Long weekends are the best! And my sabbath-keeping practice is helping me stay focused on what is important. I made time to meet a friend for a walk and a matcha latte on Sunday afternoon. There was knitting and reading and a pretty good night’s sleep. Today will have space for some errands to get life in order for the week ahead and then an afternoon of sewing and dreaming about this for my 2019 making list.



This year has not started off so well for me. I have not been able to get well after that sinus infection in January. So I headed back to the doctor and am hopeful that this time I will finally kick it.

I decided I needed a low key weekend so I just hung about the house and did much knitting and some puttering. I emptied and washed a bunch of jars from my pantry. I did get out to but groceries and cooked up a few meals to make the work week a bit easier.

I finished a hat and finished the body of my Stopover. I cast on a shawl and another hat, always need a hat on the needles. And then there was time for napping. How was your weekend?

Weekending #knitallthethings

I am behind on almost everything in my life with the exception of knitting. And honestly, all I want to do is knit all the things. So this weekend I loaded all my out of the house activities into Saturday and the took Sunday off from being in the world. I entertained the not so tiny person and when he took a nap, so did I. We played, read books, ate snacks, looked at worms and sticks at the park. It was lovely.

The weekend was also full of knitting. I cast on my Stopover – had to change yarn choices but still knitting from stash. I wanted to use that blue but I didn’t have the right contrasts so there is more grey on my needles. After checking with Kat, I stuck with the waist shaping as written. I have 4 inches left on the body. Then I am going to try knitting the sleeves magic loop and two at a time. I also made it to the sleeve divide on my Birkin. Now I have inches and inches of meditative stockinette to fill my evenings.

And now I guess I will tackle Monday.,


Weekends are complicated around here and too often end up being as busy as the work week. This weekend the forecast was rain and more rain and perhaps some wind thrown in. But Saturday morning I checked my weather app and saw a small window of dry skies so I texted my daughter – Want to go for a hike? She quickly texted back – Sure!

When we met up, the rain seemed to be committed to sputtering but the trail I chose is very wooded so we would be protected a bit. And once on the trail, the rain stopped! Huzzah! The trail was very muddy but the greens of the moss and leaves was well worth the splattered pants and mud caked boots. Best of all, the rain held off most of Sunday so the driving I needed to do was on dry roads.

I also made some very good progress on my Birkin sweater and had time to do some reading and writing and best of all, a morning with my favorite tiny person who is having so much fun with a large produce box.

How was your weekend?

Soup day

In a few hours, the girls will come over for a soup day. Each of us will bring the ingredients for a batch of soup and we will spend the morning chopping and cooking. We put the soup in jars and each person goes home with three different soups. I put my jars in the freezer and take one out in the morning for my lunch. By the time I am ready to eat, the soup is nearly thawed. I took a class on winter foods for health a number of years ago and the instructor told us that when it is cold outside, we need to eat warm foods. Salads are harder for our systems during the winter so a good veggie-filled soup is a great option. I will be making this one today.

Happy Saturday.

Hello Saturday


Just curious.  Anyone planning to join in with the Project Peace 2017 KAL? I very much want to start planning for this but I also want to be realistic.

I finished All Over Creation and I very much liked it. There were so many themes that touched my own life and characters that I liked. I am not sure what comes next. I have two audio books ready to go but I have neglected my podcasts so maybe I will play catch up before I start another book.

Happy Saturday. Mine is a rare one with not one single thing on my calendar – just what I need.

Monogamous knitting

I am a distracted knitter, so easily pulled away by pretty new projects and knit alongs. But I am determined to make that sweater so I spent the last few days being a monogamous knitter and I am happy to report that I am back on track. Last night I moved to the next section of the yoke and it really is a lovely pattern. Now I need to look up how to do a Sunday short row so I can get going on that little vest. Goodbye monogamous knitting!

Happy Saturday.