Another weekend, another hike. This is how I had hoped my summer would go but I am definitely interesting in making hiking a more regular part of my weekends.

On Sunday we headed for the mountains. It was a bit misty and overcast but not really cold. We arrived early enough to snag a parking place close to the trailhead. As we hiked up the hills I kept thinking at least the return trip would be downhill. I didn’t pay attention to all the rocks and roots which made the downhill a bit tricky. I am happy say there were no mishaps!

There was a very narrow bridge over the stream, two lovely, quiet lakes, and some very beautiful scenery. I am sure there are hikes closer to home that will help me keep up my weekend hiking adventures. Something to investigate.

I’ve been looking for some new lunch ideas and found this one and this one. Off to check the pantry and make a shopping list.


This is the story of my weekend. My calendar was very open so I spent some time cleaning out the fridge and refilling it with lots of ready to go options for salads and smoothies. I am ready to tackle this week!


It was a beautiful weekend around here. It started early for me. My sister was in town so I took some time off and we had long walks and good food and time to talk. There were blue skies and sunshine, not quite warm enough to shed all the layers but certainly a step in the right direction.

On Friday night I went to Knit Night at Tolt Yarn and Wool. Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston were there to talk about knitting and traveling in Iceland and Shetland. I went on their Shetland trip two summers ago so it was very fun to see them in person again. They are such lovely women. Best of all, it motivated me to do some knitting! I am about 1/3 done with Gudrun’s Peavine hat and I am al the cuff color work on Mary Jane’s Solbein cardigan.

And now, hello Monday. It’s a full week ahead but I’m going to keep my knitting close by.


Since it was a long weekend, I thought I could stretch my weekending post. The extra day gave me some time to play with fabric. Lori has been talking about string quilts which inspired me to dig into my stash. I sorted and pulled some soft colors – low volume style. I used some muslin for the base and stitched up four blocks while I watched The Children Act. I have plenty of stash and now some nice piles of strings. Going to take my time on this one.

I finished Atomic Habits yesterday. I like a lot of the ideas about how to form habits. My favorite idea is to focus on systems that will get you to your goal. My most recent system is to make my lunch and snacks while I am making dinner. This has allowed me to be very consistent about having lunch for my work days. This was an audiobook. The author mentioned a lot of resources that are available on his website.

Better get started on dinner and think about lunches for the week. Don’t want to break my new habit! This


Long weekends are the best! And my sabbath-keeping practice is helping me stay focused on what is important. I made time to meet a friend for a walk and a matcha latte on Sunday afternoon. There was knitting and reading and a pretty good night’s sleep. Today will have space for some errands to get life in order for the week ahead and then an afternoon of sewing and dreaming about this for my 2019 making list.


This year has not started off so well for me. I have not been able to get well after that sinus infection in January. So I headed back to the doctor and am hopeful that this time I will finally kick it.

I decided I needed a low key weekend so I just hung about the house and did much knitting and some puttering. I emptied and washed a bunch of jars from my pantry. I did get out to but groceries and cooked up a few meals to make the work week a bit easier.

I finished a hat and finished the body of my Stopover. I cast on a shawl and another hat, always need a hat on the needles. And then there was time for napping. How was your weekend?

Weekending #knitallthethings

I am behind on almost everything in my life with the exception of knitting. And honestly, all I want to do is knit all the things. So this weekend I loaded all my out of the house activities into Saturday and the took Sunday off from being in the world. I entertained the not so tiny person and when he took a nap, so did I. We played, read books, ate snacks, looked at worms and sticks at the park. It was lovely.

The weekend was also full of knitting. I cast on my Stopover – had to change yarn choices but still knitting from stash. I wanted to use that blue but I didn’t have the right contrasts so there is more grey on my needles. After checking with Kat, I stuck with the waist shaping as written. I have 4 inches left on the body. Then I am going to try knitting the sleeves magic loop and two at a time. I also made it to the sleeve divide on my Birkin. Now I have inches and inches of meditative stockinette to fill my evenings.

And now I guess I will tackle Monday.,