Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy for to report that I finished a hat last week. I’m not certain that my knitting mojo is back but at least there has been yarn in my hands.

These are my current knitting projects. Not an overwhelming pile. In fact, it is reasonable to think I could finish all of these projects before summer. If only I wasn’t so tempted to start something new! I have started to go through my stash, taking inspiration from Kym about knitting things I will love. I believe at least three of the projects above will be well worn so I am keeping them close at hand. (Stay tuned for some possible unraveling of that 4th project.)

I read Gretchen Rubin’s new book this week. Yup. Another book about cleaning out the clutter. Maybe it is just a message I need to hear over and over. I have a number of empty boxes begging to receive some of that clutter. Now I just need a free weekend since I like to do this kind of work in a big sweep.

Next up in my reading queue is this book recommended by my sister last fall.

Off to check in with Kat.


Unraveled Wednesday

There has been no unraveling here because there has been no knitting here. I am feeling stuck. I have three projects that are so lovely but when I finally sit down each evening, I don’t pick them up. Hopefully that will end soon?

Turning off social media has been good for my reading life. I am listening to this book and reading this book. And I am looking forward to driving into this book, just released yesterday.

Yesterday I listened to The Next Right Thing podcast. In episode 73, Emily talks about batch work and theme work. I’ve been thinking along these lines for a few weeks. I used to have certain tasks on specific days but lately I seem to be all over the place (at work and at home). So last night, instead of knitting, I started making a list. Maybe getting back into a rhythm and routine will bring my knitting mojo back.

Happy Wednesday! Stop by and see what Kat is unraveling this week.

Unraveled Wednesday

This crazy weather has comes so close to unraveling me! Today is another no school day – sigh. We are all anxious to get back to our routines. Yesterday we were able to make a dent in the heaps on snow (pretty sure we had close to 24″ over the last week). I spent the morning clearing off the deck and my husband tackled the driveway (for the 6th time in a week). The snow kept coming most of the day but the temperatures warmed up enough to keep it from piling up. The roads are a slushy mess with a layer of ice in many places. The warmer rain is supposed to continue today bringing concerns about flooding. Once everything finally thaws, we I’ll have some yard and garden care to do. All that snow was hard on some of our bushes and trees.

No unraveling in my knitting this week. I made a little progress on my Sólbein sleeves but being cooped up inside actually stifled my knitting mojo. I spent some time pulling out yarns to see what sweater I might knit next and I still need to find something portable to take on our trip – probably a hat.

Off to visit Kat and hoping that there hasn’t been much unraveling in your week.

Unraveled Wednesday

I have had a very productive week with fabric and yarn. Of course, being off school has helped. I made 12 smaller string blocks, thinking I might do some mixing of large and small blocks for this quilt. I got as far as the sleeves in a basic grey Uniform tunic. With a late school start today I may be able to finish those sleeves. I finished a hat and made it to the lower ribbing on that color work sweater that I unknit.

Not much reading but I did watch all but the last two episodes of season two of The Crown.

Best of all, I have done yoga every day this week and I cleaned up a space in the garage to get my bike up on the trainer so I can use it as an exercise bike. I am working on strengthening those knee muscles after almost a month of pain that limited my mobility.

Time for another cuppa and a visit to Kat’s Wednesday gathering.

Unraveled Wednesday

Just finished the cuff of one sleeve this morning and hope to get that second cuff done tonight. Then this lovely sweater is going to need a good soaking and some blocking. I knit both sleeves to the border section and before deciding on the color work for the cuff. I did not add the color work at the hem but thought the extra color before the ribbing worked for the sleeves. After struggling with the twisting and turning and flopping about of the body when knitting the sleeves, I think I will take a different path for my Sólbein. I am just past the yoke on that sweater and I want to knit the sleeves before continuing on the body. I am thinking it will be easier to knit the sleeves with out the extra bulk. I can also see the advantage of knitting the sleeves on their own, the bottom up style. So much fun to be learning and figuring these things out.

Thanks for all your encouragement last week. I decided to unravel to just before the color work and reknit the bottom of that sweater. I feel like I know so much more about color work and keeping the tension right. I know I will be much happier with the finished sweater.

Off to visit Kat for more Unraveled Wednesday stories.

Unraveled Wednesday

The cooler weather has meant I get to wear my hand knit sweaters which is wonderful. Not so wonderful is the hole I found in the hem of my Ready for Fall sweater. It’s not huge but it is ragged enough that darning is going to be messy. This was my first color work project and I pulled the floats too tight so I had been contemplating unknitting and doing the color work in a larger needle. So, I guess that is the plan now. There will be some unraveling in my future.

I finished an audiobook this week. I really enjoyed the story until the end when it got a bit off track. I started reading The Chicken Who Saved Us. We are reading this book for an all-church read and the author will be joining us for an evening discussion. I’m pretty excited about this idea.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to stop by and visit Kat today.

Unraveled Wednesday


A quick post to give you a glimpse of my finished Stopover.  The weather is cool enough that a cozy sweater is called for today.

It’s funny how talk of weather and storms can be so unraveling for people.  I look at the weather just enough to know how to be prepared but I also know that where we live, the forecast is far from precise and accurate.  For years, I worried if there was any hint of a storm or snow and ice.  But unless my road is covered with the white stuff when I wake up, I am trying a new approach – take the day as it comes.

Hope to be back tomorrow with at least 3 things.  This first week back to work has been a bit hectic.  Happy Wednesday!

Be sure to visit Kat to see what is unraveling.