Unraveled Wednesday

Sadly, there was some unraveling this week. I finished the binding on my new backpack and looked forward to taking it in my Sunday travels. About two hours into my day, I noticed that one strap had worked loose from the seam. Very heavy sigh. I’ll need to unstitch the binding and restitch the seam, making sure to really catch the strap this time. And while I am there, I think I will reinforce the other strap, just in case. Fortunately I was at my dad’s and was able to safety pin the strap so it would last for the rest of the day.

It is fire season so on top of the heat, we have smoke filled skies. And as much as I would like to head out for a walk, I decided to start tracing the patterns from my new book. If the heat doesn’t subside, I may bring my sewing machine downstairs.

I am one book away from a full bingo card which is so exciting! And I had such a lovely time with Lori and Michelle last weekend. I bought a piece of fabric that will make a great background for a little house quilt that is percolating.

Off to visit Kat and see if anyone else has had some unraveling this week.


Unraveled Wednesday

I am trying to ease back into a reasonable work routine but will very much miss the time for sewing and knitting. Warm weather has returned so the making life will also slow down. Fortunately the only unraveling this week is the unraveling of vacation mode. I am ready to start sleeve #2 for my Stopover and hope to get all the pieces on a needle before my Vintersol class begins on August 18.

My Bingo card it looking good. Thanks for all the book ideas last week. I have added those titles to my For Later shelf of at the library so I can return to them. I ended up listening to Forgetting to be Afraid. The author’s journey into politics and her efforts to use her position to support those who don’t have power reminded me of a lot of my blog friends.

Off to visit Kat this morning. Happy Wednesday.

Unraveled Wednesday

Hello August! And hello cooling trend! This weather has unraveled my vacation time long enough. I plan to spend hours in my sewing room over the next few days and sunflower and pumpkin seedlets are going to love the next few days.

I have been able to put in some serious reading time and have 5 bingos on my card. I’m feeling confident about 4 of the 5 remaining squares. I’m not really excited about the memoir of a U.S. political figure. Any recommendations?

On the needles – I finished a hat last night and it is time to cast on the sleeves for my Stopover. I have signed up for a sweater class that starts August 18 so I would love to finish my Stopover.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat today.

Unraveled Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I unraveled my crafts spaces (yes, I was occupying two bedrooms – empty nest you know) and moved everything into one room. Part of the process included being brutal about tossing things that do not carry joy. It was a good unraveling that uncovered some wonderful possibilities for new projects.

Last year I began a Stopover sweater but did not trust knitting a sweater bottom-up. So it was unraveled and the yarn put away. Last weekend, I was itching to start a new sweater and, having just sorted my yarn, knew I had enough Blue Sky yarn to pick up the pattern again. I am still uncertain about what will happen when I get to the point of joining body and sleeves but I will continue.

I am currently listening to Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods – mostly while walking- and it is very entertaining. It is funny that I have finished 13 books but do not have one single Bingo yet!

Off to visit Kat – Happy Wednesday.

Unraveled Wednesday

I want very much to cast on a new sweater and cut out fabric for a new dress. But one of the Ravelry forums that I frequent is hosting a frog or finish along and it has me digging through my fabric and yarn wips.

This week I finished quilting the animal cracker quilt. The binding is machine stitched but still needs to be turned and hand stitched. And I added one more row to the Summer Triangle quilt top I started at the retreat. I am planning to get that one finished in the next month too. I did toss (yes, into the trash) a uniform tunic. The fabric was too flimsy and very hard to sew and in the end, I would not have worn it. Note to self: cheap fabric is not a good idea.

In my knitting basket I have two finish projects. My green Annabel sweater needs another sleeve so I wound the yarn yesterday. And then there is this Hansel Hap. I looked at my Ravelry notes and see that I started this in 2015. Not that long ago. I did the contrast rows last summer and started the outer border and set it aside again. These are not really my colors but I think it will make a nice prayer shawl so I picked it up and knit 4 repeats of the lace last night. That brings me to the halfway point.

Book Bingo update: I finished a few more books over the last week. I have 12 boxes filled but there are a few squares that are going to be tougher. Speculative fiction is always a puzzle for me.

So no unraveling this week which is good too. Be sure to visit Kat’s Unraveled Wednesday link up.

Unraveled Wednesday- a garden edition

We had some very warm weather in June. Would have been a great time to garden. But there was all that pesky, end of the school year stuff. And then the quilt retreat. Sigh . . .

But I am not giving up. This week I have been unraveling the mess that has taken over my garden beds. It is amazing how a bit of weeding and turning the soil can make such a difference. Just need a bit more dirt and I will be ready to plant. We also bought stakes and deer netting to put around the beds so anything that grows will be for us to eat, instead of the bunnies.

I am nearing the final edge on my Simmer Dim shawl and finished reading Perennials. I very much enjoyed this book. I started reading Fish in a Tree for another book bingo card and I am finally listening to Missing, Presumed.

Be sure to visit Kat for more unraveled stories.

Unraveled Wednesday

Another week without any unraveling here. I had a funny moment last week. When I was packing for my quilt retreat, I grabbed a skein of the yarn I painted in Shetland last summer thinking the first day of summer would be a great time to cast on one of Gudrun’s Shetland inspired shawls. I also printed the first few pages of the pattern. As I was knitting along on the center triangle, I realized it was the wrong pattern. I laughed when I pulled up Simmer Dim and realized that the center triangle is the same for both shawls so I was right on track -phew!

The retreat time was great. I put together two quilt tops and made a project bag (for another post). Now I am trying to settle into a summer routine, sleeping a bit later, working a few hours, reading, decluttering, getting in my daily steps, and time for making stuff.

Be sure to visit Kat for more Wednesday stories.