Mostly books with a wee bit of unraveling

I have a cover all for my Stay at Home Book Bingo! Not bad considering there was a point when I couldn’t find my card! But once I found it, I realized a cover all was certainly possible. I finished this one August 15 and I downloaded a second card but have decided that one is enough. I have plenty of great books in my stack and I think I’m going to create a spreadsheet of the books I currently own that have not been read. Part of my problem is that I love talking books and have some well read friends. Every chat or blog visit seems to leave me with more titles for my list. A quality “problem” to be sure. I am currently reading Hum If You Don’t Know the Words a story from the apartheid era in South Africa. Here is a quote from the beginning of the book – “What greater gift can you give another than to say: I see you, I hear you, and you are not alone?” And it just gets better and better. As I work on my retirement routine, I am making plenty of time for reading every day.

A close up of my book bingo card

I decided to unravel a shawl. I was only at the 25% point but it was not bringing me needle joy so it happily unraveled. If you have read my blog for awhile, you will know that I consider unraveling an opportunity, not a failure. I have an unreasonable amount of fingering yarn, 300-420 years of a variety of colors. And to be honest, I’m burned out on shawl knitting. I might try to talk myself into a multicolored blanket. We will see.

Happy Wednesday. Off to link up with the unraveling crew today.

Yes, a bit of unraveling over here

I spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for the basket that held this project. In one of my cleaning sprees I had put it away. For two days I worried that I was losing my mind. Where could it be? Once oI located the basket, I set about unraveling. This was going to be a sweater for our grandson but I misjudged the sizing and it was much too big. Not sure what will happen with this yarn but now that there are two boys, I will use a different yarn for brother sweaters.

On the reading front, things have been going well. I finally reached the point when Goodreads doesn’t need to tell me how many books I am behind for my challenge. This week has me wanting very much to acquire a few new books. I would like to support my local book shops so I think I will call in an order for curbside pick up. Our libraries are slowly reopening but not my branch. The library is still my go to for ebooks and audio.

Now, I have a question: do you schedule house chores? I’m thinking about that old rhyme, Monday – washing, Tuesday – ironing and so on. I have always tried to get it all done on the weekend but I’m thinking it might help if I spread things out over the week. Honestly, for the last month I have not cleaned house at all so anything’s would be an improvement.

Off to link up with Kat and the Unravelers – it’s been a long time.

Unraveled Wednesday

I am so grateful to have read Bonny’s post this morning. The last two evenings I have been fighting with my Nightshift, knitting a few rows,unraveling, starting again only to find a mistake a few rows back. I love these cheerful colors but I don’t think I am going to love this shawl. So, at some point today, I am going to unravel this project and get back to knitting hats. This is a time for knitting calm. I also need to revisit my Gideon method list. Would be good to get some things checked off that list.

On the reading/not really reading front, I won a book from a Goodreads give away! And it is the Kindle version so instant gratification. I did find that my library had the ebook version of A Writer’s Diary that Jane mentioned in her post and that has been good reading this week.

My working from home routine seems to be, working. I have been making my three things to finish list each morning and getting it all crossed off. Yesterday I put a chicken in the crock pot and took two neighborhood walks for my breaks. Our Stay Home order goes into effect tonight (not sure why they waited so long) and I am hoping it will make a difference.

Off to connect with Kat before breakfast.

Unraveled Wednesday

This has been an interesting week and I thought it fitting to open the mail and find this book at the end of a day filled with a lot of What if? conversations. Yup. I live very near the recent Coronavirus outbreak. On Sunday there was a run on toilet paper and canned goods at many of the local stores. It was strange to see rows of empty shelves and shopping carts filled with provisions. I’m not sure what people were thinking (I just needed some noodles and coconut milk for dinner) but I am sure there was a lot of overthinking going on.

I am not trying to diminish the severity of the situation; not trying to be callus. I do think there are a lot of folks who need to take a deep breath, wash their hands (the way we used to get rid of germs before they created hand sanitizers), and settle down. I am happy to say that I have another knitting project to keep me in knitting as meditation mode. I finished the color work yoke on my Engi. I need to find a smaller cord so I can finish the short rows and neck edging. Then I will go back and knit the body and sleeves. I may also have pulled yarn to join Vicki in a knit along.

Off to link up with Kat. Happy Wednesday and please wash your hands!