Fiber Friday

I am a slow knitter. Not as slow as I used to be but I can’t imagine banging out a sweater in four days or even a week like some of you have done. So when I look at my stash and my list of things I want to knit, I try to be gentle with myself. It is not a race. And I am not very competitive anyway. Mary asked about the squishy mail in a recent post and since I haven’t had time to play with yarn this week, I thought I would reveal those goodies.

In December I ordered yarn from The Woolly Thistle to make this sweater after Kat suggested a knit along. I did swatch and was right on gauge. The main color will be black. I bought a few options for the color work so I need to decide on the that too.

It has been a crazy few weeks with some family stuff so casting on will need to wait. Getting that second sleeve done on the Dominy is at the top of my list and like I said, I am a pretty slow knitter.

Happy Friday!

Hello winter?

I heard that we might have a cold winter but it is only November so I was not at all prepared to wake up to snow on Friday. The flurries continued most of the morning but by late afternoon, it “warmed”up enough that the streets were clear. I am NOT a fan of the snow and will be eternally grateful if we can get through this wedding weekend without it.

We did make it to Vogue Knitting Live. I am so overwhelmed by these events and they are small in comparison to other big name events. I got one skein of yarn for a shawl – more about that later.

Now it is time to get ready to host a pizza party and I need to get a bit of cleaning done. Excited to do some weekend blog reading!

Hello Friday

The countdown to the first day of school continues. Next week the elementary students begin and our preschoolers follow the day after Labor Day. Bit by bit we are getting there. I am also looking at Fridays and weekend with new eyes. I finished the first sleeve on my sweater this week and hope to get the second one done by Labor Day so I can go to my last class with just the shawl collar to finish. Now I just need some cooler weather.

I caked up my hand dyed Shetland yarn this week and I am on the hunt for a shawl pattern to show off these great colors. What about socks you say? Well, I just don’t think that is going to happen. Maybe some day or maybe not. I am contemplating Kay’s Celtic Shawl KAL but I’m not really sure how much yarn I have in these cakes.

Finally, I got my first Stitch Fix box this week and I love it all. I may never go to the mall again!

Unraveled Wednesday – balance

I am happy to report that my sweater knitting is going quite well. I am 1/3 of the way through the body. I am hoping to get to the ribbed edge by Saturday so I can start my sleeves at class next Saturday. We will see how that goes.
And that is it for knitting right now. Being back at work means limited knitting time so I am sticking with this one project.
I finally have a few bingos on my summer reading card. This week I have started some work related reading which may or may not be able to qualify for a square or two.
I am thinking a lot about balance this week. Working hard at eating well. Planning to start going to a yoga class one evening a week. Trying to get 5000 steps before lunch. Sorting and purging and making progress on getting my work wardrobe in shape (I actually signed up for a Stitch Fix box).
Hope there is lovely yarn and wonderful books in your life. Be sure to visit Kat for more Unraveled Wednesday posts.