Unraveled Wednesday

I don’t really like scraps. I’m not talking about usable pieces of fabric. I’m talking about those little bits and pieces, triangles and strips that are the result of trimming up blocks. But I know that people make amazing quilts out of these bits and pieces so when I end up with a pile like this, I get a bit unraveled. Do I go with my gut and toss them out? Or do I find an empty bin and start collecting? This time I went with my gut and it felt right.

I have the same problem with yarn. I have one bin of small balls and I search for patterns that use up those bits and pieces. But when I try knitting them up, they never look the same. But it’s harder for me to toss yarn. So for now, that bin stays on the shelf.

I know that decluttering and simplifying are good for my soul. And with my work schedule ramping back up, having empty bins and space on my bookshelves provides a lovely sense of peace and calm. Do you ever feel like this?

I have moved on to the sleeves of my Junegrass and on to a new book (Lab Girl) and a new audio listen (Underground Railroad). And now I am off to see what Kat and friends are up to this Unraveled Wednesday.


Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy to say there is no unraveling in my fiber life. In fact, things are going well.

I reached the side split point on my Junegrass sweater and have just two more inches of garter on the front. After I tackle the back I will make a decision about sleeve length.

I also decided my string quilt was large enough and my string scrap box was very close to empty. I found a piece of fabric for backing and enough batting in my closet so I got that top pin basted last weekend. I am doing some simple stitching following the lines of the blocks. Hope to get that finished this week and then it will be binding time. Should have a finished quilt by the time I return to work next week.

I have 100 pages left in Pachinko and ignoring that work related reading stack. Off to visit Kat and Lori this morning.

Unraveled Wednesday

There was a bit of unraveling last week that I didn’t share. I was about 2 inches into the body of this sweater when I realized I had knit two rows instead of the knit one row purl one row pattern. I tried to fix it which resulted in a huge mess so I unraveled about 1.5 inches and put the stitches back on my needles. I held my breath and began again. What a relief to find the correct number of stitches were on the needles. I have about two more inches of the body and then I need to decide about length. Fortunately I will be able to try it on since it is top down.

A few other things I am enjoying as we launch into July:

I cannot get enough of the berries. This salad is destined for my plate this weekend.

I spent a day at a friend’s beach house which was filled with sunshine and conversation.

Yesterday we had rain and grey skies so I did some serious decluttering.

I finished The Great Believers and I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Field Political Conversations and I recommend both.

Off to link up with Kat.

Unraveling enough

I stumbled on this podcast and heard this quote:

“Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life.” Brian Andreas

A lightbulb moment! I try not to use the not enough time excuse but I am also very vulnerable to FOMO (fear of missing out) so I am prone to over extending.

When one of our daughters was in school, she wanted to do everything. We tried to support her enthusiasm but also to curb it a bit. Part of that was parental preservation since we would need to drive her around. But we also wanted her to learn to choose. In my work I see so much of this even with our youngest students. Preschool, soccer tots, music class, story time, and more. Lives that are scheduled and orchestrated so making choices isn’t necessary. But that is for another post.

I need to sit down with a good cuppa and my notebook and make a list of all things I THINK I want to be doing and then really contemplate the question – what are the most important things. Two more days with students then two days of teacher stuff and then my summer (more relaxed work routine) begins. I think it’s a great time to unravel this idea.

Heading over to Kat’s blog to share my unraveled Wednesday.

P.S. the project above is a shawl that is going quite well. No unraveling of yarn this week!

Unraveled Wednesday

Morning knitting. Doesn’t happen too often but it felt like the right way to start my day (one where I woke up too early and could not get back to sleep). I am just a wee bit into my Junegrass sweater. I got about 8 rows in and saw that my increases were not working so I unraveled and restarted. I have tried to use this yarn on another project but it needs to be something simple and feel like it is working now.

I finished this book over the weekend and it has given me much to ponder. I just looked at my library holds and there are some good titles coming my way later this week.

Off to see how Kat and friends are unraveling today. Happy Wednesday!

Unraveled Wednesday

Saturday was one of those rare days with a completely empty box on the calendar. So I headed out early for my walk and then set off to do some sewing. The goal was to stitch up a Wiksten shift using up a piece of linen from my stash. The first hurdle came when I realized I was a bit short to have the front and the back on the fold but a seam up the back wasn’t a problem. I pinned and cut and stitched. I tried it on before adding top stitching and pockets and thought it was a bit full in the bag but didn’t worry too much. By early afternoon I was ready for a shower and errand wearing my new dress. As I stood in front of the mirror I realized that bagginess was going to bug me but I did not want to unstitch the whole thing. I also didn’t want to make a belt (which is what the pattern suggests). I played with the idea of back darts but finally decided to add a casing with some elastic. The casing in on the inside of the dress and it does pull the bulk in nicely. I’m not thrilled with the dress and plan to revisit the pattern using another piece of fabric from my stash. Stay tuned.

I’m still plugging away on the purple scarf and have started a new shawl and this sweater – using up more stash for both projects. I am almost finished with Born a Crime – a great audio book – and making plans for Mary’s Summer Book Bingo. I pushed myself to do a cover all last summer which burned me out so I will be gentler with myself this summer.

We have a 4 day weekend coming up with more empty calendar boxes! Life is good.

Off to join Kat and the Unravelers today.

Unraveled Wednesday

A few weeks ago, a woman at church asked if I could help her get a scarf finished. She had started the scarf almost two years ago at our prayer shawl group and wanted it finished so she could gift it to her niece. I said yes. I adore this woman. She has a beautiful laugh and is such an encourager and prayer warrior.

She handed me a ziplock bag with a garter stitch scarf, about 15″ completed and a skein and a half to go. It is on size 10 needles so I thought it would go quickly.

Here is the first unraveling part of this story.

The two skeins we purple, acrylic, and thick. But they were different yarns. One was shiny and one was dull. I consulted with my daughters and they suggested alternating yarns so I unraveled, leaving two inches of her knitting. Then I alternated, two row of one, two rows of the other. It gives a very subtle stripe effect.

The other unraveling is this. This woman has just been diagnosed with cancer. She is in the process of finding out about treatments with many doctors appointments in the upcoming weeks. So as I knit on this scarf, I pray for her. And I am going to take it to the prayer shawl group and ask others to knit a few rows so it will become a prayer scarf.

I am beyond grateful for this unraveling story.