Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy to report that there has been no unraveling here. I am making good progress on my Peace cowl and I knit another hat this week. I pulled up some patterns that have been languishing in my Ravelry library and found plenty of yarn in my stash to knit another five hats. I do love knitting hats.

I received some good book ideas and heard that some of you are on a reading low. Yesterday two books on my hold list (both audio) showed up on my Ready to Check Out list so I might be able to break out of this lull. Stay tuned.

Don’t forget to visit Kat today.


Unraveled Wednesday

in February I wrote about this idea of unraveling as a chance to create space for new ideas. As I begin to look back at this year, I can see those spaces opening up. I haven’t physically unraveled too many knitting projects, but there has been some unraveling in my thinking and my daily practices. My practice of starting most days with quiet time and reading has brought nourishment in ways I never imagined. The G.K. Chesterton quote above will definitely be written in my 2019 planner.

Have you watched the Father Brown series? I will admit that I had no idea that G.K. Chesterton had authored the books that inspired this show. Quotes from Chesterton seem to pop up frequently in my devotional reading so this morning, I have traveled down the rabbit hole to read more about this author. And I have put a few of his books on my For Later shelf on my library website. I think one of Chesterton’s books will be in my 2019 reading stack.

On my needles, I am working the picot bind off on my Rewilding shawl. I am at the crown of a hat and hope to pick up the neckline on the Peanut vest this weekend. I had coffee with Judy this weekend and our chat about WIPs has me determined to get a few more things finished before we say goodbye to 2018.

Our Thanksgiving plans are pretty simple and the long weekend should open up some time for books and yarn. Off to visit Kat and join fellow unravelers today.

Unraveled Wednesday

I haven’t yet unraveled the hat but maybe this weekend. My travel packing got a bit rushed after some last minute work obligations but I had this shawl on the needles so I grabbed the project bag and my Kindle for the plane. It was the perfect travel knitting. There is a four row repeat that was so easy to memorize so I could pick it up and put it down without getting off track. Next up is a lace section. I am going to use that pale yarn for the lace to make it pop.

I have been listening to The Great Bridge and even though I am only about halfway through the book, it was good background for our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very busy on the bridge and a bit blustery but the views and the history are amazing.

I started reading Rhythms of Rest while in NYC (it had been lingering on my Kindle) and it seems to be just what I need. One idea that is circling is how to plan your week to make space for a sabbath. The author suggests that you look at your sabbath day, whatever day you are choosing, as the middle of your week. Use the days leading up to plan (getting things done, meals planned) and the days just after to reflect.

This weekend Tolt is having an anniversary party and the folks from Making Magazine will be there. Did you get your issue? Mine arrived the day before my trip and I have only just begun to savor it. I am looking forward to seeing some of the lovely items in person.

Happy Wednesday. Off to visit Kat.

Unraveled Wednesday

This yarn is so lovely but I’m not sure I have chosen a good pattern. The yarn is from a small farm in New York. My sister purchased it at an outdoor market in the city so I want something to remind me of her gift. It was going t to my travel knitting but I think I will leave it at home and reconsider when I return. That leaves me with needing a different travel project. I wonder if I have anything else – wink, wink.

I have a few books on my Kindle, hoping that one of them will catch my interest. I toyed with the idea of taking a real book for reading on the plane or at the airport and there is still time to unravel that decision too.

Don’t forget to visit Kat. I hop there is not much unraveling in your life this week.

Unraveled Wednesday

Another week without any unraveling which is especially wonderful since I am doing some color work on this Peanut Vest by Tin Can Knits. This weekend I need to find a good traveling project for my upcoming trip. I’m thinking about starting a shawl but maybe a hat.

I finished reading Soulful Simplicity and very much enjoyed this book. I listened to a lot of it but also had a paper copy from the library since there were many ideas that I wanted to revisit in written form. I have started Autumn on the recommendation of many of you and it is also a lovely read. I think I will take Kate Davies book or maybe Anne Lamont’s new book for my travel reading – so many good choices.

Off to visit Kat this morning. Happy Wednesday.

Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here, just lots of casting on. I haven’t had the brain power to start the sleeves on my Vintersol so I picked up a long neglected hat and then cast on a vest for the tiny person. Both of these projects are good TV knitting and feel like they can be finished by the end of the month. But I do want to get back to those sleeves so give me your best advice on picking up the stitches in a way that doesn’t leave gaps or holes in the underarm.

Have a great Wednesday and be sure to visit Kat and friends today.

Unraveled Wednesday

My knitting is slow going so not much to share – fortunately no unraveling. But lately I have found myself looking at sewing blogs and Instagram feeds. Sewing was my first fiber love. I made a red corduroy jumper when I was just 6 (with a lot of help from my mom). I started another tunic this weekend and found some lovely, pumpkin corduroy for a simple dress. Then I came upon some posts about this fun jacket and decided to add it to my queue. I will need to go fabric shopping but isn’t it a fun project? There is even a sew along!

Anyone want to join me?

Happy Wednesday.