last few days have been reviving.

Sleeve #2 is coming along. I also had a chance to do some swatching for potential projects. I am close to the end of my first book of the year and I finished watching season 3 of The Crown. But maybe best of all, I have been wearing #allthewool while shoveling the driveway or taking a walk. And hot chocolate calories don’t count if it’s a no school day – right?

Linking up with Kat today and just got the school cancelled message so day #3!

Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here. Mostly because there is no knitting (insert heavy sigh). Instead, I decided to try and organize my knitting needles. I know I have more short tips but where can they be? Anyone else have this issue? I also found that I have more really short cables than is reasonable but not enough of the size I need to comfortably do magic loop on those sleeves. Argh! So many first world problems. I will get this sorted out and have started a list of what needles and cables I own in my planner.

On the reading front, I am really enjoying The Murmur of Bees. What a fascinating tale.

Hope your new year is bringing some lovely fiber and reading into your days.

Be sure to check with Kat and friends today.

Happy Christmas!

No unraveling in my world which is a great for a holiday week. I am making good progress on those sleeves. I cast on a Christmas Eve hat (a tradition for me) which gave me an opportunity to use my new stitch marker (handmade by one of our daughters). Tomorrow our girls are giving me the gift of time. We will head to Churchmouse Yarn, stop for coffee, lunch, and just enjoy being together and sharing our love for yarn.

I finished The Dutch House and Washington Black this week. The Dutch House was my favorite book for 2019 and Washington Black is in my top five. Before the New Year I will share my reading plans for 2020 (which involves reading my own books and continuing to declutter those that are not calling my name).

Happy Christmas. Off to visit Kat and then join my dad for lunch before a quiet evening at home.

Unraveled Wednesday

Sadly, there has been some unraveling here. I decided to try casting on two sleeves and knit them flat, at least for the first bit. I am not adept at double pointed needles or magic loop and these sleeves have a cuff with a charted pattern. Unfortunately, I made an error in the chart but didn’t notice until I was another 12 rows past. Heavy sigh. I unraveled a bit and started again but I dropped a stitch and then got confused on which was the front side. Finally, I unraveled the two sleeve starts and will make another go at it with fresh eyes.

I am listening to The Dutch House and I love it so much!

And now, off to check in with Kat and then get this day started. We are so close to Christmas break but the days are feeling very long and overly full.

Unraveled Wednesday

Today I want to talk about using all your beautiful things. Six years ago this month I went on a little field trip to Churchmouse Yarns. It was a Christmas gift to my daughter. While we were there, I found some lovely yarns that would make a beautiful chevron blanket. I brought those yarns home and started, unraveled, and started again. I did this a few times before I put the yarn safely away.

Thanksgiving weekend I found my hands itching for a simple, social knitting project. I dug through my yarn and found the skeins, all caked up and waiting. What was I waiting for? The perfect project? The perfect timing? I kept thinking, use your beautiful things. The yarn, the fabric, the paper, the pens, the stickers, the washi tape. Stop waiting and start using. It has been wonderful to dig in and use some of the beautiful things I have been collecting. I am close to the halfway point on this blanket. I put together a December daily box with a small notebook and lots of pretty journaling supplies. Next up I plan to pull out some different teacups, some beautiful cups that deserved to be used.

I am enjoying Washington Black on audio and The Almost Dancer (written by a friend’s daughter-in-law) on my Kindle. And I might be counting the days until Christmas break!

Off to visit Kat today.

30 days of thankful #13

I am thankful that I have finally turned the corner on adjusting to the time change. Honestly, this has been the hardest time for me. Hoping the adjustment sticks.

I did have some intentional unraveling this week. Pictured above is the hem of my Stopover. This was my first bottom up sweater I made and it was just a bit too short. I tried blocking it but the yarn is quite springy. I finally went in and began to unravel the hem. I will add an inch more of the gray and then do a slightly longer ribbed edging. It was harder to unravel because of the bottom up construction but I managed to get the right number of stitches picked up. Now I need about 30 minutes of good light to get those first rows done and I’m on my way. I also unraveled the neckline and will do an i-cord bind off so it isn’t snug on my neck.

Linking up with Kat today. Be sure to visit her for more tales of unraveling.

30 days of thankful #6

It’s early here. Quiet. I have had my time to meditate and journal. I am so thankful for this morning routine. It is helping me get over the hump of the time change. This week we have our daughter’s dog in the house and it is sweet to have her curled up on the floor, respecting my need for quiet and routine, and waiting patiently for me to fill her food bowl.

I have missed a lot of Unraveled Wednesdays and really have not had much unraveling to report. I am at a point on the Dominy where I need the recipient to try it on for length so I have turned my attention to the Flax sweater. I am loving the way these stripes are working out. I also have fingers itching to cast on another hat or perhaps a shawl. What are you knitting these days? Any gift knitting?

Off to join Kat before I head out into another dark morning.