Weekending – outdoor time

I just returned from my annual retreat weekend.  For years this was a quilt retreat weekend and I have created many quilts over the years.  This year I made some fun project bags, a pair of pants for our tiny person, and did some knitting.  Today, instead of staying inside and sewing, I pulled on my hiking boots and went for a hike before heading home.  It has been a hot weekend and the trail was dry and dusty.  I did a short hike, just a little over three miles, before it got too hot.  The trail was very quiet.  Everyone must have headed to the lakes and rivers.  But I saw some lovely wild flowers, butterflies, two eagles, and a hawk.  On the way home I stopped for a very large iced tea.  Now I will unpack and perhaps take a nap before thinking about heading to work tomorrow.  Hope your weekend included some outdoor time.


Weekending – a long one

It has been a long time since I had more that one day with nothing scheduled.  I have had to remind myself numerous times to relax.  I have had a lovely run, a hike on the trail that was a bit warmer than I was expecting, a bit of sewing, a frustrating evening with a knitting project that had to be put aside (I really need a simpler project), and plenty of time to sit on the deck with my book.  And there was some good progress made on the travel planning – just 5 weeks now.

On Sunday I decided to tackle my little whimsy garden bed.  I created this space a few years ago with some fun garden art using tea cups and pots that have little cracks and breaks.  I have not been successful with plantings.  I found some large pots that I will fill dirt and add some flowers.  I am hoping that having them up, off the ground, will keep the rabbits from snacking on the leaves.  We will see.  I do know that I want to get back in the garden more often – a great way to melt away stress.

It has been a lovely, long weekend.


Someone flipped the switch and we went from winter to summer in the blink of an eye.  Seriously, no time to shift.  My weekend included hunting down some sunglasses and sunscreen, chicken salad with grapes, my first iced coffee of the season, and a lovely hike on a very hilly trail.  In 6 weeks we will begin our Grand Shetland Adventure and there will be a lot of walking.  I’m pretty sure I am up to it but just to make sure, I am planning a longer hike each week.  I do know that I must get some different socks to wear with my hiking boots.  

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

On my watch list

I did not watch The Gilmore Girls when it was on TV.  I have a vague memory of it being on but somehow, I missed that boat.  I believe my daughter’s, or at least one good friend, watched the series.  And recently I have heard more about it from a variety of sources.  In particular, I saw at least one list of books based on the show.   Book list references always peak my interest.  So I went looking for the show and found it at my library.  I am hoping the first season will arrive in time for Christmas break.  This week I picked up Wolf Hall just in time for a few days off from work.