August 7 – muse

When I was young, I wanted to be her. I would sit on the floor of her closet, dreaming of the day I would have beautiful dresses and matching shoes. She taught me to sew. She was kind to my friends. She took care of us and loved us and seemed to expect nothing in return. I never realized how much I was learning just by being near to her.
When I was a new mom, she was my greatest support. With words and actions, she made me believe I was doing a great job.
As the years passed, we became friends. We would talk on the phone, meet for coffee, catch a moment here and there. I trusted her and deep in my gut, I knew how much she loved me.
She doesn’t remember those days, those years. She doesn’t see me as her daughter. But she seems to know I am a person who will take care of her so we go off for a cup of coffee. We sit quietly with our cups. Conversation is too difficult. But she still inspires me. And I am so thankful for what I have learned from her.

August 4 – home

It is wonderful to leave home,
To travel,
To explore and live without the demands of home.
But it oh so lovely to be heading home,
To find the familiar pillow and know that in the morning,
A favorite coffee cup will be waiting on the counter.

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August 2 – olivine

August 2
Olivine – noun – Mineralogy. any of a group of magnesium iron silicates, (Mg,Fe) 2 SiO 4, occurring in olive-green to gray-green masses
as an important constituent of basic igneous rocks.
There is something about a beach filled with rocks that draws me downward.  I can spend hours walking, looking, stopping to pick up a rock every now and then.  Should I take this smooth one home?  Or the one with the specks of green?  How about that odd shaped rock that seems to be battered and broken?  I don’t think often of the source of these rocks and stones.  Perhaps they are newly formed.  Or maybe they have been a part of the beach for years, washing out to the sea and then back again.  What is it about a rock that draws me downward?
Olivine – another new to me word from the August prompts list

August 1 – modest

august 1
adjective: modest

unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements; having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions; limited or moderate in amount,
What stories did she have to tell?
Were they stories that would add to the world of written words?
Would they benefit?
But this should not be the question.
Instead, she must learn to write the words that flow from her heart, and write them in a way that gives voice to the story.
Because this is not writing to boast or gain attention.
This is writing to speak love.
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I spend too much time thinking about writing and not enough time actually writing.
The stories swirl around in my head like bits and pieces of flotsam in the sea. At times they float just on the surface but then crash around like the waves hitting the sand. And before I can brace myself, they are gone.
Last year I committed to write. And I did, for a brief time. I had a lovely notebook that turned out to be too big. I had a pen that flowed across the page, but it was too often left at the bottom of my bag.
There are a few stories, recorded on a now unused blog. They too were in danger of floating away.
I want to preserve these stories, these memories. So I am returning to another format, one that might be more comfortable.
There is new ink in my printer. The first pages are printed. I pulled out my paper and tape and added just a few embellishments, just enough.
It is a new start.

The last July Prompt – Preserve
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yield [yeeld]
to give forth or produce
to give up or over; relinquish or resign, to surrender or submit

Here I am, yielding to the list, the things that must be done.

Here I am making sure I get the most yield from my time,
my energy,
even my produce.

Here I am surrendering and submitting yet not feeling resigned.

I have not puzzled over a word in too long.

Here I am, yielding to the challenge of language.

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