My planner had a number of things listed for the weekend but all of them were cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Instead, I found time to go for a slow run and a long walk, hit the mat for some stress reducing yoga, plan a few meals, clean our my fridge and my closet, finish an audiobook, knit, read, and make tamales. It wasn’t the weekend I had planned but I really cannot complain.

Now, if only I can hold on to that attitude as we head into another work week where uncertainty seems inevitable.

Another thought – how about every time we wash our hands we think (or pray if you comfortable) of the children and families who are in such disruption with school closures. I am especially concerned about our students with special needs and families with two working parents who are not able to work from home. Thanks for all your lovely comments and messages.


Another weekend, another hike. This is how I had hoped my summer would go but I am definitely interesting in making hiking a more regular part of my weekends.

On Sunday we headed for the mountains. It was a bit misty and overcast but not really cold. We arrived early enough to snag a parking place close to the trailhead. As we hiked up the hills I kept thinking at least the return trip would be downhill. I didn’t pay attention to all the rocks and roots which made the downhill a bit tricky. I am happy say there were no mishaps!

There was a very narrow bridge over the stream, two lovely, quiet lakes, and some very beautiful scenery. I am sure there are hikes closer to home that will help me keep up my weekend hiking adventures. Something to investigate.

I’ve been looking for some new lunch ideas and found this one and this one. Off to check the pantry and make a shopping list.


It was a beautiful weekend around here. It started early for me. My sister was in town so I took some time off and we had long walks and good food and time to talk. There were blue skies and sunshine, not quite warm enough to shed all the layers but certainly a step in the right direction.

On Friday night I went to Knit Night at Tolt Yarn and Wool. Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston were there to talk about knitting and traveling in Iceland and Shetland. I went on their Shetland trip two summers ago so it was very fun to see them in person again. They are such lovely women. Best of all, it motivated me to do some knitting! I am about 1/3 done with Gudrun’s Peavine hat and I am al the cuff color work on Mary Jane’s Solbein cardigan.

And now, hello Monday. It’s a full week ahead but I’m going to keep my knitting close by.